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Victoria Beckham has been rocking the pavements of the French capital this week.

Paris is playing host to fashion week, which means tight schedules and a lot of running around.

All the high fashion seems to have caught up with one member of the Beckham family, and Victoria was having none of it – rookie mistake!

The mum-of-four called out her son's sleepy antics like the lady boss she is.

The 44-year-old took to her Instagram story and owned Brooklyn. 

The teen was seen trying to sleep on route to London via the Eurostar. 

Victoria captioned the snap: "Love spending quality time with @brooklynbeckham."

To our sheer delighted, the fun didn't stop there as Victoria added another photo, just in case Brooklyn wasn't mortified enough the first time. 

The fashion queen asked her 21m followers if she should take her the 19-year-old's sleeping personally.

It's fair to say, Brooklyn won't be falling asleep in his mother's company again. 



We have been gifted with an exclusive, all-access pass to the front row of the Tommy Hilfiger show in Milan, and we're taking you along for the journey. 

Enjoy the show!



When I attended London Fashion Week for the first time three years ago, I left a note for myself in my iPad before flying home, reminding me not to take fashion so seriously.

After getting caught up in a PHYSICAL CRUSH outside of one over-subscribed show, and being 'scooched' out of the way by Made In Chelsea stars making their way to the FROW at another, I was left distinctly disillusioned by the whole experience.

So, while I walked away disappointed, I did learn something really important about the fashion industry: sometimes, you can't take it seriously and it's better off to just have a bit of craic.


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I was reminded of this as I watched models wearing what appeared to be swimming hats and crystal elf-ears, strutting down John Galliano's catwalk at the Maison Margiela showcase, at Paris Fashion Week. Yep, that actually happened.

So, in tribute to some of the truly ridiculous Fashion Week looks of the season, I decided to recreate some of my personal faves – and I think it's clear I won't be road-testing them in public anytime soon.


Fendi’s metallic lip

This didn't actually turn out as badly as I thought it would – it looks fab, but I can't imagine it would withstand Thursday night cocktails with the girls. I'll leave this one to Gigi and Bella.



Thom Browne's 'bonnet'

Thom referred to it as a bonnet; I'm calling it for what it actually is: a shower cap. In the words of Simon Cowell, it's a no from me.



Céline's mismatched boots

Look, I'm all for breaking the mould, but I couldn't even walk straight in this look. While the real deal might work (think Sabrina, The Teenage Witch's Libby in those mismatched knee-socks), the DIY version just ain't cutting it.


Live from the show

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Vetements' sleeves over hands

This one has been knocking around for a few months now, and the street style stars were all over it this season. Funny, I didn't catch sight of any of them holding a Starbucks while rocking the look – probably because that would be IMPOSSIBLE!


Hello Paris! Maiko Shibata before Aalto show at #PFW. Photo by @styledumonde

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Versace's boob belt

Coco Chanel famously once said that before a lady leaves the house, she should look in the mirror and remove one accessory; three guesses as to which piece I'll be choosing!


#VersusTakesLDN – #VersusVersace Spring Summer 2017 show #LFW

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Don’t get me wrong, I adore fashion and get WAAAY too excited about the bi-annual Fashion Month showcase; but, like anything else in life, sometimes we need to look at the funny side. Plus, embracing the ridiculous can actually be a liberating exercise!

I guess this means 'shower cap chic' is a thing now, right?

one direction niall horan shower one way or another owoa



Far from disappearing from the celebrity radar, Paris Hilton continues apace to live the sort of life that borders on the wonderfully ridiculous. 

And while her younger sister Nicky, 32, is now happily married and with a child, 35-year-old Paris is still very much free, single and enjoying herself.


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This week, for example, the heiress was in Milan for fashion week – and she took time out of her schedule to walk in Philipp Plein's SS17 show.

Wearing a dramatic black, chain and beaded gown, Ms Hilton was totally at ease on the runway. 

Indeed, she perfectly mastered her towering knee-high sandals, and certainly her appearance went off without a glitch.


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Earlier today, the socialite took to Instagram to share a snap of her evening in the spotlight with her fans.

"Amazing time walking the runway for @PhilippPleinInternational's #AliceInGhettoLand Fashion Show last night in #Milan!" she wrote to her 6.1m followers on the photo-sharing platform. 

She has now left Italy, jetting to the French Riviera to party and DJ.


At a glance, it would seem as though New York Fashion week is all about Kylie Jenner's hairstyles and Kanye's front row (we see you Tyga!)

Thanks to live streaming and social media, the fashion industry has become more accessible than ever before. 

You no longer need a backstage pass to see what goes on at a fashion show, everything is a simple hashtag away! 

Image result for yeezy show

HOWEVER, there are certain elements of NYFW that only few have the luxury of knowing! 

Last year, I spent 12 months working for Bradbury Lewis in New York, and worked Fashion Week… TWICE! 


Rebecca Minkoff #SS16 babies #NYFW #walkwalkfashionbaby #backstagepassyo 

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I learned the cold hard (and sometimes terrifying) truth about what life is REALLY like behind the scenes. 

Now, I'm not going to sit here and try convince you that NYFW is glamorous and exotic because, for most people, it just isn't. 

Image result for nyfw

1. You will feel famous

At the start, you feel like a proper celeb, but this will pass. I remember walking up to Lincoln Centre on the morning of my first ever show and being photographed by numerous people. I walked away thinking I was the absolute s**t, only to soon learn that EVERYONE gets photographed. 

2. You will SWEAT like a pig

My first NYFW was in February, the coldest month of the year, so I came 'prepared' with a coat and scarf. FOOLISH! I never understood the real meaning of sweat until my first show was in full swing. 

will ferrell zoolander mugatu hot potato

3. You will meet famous people (DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT)

During my Fashion Weeks, I was lucky enough to brush shoulders with some pretty cool people. I met Sarah Jessica Parker and Emma Roberts, and even stepped inside the humble abode of The Fat Jewish. HOWEVER, these meetings were usually awkward, and a bit weird, so for the most part I greeted them and ran away…

4. The 'Z listers' are a**holes

For the most part, everyone was nice and courteous, but I found that the rudest people were actually those who were shoved into the fourth row, wearing last seasons collection (how embarrassing?!). Anyway, the 'Z list' of New York's social scene were a little bit rude, and took it out on the person holding the clipboard (that would be moi). 

meryl streep the devil wears prada miranda priestly devil wears prada who are you

5. The caffeine myth

I have read countless 'My Fashion Week diary' articles, and they always have the same point. "Coffee is life"… sorry hun but were we at the same event? If you are lucky enough to be working at a fashion show, you most defiantly do not have time to sit back, relax and enjoy a cappuccino. 

Image result for ain't nobody got time for that

6. OCD has a whole new meaning

Before fashion week, I would have considered myself an organised (slightly OCD) person. WELL while I still pride myself in my organisational skills, the level of perfection that goes into these shows is next level. 

7. You will meet thieves (trolls)

For real though, people make a living out of sneaking into fashion shows to steal the gift bags. I remember seeing a shady looking elderly women walking around, with about seven bags on her arm. I strutted over and demanded she gave them back… FASHION DARLING! 

Image result for i will fight you gif

8. You probably won't see the show

I was one of the lucky ones, but I made sure my bosses knew I wanted to see the shows. Some of the less experienced, quieter interns ended up waiting outside the venue when the show was in full swing. Don't be that guy, speak up and watch that show! 


Finale of the amazing #KarenWalker show at #NYFW @karen_walker @toastmeetsworld

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9. 18 hour days

On my first day, my call time was 7am, and I was working the after parties also, so I eventually got into my bed that night after 1am. I actually fell asleep standing up waiting for my Indian to arrive… lifestyles of the rich and famous! 

Image result for funny fashion week gif


Okay, so there were definitely parts of it that tested my patience and sanity, but it was the best experience I've ever had. Genuinely, the people behind the scenes of famous fashion shows are like machines, I still don't know how they do it! 


Tributes have been pouring in from models, designers and celebrities alike, who are all mourning the loss of a fashion industry legend.

The world famous fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, passed away on Saturday aged 87 in New York, following a stroke.


I was so sad yesterday to hear of the passing of the legendary, Bill Cunningham. Here's a little story… I watched a documentary about this iconic NY street style photographer, called "Bill Cunningham New York" last year (a must see if you're into fashion, btw). I was so taken by this sweet man & his commitment to his art… you can't help but fall in love with him. All I could think after watching was, I want to be photographed by Bill! How cool would that be?! A few months later I was in NYC for fashion week. I stepped out of my car at the DVF show & photographers started snapping shots. I was so distracted by what was happening in front of me, that I didn't realize there was a familiar face in a familiar blue jacket taking pictures to my left. My stylist Madison (who is equally obsessed with Bill) gets my attention amidst the chaos & points at sweet Bill. What happened next was completely unexpected. I saw him, freaked out & excitedly screamed "BILLLL!!!". I'm pretty sure I startled him & he shyly smiled & took some pictures of me. A wave of emotion came over me & I started to cry. I tried to hide my tears of joy as I posed for a few more shots, hoping that people wouldn't notice. I made my way over to Bill & told him how much I loved him & asked for a picture. He was so adorable & kind & gentle. #RIP #BillCunningham It was an honor to have met you & to have been photographed by you. I hope wherever you are, you still have that camera of yours. 

A photo posted by Victoria Justice (@victoriajustice) on

Cunningham is famous for saying ‘he who seeks beauty will find it’ and this could not be more true to fact when looking at his work. He had an eye for the magnificent, and a flair for the fabulous. We have Bill Cunningham for the idyllic street style that New York is famous for. 

Bill Cunningham

He will be missed by all lovers of fashion and photography. Rest in Peace you wonderfully talented man. 



While 11-year-old's are not typically the norm on the catwalks at fashion week (thank goodness), one very young model really did steal the show at Naeem Khan's runway show in New York this week.

Trinity Faith Moran took to the stage in a custom-made red, princess dress and though she stood a full foot smaller than everyone else on the stage, her beaming presence was enough to get her noticed. 

Thanks to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Glam4Good, Trinity, who suffers from a rare form of cancer, became a bona-fide supermodel for a few hours. 

"A lot of people told me that I'm really pretty and that I should be a model sometime, so I decided to make it my wish," said Trinity to Teen Vogue. 

The two charities put the young girl in touch with top fashion stylist, Mary Alice Stephenson, who in turn got in touch with her good friend and fashion designer Naeem Khan. 

"We are in the throngs of making all these dresses, so when she came in, we decided it was perfect," said Naeem. 

"[The dress] has to be part of the collection, it has to be the same fabrics that we are using in the collection, so we just made it happen."

And did Trinity like her top designer gown? 

"I love it a lot, it's really pretty," she said. "I love the jewels that are on it."

Yas, jewels! Now there's a woman after our own heart. 


The latest collection for Louis Vuitton was all about bringing fashion into the future.

However, Nicola Ghesquiére’s designs had us feeling more nostalgic than anything else.

Set against a Minecraft-inspired backdrop, the show explored how the digital age affects fashion.

There was a lot of sleek multicolour leather jackets, silvery metallic pieces, and mind-boggling graphic prints. All of these were fabulous mind you, but there was one piece in particular that got our attention. Just look at it!

The standout item gave us a case of sartorial déjà vu. In fact, it felt plucked straight from our early-2000s wardrobe: they brought back the bubble skirt.

Many a teenage disco did we attend sporting one of these bad boys.

The flouncy, rounded-hem bottom is making its comeback in the forward-thinking context of Louis Vuitton's spring line. The collection apparently also drew inspiration from Japanese anime.

The bubble skirts in question were paired with more structured (dare we say sophisticated) pieces to add a touch of playfulness to the pieces.

There was, surprisingly no mention of the bubble skirt’s sister, the infamous ‘rara’ skirt, also a feature in many a 00s wardrobe.

So, really, it turns out that we were all way ahead of the fashion crowd way back when.

We still are not entirely sure if we’re ready to bring these back into our lives.



Model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner is used to showing off plenty of flesh.

That, and even when off-duty off the catwalk,  the 19-year-old is a fan of flashing her assets.

And that she certainly did earlier this week.

Wearing a pair of perilously high-waisted black pants from Elisabetta Franchi, the trousers seemed a little TOO close for comfort.

Indeed, we can't imagine being entirely at ease wearing them (ouch). 

She teamed the invasive-looking clothing with an Alexander Wang stretch satin bralette, a vintage Hermés bomber jacket, Saint Laurent suede crossbody bag and Gianvito Rossi sandals.

Ms Jenner was arriving at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental for a Balmain show in Paris when the wardrobe malfunction occurred. 

Accompanied by a bodyguard, the reality TV star appeared strangely shy – covering her face and walking brisking as she met with waiting photographers.


With her lean figure, perfect curves and flowing blonde hair, Gigi Hadid seems like perfect model material to us, but not everyone agrees.

The 20-year-old model took to Instagram yesterday to hit back at critics of her body shape, saying she refused to take cruel comments to heart any longer. 

"I'm human, I'm not going to lie, I did let the negativity get to me a little," she admitted in the post, which she wrote over several days before posting online.


A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

While Gigi's athletic body is a change from the boyish, super-skinny models so often seen on the catwalks, she says the progression should be seen as a good thing.

"I represent a body image that wasn't accepted in high fashion before," wrote the LA native, who has walked for Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Furstenberg and Versace over the last fortnight alone.

"Yes I have boobs, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I'm not asking for special treatment. I'm fitting into the sample sizes."

With a 64cm waist and 89cm hips, Gigi is just a few centimetres bigger than fellow model and BFF Kendall Jenner, but it seems that size difference has made her a target for some.

"I went to almost all of the agencies in New York when I first visited. A lot of them wanted to sign me but also kind of indirectly were telling me that I needed to change in some way," the model told Vogue.com yesterday.

"I signed with IMG because of how they supported me, who I am and who I already was. I always said I’m not going to change for anyone because I was really proud of who I was."

As a former volleyball champ, Gigi favoured a more muscular look in her teens, and says being skinny was never something she aspired to.

"I had crazy muscles and I [ate] like a man – more than the man that I eat like now, like a bigger man – and it was crazy but at the time I didn't care what my body looked like," she told Daily Mail last month.

"I just wanted to be the best volleyball player I could be so it didn't really matter to me."

We're loving Gigi's positive body image attitude.



She's definitely a fan of Latex attire – and was just days ago spotted rocking a skin-tight leather mini-skirt which flashed plenty of leg. 

It doesn't look like Kim Kardashian intends on changing up her look anytime soon either: she's been spotted AGAIN in seriously teeny-tiny attire. 

Although she kept on the same, over-the-knee black boots in suede as well as the same Balmain coat with gold-button detail, the 34-year-old swapped her beige ripped tee for a black one.

And in lieu of the leather wrap-around skirt she wore on Saturday, she instead donned a spray-on effect number – also in leather.

The reality TV star, now six months into her second pregnancy, was last night out with her elder sister, Kourtney, 36.

Based in New York for Fashion Week – they headed for dinner at the swish Il Mulino in Uptown Manhattan (where a shrimp cocktail starter is priced at €25 and champagne truffle ravioli is €45).

Kourtney herself didn't hold back in the style stakes either: she wore a full-length satin robe under which she had on black thigh-high boots.

It was quite the family affair too: momager Kris, as well as sisters Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie were all in attendance.


Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are Fashion Week veterans at this stage, but it was their younger sister Kylie who stole the limelight last night.

The 18-year-old sat front row at the Alexander Wang show at New York's Pier 94, and even brought her boyfriend Tyga along for the occasion.

In standard Kylie style, she was sure to share some behind-the-scenes videos of the evening via Snapchat… including one very telling clip of herself and 25-year-old rapper Tyga.

Dancing with her man, Kylie looks into the camera before leaning in to kiss his top lip.

It doesn't look like the most romantic of smooches, given that Tyga's massive gold grill gets in the way, but there's no denying they're locking lips.

After posing for cameras in her black Alexander Wang AW15 black button down dress, Kylie made a quick change for a night out with her girls, Justine Skye and Anastasia Karanikolaou, known as Stassie.

Kylie posted a group selfie of the trio in her hotel room before they headed out, saying she was ready for a "much needed girls night."


@alexanderwangny show was DOPE. Time for a much needed girls night

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Despite talk of it being a girls' night, Tyga was again present for the evening's main event, the Alexander Wang after party at Up & Down in the West Village.

Since turning 18, Kylie has been getting more and more open about her relationship with the rapper, although recently she tricked fans with a seriously sexy – but fake – video.

The intimate video shows Kylie locked in an embrace with someone who looks like Tyga, but in reality is one of Kylie's friends dressed as him.