Friendships can be a tricky business.

Ostensibly, they’re based on support and reassurance, with a healthy dose of mutual humour and shared history thrown in for good measure.

In reality, they’re a little more complex.

In fact, we’d go as far as to suggest that you have at least one pal who you struggle to fully understand or who struggles to understand you.

On paper, you’re ride-or-die pals, but there’s always been that one little thing that has niggled at you, hasn’t there?

If you have something you wished your friend understood about you (or themselves), we want to hear about it right here.

So tell us, ladies, what do you wish your BFF knew? Good, bad or indifferent, we're all ears.

Fear not: you shall remain completely anonymous, but your response may be featured in a future article because let's face it, we all like reading a confession or two.