There's no denying that having a work wife to call your own makes the daily grind so much more bearable.

Dealing with an ever-increasing workload or an insurmountable number of emails is always easier when you have your own personal cheerleader by your side.

The thing about work wives is that they just, well, get it.

While your family and friends may lend an ear during a particularly rough career patch, your work wife is there for the minutiae of office life, on hand during the most tense of office politics, and alongside you for the greatest of office triumphs.

So, it's no real surprise that when she does eventually decide to move on or change career paths, you can be left feeling bereft at best, and like you've lost a limb at worst.

Here are just some things to do after you wish her well on the next step of her career path.

1. Applaud her courage

Making the decision to leave her job (and you!) wasn't an easy one for her, and like all difficult decisions, it took a lot of courage.

Even if you know she was unhappy in her role, countless people fall into the 'better the devil you know' mentality, and ultimately wallow in their sense of discontent, instead of actively seeking change.

Your friend decided to fulfil a particular goal or chase a certain dream, and you, of all people, should be the first one to champion that move.

We know that it can be really difficult to imagine your daily life without them, but take inspiration from her bravery!

2. Take some perspective

If the idea of losing your work wife to another office, sector or industry has you questioning your own job, you need to take time out to evaluate your career path.

Yes, it's difficult to say goodbye to a friend that you see five days a week, but her departure shouldn't make you want to immediately clear out your desk as well… not if you're actually content in your role, that is.

Your friend's decision to leave will definitely be hard to take, but if you're satisfied in the workplace, you'll be able to handle it.

If you find yourself struggling to go into work as a result of her absence, it's high-time you consider your own career bucket list.

3. Reconsider your routine

In the short-term, you need to be able to adjust to your friend's departure on an daily basis, so that means expanding your social circle in work.

Many people fall into the trap of sticking to a certain clique in work, and this can massively work against you if your clique starts to dwindle.

Make time to chat to your colleagues and be open to lunch invitations or coffee dates, so you don't find yourself becoming isolated in the wake of your friend's departure. 

4. Embrace the change

It might sound callous, but it's important to embrace the change your friend's move brings about.

Perhaps her departure provides you room for growth in your role or exposes you to new challenges which you'd be happy to undertake? Or maybe her decision to leave will give you the courage you need to dust off your CV and take stock of your own capabilities.

And outside of work? Well, maybe your friend's new job will bring her to a new city which means a chill-out road trip to visit her is definitely on the cards, or if she's only going down the road, her new work friends mean an expansion to your own social circle.

It may sound agonising, but embracing the change will genuinely stand to you, and it's not like you're losing her as a friend, so remember that!