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Your bestie is tying the knot and has asked you to be maid of honour.

First of all, congratulations. It's a major deal and it means they cherish your friendship very much.

However, with the title comes a lot of responsibility, and if you feel like you haven't a notion where to begin, this list will guide you along the way.

From the moment she's engaged, to the Big Day, this is what will be expected of you in the run up to the wedding.

The Planning

The bride will no doubt have a million things on her mind, so your maid of honour duties will start by helping her in the planning process.

Make lists of everything you'll need for the day (and day after, etc), and start to wrangle up the other bridesmaids to make sure they're on board with everything.

You're basically in charge of the bridal party, and you can ease the bride's mind by setting up dates to go dress shopping and making sure all of her bridesmaids are available for fittings, make-up consultations and everything in between.

Also, be prepared to be a consultant for the next few months. There's no doubt your bestie will have a ton of ideas, so be prepared to consult on everything from colour schemes to food.

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The Hen

Even though it's the bride's hen party, Hitched.ie notes that this is really your moment to shine.

You will take the lead on planning the hen party, but make sure to include the other bridemaid's ideas too. And obviously, consult with the bride. There's no point planning a huge overnight trip if all the bride wants is a day in the local spa.

Once everyone is settled on the type of party they want, then it's time to really start grinding. You'll need to make sure everyone has the date secured and be aware of everyone's budget.

And don't be afraid to delegate. Someone can confirm dinner, another can create party games, and someone else can organise the draaanks.

The Run Up

As the Big Day approaches, it's your job to make sure the bridesmaids are all certain of the dates, times and arrangements (final dress fitting, make-up, etc).

You also need to think of any useful things to have on hand on the day such as umbrellas, plasters, small cans of hairspray and deodorant (yes, it'll be your job to carry these around in case the bride gets too sweaty or her feet start to hurt – the joys!).

If anything has been hired for the reception, ask the bride and groom if you can pick them up as we're sure the bride will be running around like a headless chicken the day before.

The Big Day

As hithced.ie explains, you will need to be on TOP form on the day of the wedding. You will need to make sure everything runs smoothly the morning of (make-up artist turns up, the flowers are on time, everyone is present) and before the ceremony.

The bride will no doubt ask you to help her get ready too. Don't dare touch the dress without washing your hands first! You should also have a good breakfast that morning, because believe us, with all the running around you're going to do, you're going to be hungry before the ceremony even ends.

When you arrive at the church, make sure the bride is picture perfect before she walks down the aisle. Her make-up, hair and veil are all perfectly intact. Don't forget that during the ceremony you will need to hold the bride's bouquet, so have your hands free.

As the day goes on, just look out for small things. Your BFF basically needs to be camera-ready all day, so fix lipstick smudges and mascara stains (because let's be real, there will probably be tears).

And last but not least, have fun! You have been waiting for this day just as much as the bride, so take it all in and have an absolute ball.

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MIC is known for its bitchiness, backstabbing and badly scripted awkward silences.

But now, much of the OG cast is all grown up and mature – bad boy Spenny is changing his son's nappies, Millie and Hugo are more more Smug Married's than Party Animal's, even Jamie Laing has gone quiet.

And now, Louise Thompson, serial heartbreaker and orange person is tying the knot with her fella Ryan Libbey.

If you're a fan of the show, you'll know that Louise and the Ry-Man got together when she split with American Alik Alfus two years ago. 


meetings meetings meetings with some cool producers/ pr peeps then dinner at Isabel | AD

A post shared by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

Since then, they have been delighting us with snaps of their workout lifestyle and travels on Insta, with Ryan popping the question in LA. 

The 28-year-old is planning her big day and who will be in her bridal party is obvs a big thing to think about.

However, she made the reveal on an episode of MIC when she asked would an emotional Binky Felstead '''obviously be a bridesmaid''. 


Silly boyo #dressinggowndiaries

A post shared by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

Not only that, but she also asked if Binky's little daughter India, who is 15 months, would be a flower girl.

So cute! 

Louise said, ''I would love if little tiny baby India will be a flower girl. I just think she'll be the absolute cutest, it gives me shivers thinking about it.''

Binky said, ''that makes me so happy. She'll be on her best behaviour.''

We cannot WAIT to see wht kinda wedding Louise will have – champers and caviar, anyone? 


Get ready to cringe!

The excitement is doubled when your friend ties the knot and asks you to be part of their special day as a bridesmaid.

Courtney Duffy had booked flights and bought the jumpsuit that bride-to-be and friend Alexandra had chosen for her bridal party.

Courtney made every effort to be a part of her friend's big day as she would be flying across America from her college to the venue and back again in the same evening of the nuptials to make her evening university classes – if that isn't dedication, we don't know what is.

However, Alexandra wasn't so convinced and via email she informed the college student that her role as bridesmaid would be given to another friend.

The awkward email opens with Alexandra saying: “I’m so glad to hear you booked your flights.” 

“I have a massive favour to ask you though – and this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to ask anyone – but I need to ask you to relinquish your duties as bridesmaid.”

The email then goes from bad to worst as the reasoning behind her axing was her lack of participation in the day-to-day planning of the wedding. 

“The whirlwind nature of what your travel has become just won’t work with the duties as a party member,” wrote the bride-to-be.

Alexandra added, “I am so, so sorry!!” 

Courtney explained that she had missed the bachelorette trip and pre-wedding prep, in addition to flying home on the big night because of her commitment to her MBA in the American college, Dartmouth.

If you didn't think things could get anymore awkward – think again – the bride proceeds to ask for the jumpsuit to be returned so the friend replacing her could wear it. (CRINGE)

Closing the email Alexandra said: “Please don’t feel like you’re letting me down…I am asking you to do this. I love and value your friendship so much…”

As the realisation kicked in of the email contents, Courtney turned to Twitter and sent a screenshot of the email to Jet Blue airlines in a bid to get her flight refunded. 

In the since deleted tweet, Courtney explained:  “Booked my X-C flights for a wedding, then was asked ‘to relinquish’ my “duties as a bridesmaid” so another girl could fill in and wear it. I am laughing and crying and must avoid this wedding at all costs. Pls help?”

Jet Blue heard her cries and the student won't have to fork out in cancellation fees and will receive a voucher. 

The airline didn't stop there and extended their gesture of goodwill with offering the two (ex) friends a chance to clear the air and smooth over the situation with a future girls' weekend on them.

No doubt the free trip was a lovely touch, but the Internet just wasn't having any of it.

Twitter users suggested that even though it was a lovely thought, they think Courtney is better off without the bride.

"Very nice of Jet Blue – but can Courtney take a nice friend?" asked one.

"I mean, this is very sweet, but what if she doesn't want to patch up this friendship? I certainly wouldn’t," tweeted another.

"Very sweet but Courtney needs to ditch that friend. Courtney needs a trip with a real friend. I suggest Jamaica," added a user.

Courtney was clearly overwhelmed with the response and issued a series of tweets:

"Wow, did not expect this response – clearly the situation resonated. Thanks @jetblue for providing the refund I was hoping for, and thanks to everyone for chiming in with well wishes, humor, and even devil’s advocacy," she wrote. 

"Weddings have gotten totally out of control – this is about more than just an email. I’m hoping this thread reminds future lovebirds and bridal parties to keep their feet on the ground," she added in another tweet.

Call us bitter but we hope she didn't return the dress and she's sipping cocktails on that tropical islands sans the bride. 


Maise William's has confirmed that she has been asked to take a spot in Sophie Turner's bridal party.

The Game of Thrones stars formed a strong friendship after being cast as on-screen sisters, Arya and Sansa Stark, on the hit HBO show back in 2011.

Sophie, 21, is engaged to marry musician and former Disney star, Joe Jonas, 29, and while the pair haven't started to plan the big day, Masie has revealed one detail that has been set in stone.


I said yes.

A post shared by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on

When asked if she was hoping to land a bridesmaid position, the 20-year-old told Radio Times: “Oh, already got it. Yeah, it's very, very exciting. It’s kind of bizarre though.”

It's thought that the couple have put the wedding plans on hold, as Sophie is keen to wrap up the final series of Game of Thrones before the she sets a date.

Maisie said: “We're waiting 'til this season's done until we get into it. But I think she's already letting her little heart wander and imagine.”

Meanwhile, the actress recently opened up about the wrapping up the show that shot her to fame.

Speaking on Lorraine, the young star said: “We’re currently filming for the final season which is all a bit strange. Its been my entire career.”

“It’s exciting knowing I’m going to get to do more things. But it’s nerve-wracking because its been my safety net.”

Masie may not know which direction her career is headed in, but one thing's for sure, this isn't the last we've seen of the Stark sisters.


If you've ever acted as bridesmaid for a friend, you'll likely have bent over backwards to ensure her day ran as smoothly as humanely possible.

And if you've tied the knot, you'll have likely relied on your bridesmaids for everything from blister plasters to pep talks.

It's an unwritten rule that when it comes to weddings, the bride comes first, and the bridesmaids pick up the slack, right?

Well, not if a recent post on Reddit is anything go by.

Reaching out to 'married Redditors', a user asked them to cast their mind back and reflect on the 'most obnoxious request made by one of their guests', and one woman's response took the absolute biscuit.

Married Redditors, what was the most obnoxious request made by one of your wedding guests? from AskReddit

"One of the bridesmaids brought her fiancé to the wedding, and wanted our photographer to do an impromptu engagement photo shoot. Photographer laughed in her face," the woman told fellow followers.

Unsurprisingly, Reddit users fell on this response with shock, with one person replying: "It'll never cease to amaze me just how trashy and cheap people can be."

"As a photographer…that's awesome. It is a dick move to ask that, especially at someone's wedding, geez," added another.

"I hate that sh*t so much. If you want to come up and ask to book a photoshoot a different day that's fine here's a business card, but don't expect free work," added another.

Seriously, though…

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Playing a part in someone else's wedding is a huge honour and for the most part, bridesmaids will do their utmost in order to ensure the bride has the best experience possible.

There's no denying that there's a certain amount of responsibility that comes along with the role. Planning the hen do, going to fittings, putting on a brave face when you're forced to wear a dress that cuts you off in all the wrong places – it's pretty much a package deal. 

However, some brides have been known to take their demands a little too far, leaving their wedding party feeling less like friends and more like professional wedding planners with money to burn.

One unfortunate bridesmaid, who called herself Hayley, recently shared her experience on Mamamia.com.

Hayley started off by saying that she was initially “overjoyed” when her friend Caroline asked her to be a part of her wedding, however, her "joy quickly turned to utter despair" when the bride began to obsess over every tiny insignificant detail – right down to the buttonholes for the groomsmen.

The bridezilla then asked her bridesmaid to complete a excel spreadsheet of cake-maker suggestion, including the pricing, the contact information, flavours and “prestige” level, which she wanted completed later that day.

"Hey Hayley, How's it going?" the first email goes. "I need some cake-maker suggestions by COB [close of business] today please, Jase and I really want to get a wriggle on with this and need the contact details, price brackets, flavours and an idea of how prestigious the vendor is – in a table would be great. Excel is probably best please. Thanks!"

The cheek.

On that particular day, Hayley had been quite busy with work so was unable to complete the list until the following morning. She sent her suggesting to Caroline, apologising for her delay, but the bride wasn't going to let that slide.

“On Saturday morning, I cancelled my breakfast plans, instead researching Tasmanian wedding-cake makers (she'd decided to have a picturesque destination wedding) that might be suitable. I sent it through to her and had a reply almost immediately. "Thanks for this, would've been really helpful to have it yesterday when specified, but I appreciate it.""

Meanwhile, the bride had insisted that Hayley and her six other bridesmaids go shopping on three consecutive weekends in order to find the perfect wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Caroline's chosen bridesmaid dresses came in at $550 each (around €370) – pocket change when compared to the price of the bridal gown.

She selected a gorgeous designer dress priced at $10,500 (around €7,124), and despite that fact it was twice her budget, the bridesmaids encouraged the bride to “totally splurge” on her big day.

She took their advice and bought the dress, only to later ask that they “pitch in” for her “dream dress.”

How could someone even begin to justify this bizarre request? Well, the bride thought the dress would be a sentimental treasure all the bridesmaids would have a part in if they paid for it.

No, really.

"That night, my inbox pinged again with another of the group emails from Caroline that I'd started to dread," Hayley recalls. "The subject line was "Bridesmaid dress contribution" and it made me break out into a cold sweat. The latest bridal update was a long email outlining how she and Jase were hugely over their bridal budget now that she'd splurged on the dress. That it was 'totally fine if you can't' but she would really love if we could 'pitch in' around AU$150 (£89) each towards her 'dream dress'. That it'd mean so very much to her and would mean that as she walked down the aisle, she'd be wearing something we'd all had a part in."

Hayley went on to explain how she was shocked and outraged by the request, but three of the seven bridesmaids had already agreed to contribute.

Not Hayley though, she's sticking to her guns, saying she may "have to bail on this wedding – and friendship", and to be honest, we wouldn't blame her.



After acting as the hottest bridesmaid on the planet for her sister during the Royal wedding in April 2011, everyone assumed that Kate Middleton would be returning the favour following her younger sister, Pippa's engagement this week.

But if you – like millions others – had your heart set on another sisterly set-up for the second Middleton wedding, you're about to be sorely disappointed.

According to emerging reports, Kate's global profile means that it's unlikely she will act as maid of honour for her younger sister for fear of upstaging the bride on her big day.

Speaking to People magazine, author and royal correspondent, Judy Wade, suggested that Kate's royal status could cause problems, saying: "Kate would upstage her sister. It's a tricky situation for Pippa."

"She would want her sister by her sister, as who else would she trust to make things go well?" she continued.

And yet, the royal correspondent seemed fairly certain that despite their incredibly close bond, Kate would be determined to shy away from the limelight when her sister ties the knot with hedge fund manager, James Matthews, next year.

"But if your sister is a future Queen, she is going to upstage the bride and draw attention," Judy explained. "Kate would want to be in the background as much as possible."

Aw, this is not the latest instalment we expected of the Middleton / Matthews engagement story.



Taylor Swift hung up her pop princess crown for a day to attend her BFF's wedding where she stood as maid of honour.

The 26-year-old looked prettier than ever donning a faded pink gown with a crystal top – a far cry from her usual cut-out short dresses.

And it seems that Tay was probably the best bridesmaid there could be as she told People last year: "I've never been a maid of honour before.

"This is my first time, and it's really, really important to me because this is my best friend, who I've known since I was born.

"And she's marrying [Benjamin LaManna] someone I've known since I was 4."

Her BFF Britany donned a Reem Acra dress, going down the traditional route with a short-sleeved silk taffeta ball gown and cathedral-style veil.  

The blonde duo have known each other practically their entire lives, and they used to ride horses together in Pennsylvania before Taylor hit the bigtime.

"It was the best day ever. So amazing… I'm the happiest maid of honour ever," said Taylor.


One couple in Wales decided to something very unexpected for their wedding party.

Ben and Derii Rogers Wood realised that at a gay wedding, there wasn’t going to be any wedding dresses seen on the big day.

So, they decided they wanted to include the tradition in their nuptials and dressed all of their bridesmaids in wedding dresses.

Derii spoke to Buzzfeed News about the idea and said that it came to him when they couldn’t decide on bridesmaids’ dresses for all of their bridesmaids.

Apparently, once he voiced the idea to the ladies, it became a somewhat friendly “competition” to see who could find the best dress for the big day.

Guests at the wedding were very surprised indeed to see a troupe of brides converging on the ceremony. Derii says that even motorists driving were slowing down to have a look.

He explained that it certainly added something to the day for he and Ben, explaining that “The atmosphere was absolutely amazing.”

He added, “I think they all loved it because it made them feel like they it was their day too.”

Congratulations to the happy couple, and their very stylist bridal party. We wonder if that’s a trend that might catch on…



Choosing bridesmaids is probably one of the toughest jobs when it comes to being a bride, but this girl did things a bit differently. 

Christine Quinn wanted her life long BFF to be one of her bridesmaids, her granny!

Apparently her Gran was a bit hesitant to take part at first as she was afraid that an 89-year-old bridesmaid might take the attention away.

She even wore the same dress as the rest of the girls and danced the night away at the reception.

“While she doesn’t live that close, we have continually made it a point to spend as much time together as possible,” Quinn told The Huffington Post. “She just has an amazing sense of humor and outlook on life that I strive to emulate every day. Everyone loves her.”

“She had the entire wedding party laughing with her words of wisdom and funny comments throughout the day,” Quinn said.

“You’re only as old as you feel and I feel young today,” Nana Betty told Quinn on the big day. 



We’re used to seeing her donning an array of racy attire, but Rihanna looked positively demure in a stunning lilac bridesmaid gown yesterday.

Her assistant Jennifer Morales married Aaron Davis on a secluded beach in Honolulu, Hawai on Monday, and Ri-Ri was one of six bridesmaids.

Rihanna’s dress boasted an embellished waistband, v-neck drop back, and intrinsic silver floral detail on the mesh skirt. The superstar singer kept her accessories simple with diamond stud earrings and a matching diamond necklace. Her newly auburn hair also perfectly complemented her attire, and she carried an elegant bunch of cream roses tied with a cream ribbon on the stems.

She took to her Instagram account to praise the happy couple, calling Jennifer her “sis”. “A wedding is a celebration of a marriage!!!,” Rihanna said, adding: “Celebrate the marriage that we've been lucky enough to witness grow and evolve for all these years!!!!”

The singer has been furthermore sharing on social media exotic snaps from her break in Hawaii – a favourite holiday destination – over the last number of days.

The singer famously had a controversial on-off relationship with Chris Brown

The single 27-year-old is adamant that she won’t be next up the aisle, however, recently telling Hello! magazine that she’s far too busy for a man. Between 2008 and 2013 she famously had a controversial on-off relationship with Chris Brown. Earlier this year she had been linked to Academy Award nominated actor Leonardo Dicaprio, but she dismissed the rumours last month. 



Is Lauren Conrad getting some ideas for her own big day at a friend’s recent wedding?

The Hills star shared lots of photos of her friend’s wedding over the weekend, where she served as a bridesmaid, and with her own nuptials just around the corner, we’re sure she was taking it all in!

From bridesmaid treats to the beautiful bride herself, Lauren shared the exciting day with her followers.

The wedding was also a reunion for many of the stars of Laguna Beach by the looks of it, with Lo Bosworth and even the gorgeous Stephen Coletti (remember him?!) in attendance.

Lauren and Stephen were an item way back in the Laguna Beach days, with Kristin Cavalleri being Lauren’s love rival….

Kristin is now married with two gorgeous babies and Lauren is getting married to fiancé, William Tell, soon and we feel so, so old. Could that all really have been ten years ago?! We need to go back to bed now…

Wouldn’t we like to have been a fly on the wall at that wedding!

Now all we have to do is wait for Lauren’s big day – and if her Instagram account is anything to go by, it’s going to be stunning!