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Being a vegetarian or even – god forbid! – a vegan is thankfully getting easier in Ireland, but there are still a few niggling little annoyances that those committed to the cause have to endure. 

1. Strangely concerned strangers

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When you tell people you're a veggie, they suddenly get really, really concerned about your protein levels. Note to meat eaters: vegetarianism does not make you shrivel up from lack of protein. 

And anytime you get sick? "You're probably not getting enough protein!"

2. The great bacon debate

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Hearing "but bacon though!" every other time you tell people you're a vegetarian.

3. Wanting to be vegan…

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But not quite having the will power to give up cheese and eggs yet. Maybe one day. Maybe.

4. People never understanding why you cant eat jellies

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Having to explain what gelatin is and where it comes from every time someone breaks out a bag of Haribo isn't fun. 

5. Barbecues

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Not that we usually get the weather for them, but these meat feasts inevitably roll around every summer, and for vegetarians the BYOB usually means bring your own burgers. Of the veggie variety. 

6. Tapas

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Sharing tapas with a table of meat eaters never works out well. They two or three token vegetarian tapas get snapped up as sides for the meat dishes and you inevitable leave hungry. And you still had to split the bill equally. 

7. It's a phase

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Parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents will probably use this phase to describe your new found vegetarianism at some point or another.

Even after a decade or two. 

8. "So what DO you eat?"

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Everything that meat eaters do. Sans meat. 

9. People thinking you're out to convert them

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This is not the church of chick pea curries and chicken-less nuggets. There is no Quorn Quran. 

10. Overly relying on carbs

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When making the first foray into vegetarianism, things can seem pretty simple. Pizza, pasta, noodles, bread and their equally carb-laden cohorts are the initial go-to foods. 

Luckily vegetarianism is an excuse to experiment with new foods, so turning a beige palette into a rainbow doesn't take long. 

11. Excessive label reading

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Fortunately at least half of all supermarket items are vegetarian these days.

Unfortunately at least half of that half are mysteriously not marked with the comforting green V label veggies are reliant on, leading to excessive label reading and quick scientific equations (via google) to figure out if the triglycerides in those biscuits are derived from animal fats. 

12. Tofu troubles

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Unless you have been specifically trained in the art of preparing and cooking tofu, it can be a bit of a bother.

Seriously. how long does tofu need to marinate? Does anyone know?  

13. Having notions

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Even if you hail from the glittering metropolis that is Dublin city, being opposed to eating meat can still be placed in the "notions" category. 

It's up there with drinking almond milk, preferring ciabatta to good old fashioned Brennans and wearing hats for fashion as opposed to function. 



Having a long distance best friend has become quite the norm over the past few years. 

As many of us look to travel and work abroad, sometimes our nearest and dearest can end up in a faraway land. 

And while no distance could break the bond you share, there are a number of struggles you're sure to come up against during your time apart. 

1. You get jealous whenever they have any fun without you 

But deep down you know they'd have more fun if you were there. 

2. No more borrowing each other's clothes 

The biggest betrayal of all. 

3. Having multiple conversations running at the same time 

You can't keep up with the various WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat conversations, but that's not going to stop you from trying. 

4. Getting sulky when they have to spend time with other people 

How dare anyone try to disturb your precious reunion. 

5. Weekend adventures are replaced by all-day skype sessions

Definitely not as exciting, but hey, at least you get to stay in bed. 

6. You don't get to hang out with their pet anymore

And sometimes you don't know who you miss more. 

7. Feeling offended when they hang out with people you've never met

'Em? Who are these people in your profile picture and why aren't they me?'

8. You need a night out but FaceTime and wine is the closest you'll get 

OK, maybe this one isn't the worst, after all it's probably the cheapest 'night out' you and your best friend will ever have.

9. Momentarily forgetting about the time difference 

You don't care if it's 4am where they are – you need to talk about the Game of Thrones plot twist. 

10. Thanking your lucky star that the internet exists

Sure, you'd have no problem writing letters or spending a months wages on a phone call to stay in touch, but the internet definitely makes the process a lot easier. 

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If you're short, shopping for clothes is no walk in the park.

And normal/tall people will never understand the struggles of finding jeans that actually fit you.

SO, if you're vertically challenged, you'll know ALL about these 6 truths when shopping for clothes.

1. You have to be SUPER selective about where you shop

People will think you're being fussy, but some stores just don't cater for small people.

You kissed goodbye to a lot of shops a loooong time ago.

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2. River Island jeans were your saviour

They were really the first affordable brand that began doing small sizes on the highstreet.

And my God, did you buy a pair in every colour.


3. Forget shopping abroad

Is it just me or do foreign countries just not cater for small people?

Whether you shop in Spain or New York, even the small sizes seem HUGE.

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4. You hate to admit it, but you do shop in the kids section sometimes

Whether it's for shoes or a cosy jumper, sometimes kids sizes just fit you more snuggly.

Shout out to a child's size 33-34 in Dunnes.

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5. But then, you feel like a child

Between clothes drowning you and being able to fit into your younger sister's clothes, you will no doubt feel like a child every now and again.

And that's a shit-buzz.

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6. But f*ck it, you're cute

After years of hating your body for not growing and catching up with the other kids, you realise that it could be worse.

And everyone sees you as 'the cute one', which ain't bad at all.

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Do any of us have a clue what we're doing?!

Scarlett Moffatt has admitted that she certainly doesn't, and it's safe to say we're all breathing a sigh of relief.

The former Gogglebox star's career is going from strength to strength after winning I'm A Celeb… and scoring a regular spot on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Take Away.

But even still, Scarlett told Reveal Magazine that she, like many of us, is struggling with her living situation.

“I haven’t bought a place yet. I’m still renting, I’m just trying to work out what I want to do with my life."

The 26-year-old also admitted that she's getting by with the help of her friends, and Ant and Dec.

“The advice they kept giving us is to just be me. That gives me so much confidence in who I am.

“They’ve also been helping with autocue and talk back. I just feel very privileged," she added.



Women have a serious rep for constantly being fashionably late.

Apparently we have to start getting ready for a Saturday night out on a Wednesday afternoon if we’re ever going to make it to the party on time.

Our poor old boyfriend’s are left playing GTA on the couch while we painstakingly apply nail varnish to the cat’s claws while we wait for our hair masque to set, right?

If that doesn’t sound AT All familiar, it’s because you're the punctual person in your relationship and here, girls, are just SOME of the struggles you go through.

1. Your other half thought you ‘suffered from your nerves’ for the first two weeks you dated because you revealed you had turned up twenty minutes before him every single time.

Well, excuse me for caring.

2. You know you shouldn’t take his tardiness personally, but you can’t help it.

“It’s fine. I said, it’s fine!”

3. You’re always show up embarrassingly early to parties with him shuffling awkwardly behind you, because you’re so afraid of being late. All of which only makes him think you’re even more irrational.

Life is cruel.

4. You repeat the time and day you’re next due to meet up a million times while he nervously nods because he knows you’ll be texting constantly between now and then anyway.

5pm on Friday babes. Not 5.30. FIVE!

5. You feel like a sap waiting on the couch for him to turn up even though you’re warm, cosy and there’s no reason to stress.

I told him cuddle time would begin at seven dammit, seven!

We're used to being the bigger person in these situations.



Anyone who wears lenses, even the most casual of users, will know the horror you can sometimes encounter when you decide to ditch your specs for the day.

Yes, contacts are fab because walking in the rain while wearing glasses is probably the hardest activity known to man (Mini-windscreen wipers anyone?), but hell, those damn lenses know how to play with your emotions too.

Here are just ten stages we go through when we decide it’s time to lens-up.


1) You can check which lens is which until you’re blue in the face, but we all know that the second you’ve put them in, you’ll be convinced you mixed them up.

My world will be backwards!


2) The horrific pain in your left eye and the burning sensation in your nose signals the fact that your lens has decided to slide to the back of your eyeball and implant itself in your brain.

I am a walking Sci-Fi film.


3) Applying your lens to your eyeball, watching your lens fold in half and slide out under your eyelashes. Reapplying your lens, watching your lens fold in half…and so on and so forth is standard procedure.

This is a fun way to spend precious eating-time before work.


4) Lens begins tap dancing inside your eye socket while you’re in conversation with someone, leading you to blink wildly and twitch frantically, all the while refusing to explain what’s happening.

Why am I acting like it’s all a-OK?


5) You have a big night out planned and glasses aren’t an option, but you’re down to your last couple of lenses which you must then guard WITH YOUR LIFE.

Glasses are my only friend this week.


6) Removing your lenses, breathing an audible sigh of relief and flicking them across the room at the end of the day is only appropriate if you’re in private.

God, what’s with all these uptights? It’s only a piece of plastic that’s been inside my face for half a day. Chill out.

More pain

7) Waking up after falling asleep with your lenses in is like trying to remove a really small, really fiddly limb, from inside your own head.

Well, this is a fun way to spend twenty minutes. Yawn.

Even more pain

8) On the very odd occasion you forget to wash your hands before application, you WILL have been slicing lemons or cutting onions and that’s just the way it is.

Burning. Forever burning.


9) When someone actually admits their lenses are bothering them that day, you feel a surge of empathy that almost knocks you off your feet.

You’re in a safe place now, friend.


10) When you look back at photos of your fourteen-year-old self in glasses, you realise you will go through anything to ensure you never look like Meg from Family Guy again.

Come to me, lenses! All is forgiven.