10 struggles long distance best friends are all too familiar with


Having a long distance best friend has become quite the norm over the past few years. 

As many of us look to travel and work abroad, sometimes our nearest and dearest can end up in a faraway land. 

And while no distance could break the bond you share, there are a number of struggles you're sure to come up against during your time apart. 

1. You get jealous whenever they have any fun without you 

But deep down you know they'd have more fun if you were there. 

2. No more borrowing each other's clothes 

The biggest betrayal of all. 

3. Having multiple conversations running at the same time 

You can't keep up with the various WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat conversations, but that's not going to stop you from trying. 

4. Getting sulky when they have to spend time with other people 

How dare anyone try to disturb your precious reunion. 

5. Weekend adventures are replaced by all-day skype sessions

Definitely not as exciting, but hey, at least you get to stay in bed. 

6. You don't get to hang out with their pet anymore

And sometimes you don't know who you miss more. 

7. Feeling offended when they hang out with people you've never met

'Em? Who are these people in your profile picture and why aren't they me?'

8. You need a night out but FaceTime and wine is the closest you'll get 

OK, maybe this one isn't the worst, after all it's probably the cheapest 'night out' you and your best friend will ever have.

9. Momentarily forgetting about the time difference 

You don't care if it's 4am where they are – you need to talk about the Game of Thrones plot twist. 

10. Thanking your lucky star that the internet exists

Sure, you'd have no problem writing letters or spending a months wages on a phone call to stay in touch, but the internet definitely makes the process a lot easier. 

Feature Image: Etsy