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British mummy-vlogger and social media sensation, Louise Pentland, has written a new book all about her experiences with motherhood, and it’s out now! 

Louise started her blog, Sprinkle of Glitter, in 2009, and shortly afterwards created a YouTube channel of the same name. Nowadays Louise’s channels cover topics such as plus-size fashion, motherhood and family-life, garnering an audience of 2.3 million subscribers. You can also be sure to catch her on Instagram, regularly taking the cutest photos of her two adorable daughters, and all the adventures they get up to together. 

Her latest book, MumLife, is a real deep dive into the ups and downs Louise has had to face over the years — and let’s just say there’s been a few! From a traumatic birth with her first daughter, to single motherhood, to finding love again and having a second child, Louise's parenting journey has been full of surprises.

Source: Instagram
Source: instagram.com/louisepentland


Discussing the realities most working mums face, plus the impact of maternal mental health, Louise is on a mission to make other mums feel less alone, and very much heard. She beautifully reveals her own imperfect but perfect route to motherhood, as well as the loss of her mum so early in her life, how it shaped her and the mother she became.

Reflective and uplifting, with her signature wit, MumLife will share Louise's ups and downs and the honest truth, from someone who's been there and experienced it all.

“Thought it’d be a cute little Mummy Memoir but it turned out to be so much deeper than I thought it would. I’m glad. There are happy, funny bits (the whole chapter on dating as a #singlemum lol) to balance it out but I’m glad the tough stuff is in there- that’s life isn’t it? Ups and down, happy and sad. That’s what makes us human,” Louise wrote on Instagram.

If you’re not a mum though, don’t worry — Louise has assured us that MumLife is for anyone who loves her online content, which she lovingly refers to as ‘MummyContent’. MumLife is published by Bonnier, and you can pick up a copy here.


Baby makes three for fitness blogger Kayla Itsines.

The Australian social media star announced the happy news on Instagram with a snap of her fiancé Tobi and the tot.

The health blogger, known for her Sweat app, revealed that they called the little one Arna Leia Pearce.

She wrote, ''I just stared into Tobis eyes the whole time during delivery, nervously whispering “please let her be healthy, please be okay, please be okay” and Tobi kept repeating “I love you so much – she’s going to be healthy it’s okay just breathe it’s okay”.’


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She continued, ''I am so thankful to have the most amazing doctor and midwives ever to help me. This experience has been amazing for me and I am proud to say that.''

Kayla, who had a C-section also said that it took her a few days to recover from the procedure. 

Tobi also posted an update, talking about how fatherhood has impacted his life already.

Kayla Itsines baby announcemnt

He wrote, ''To be honest, I don’t think any to be mum or dad knows what to expect when entering parenthood for the first time. I expected so many great things and an abundance of learnings, but I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised by how great this is already. I’ve never felt so connected.''

He added, ''For every couple that goes on the pregnancy journey together, I am sure you can all relate to just how incredible it is, but also how it is hard work and requires a lot of teamwork. Throughout that journey, almost daily I was reminded just how strong and caring Kayla is and I couldn’t be more proud, I just know she is going to be such a great a mum.''

Huge congratulations – enjoy every minute with your gorgeous bundle of joy. 


Becoming a social media influencer is one of the most sought after professions of our generation. 

While it may seem like it's all about shmoozing at events, taking OOTD photos and Gucci belts, the industry is actually worth a heck of a lot as brands clamour to do business with the latest up-and-comer. 

According to influencer marketing company Mediakix, Instagram influencing alone is worth a cool one billion dollars, and the company set out to conduct an experiment to see exactly what it takes to become an influencer.

Mediakix set out to prove that anyone can get paid to be a social media influencer if they're willing to pay out a little and scam their way up the ladder of social media popularity.

The company set up two fake Instagram accounts in two of the most popular influencer niches. 

The first Calibeachgirl310, followed the glamorous, beach-based life of fashion and lifestyle influencer Alexa Rae, as she posed in the sand in a series of outfits. 

The second, Wanderingggirl, portrayed travel blogger Amanda Smith living the dream and travelling from place to place. 

However, when it comes to Amanda, all of the images were actually pulled from stock image websites, and always featured a blonde girl, though you could never see her face.  

For Alexa's profile, Mediakix hired a model and spent a day shooting her in various locations in different outfits, to create a backlog of content they could upload over time. 

The majority of their followers, likes, and comments are all paid for, with Mediakix using different fake follower, comment and like apps to artificially boost their following

They also used a block of hashtags to boost their engagement further. 

By using this numeric trickery, Medikix created 'influencers' who were deemed worthy by unwitting brands of paid endorsement deals. 

Once both girls had reached 10,000 followers, which is usually the minimum number needed to be considered an influencer, they were able to sign both accounts up to marketing platforms which match brands with bloggers and influencers. 

 'We secured four paid brand deals total, two for each account,' reads Mediakix's report.

'The fashion account secured one deal with a swimsuit company and one with a national food and beverage company.'

'The travel account secured brand deals with an alcohol brand and the same national food and beverage company. For each campaign, the "influencers" were offered monetary compensation, free product, or both.'

After proving just how easy it is to inauthentically create an influencer, the company went on to highlight the fact that fake engagement and following is rife in the social media influencer industry.

'Influencers of all sizes know brand dollars are pouring into the space, and in order to compete and secure these sponsorships, influencers are increasingly inflating follower counts and engagement artificially.'

While we're sure our favourite bloggers are perfectly happy with their authentic following, the booming influencer business clearly needs a little more moderation. 

Feature image: Calibeachgirl310 / Instagram 



Irish beauty entrepreneur Suzanne Jackson has revealed she is adding a FULL lipstick collection to her brand SoSu by SJ.

The make-up mogul revealed on her Instagram account yesterday that she's been working on a signature lipstick range, launching next month.

She captioned the video;

"Can you deal?! Full lipstick collection coming soon. You asked, we listened! Lipsticks, liners and glosses! Launching in Feb! More details soon! Who’s excited?"


A post shared by Suzanne Jackson-O’Connor (@sosueme_ie) on

Suzanne Jackson already has a hugely extensive beauty product collection; her false eyelash range, contour palettes, highlighter kits and eyeshadow palettes have caused a frenzy.

After creating a successful business through blogging, Jackson turned her talents to cosmetics, creating SOSU by SJ.

Despite her brand being only two years old, it's already stocked by major retailers such as Boohoo, Primary and PrettyLittleThing all over Europe.


A post shared by Suzanne Jackson-O’Connor (@sosueme_ie) on

Celebrity MUA fans of the expanding brand include Emma McVey, Lauren Pope, Chloe Lloyd, Jelena Peric, Megan McKenna and Khinda Hawari.

The recent eyeshadow palette collaboration of SOSUbySJ x Keilidh was massively popular, and we're sure the new lipstick range will generate a similar reaction.

Roll on February, we NEED those gorgeous lip colours ASAP.

Feature image: VIP Magazine


Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger announced their engagement this week after just seven months of dating, and the happy couple seem head-over-heels in LURVE.

Apparently, Katherine has been eyeing up Chris for a long time. Exactly one year before they met, to be exact, according to an unearthed video.

Katherine's mother Maria Shriver introduced Chris to her daughter roughly last June, and it's been heart eyes ever since. 


A post shared by Katherine Schwarzenegger (@katherineschwarzenegger) on

A video found in the dark hole that is the internet shows blogger Katherine chatting with Access Hollywood about her favourite Chris.

The 'Chris' debate has been carried out for years; Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans.

Almost two years ago, Katherine looked already in love with Chris Pratt, despite having never met him.

At first, she actually picked Chris Evans, but quickly switched her answer to her new fiancé; "Chris Pratt’s been looking good lately," she smiled. "So, you never know." OMG


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This is some crystal ball sh*t, is she some kind of witch? We're here for it, if that's the case.

If only we could predict our celebrity fiancé just by picking them in a quiz. (Timothée Chalamet, if you're reading this WE CHOOSE YOU) 

We wonder if Chris Pratt knows that she chose Chris Evans initially? This could start a 'Chris' war, after all this tension.


Influencers are on the rise at the moment, with a booming make-up and cosmetics industry and the ever-expanding social media platforms, branding is more lucrative than ever.

Make-up guru and general sass queen Jeffree Star has always vowed to be as honest with his fans as possible, even when it comes to his wealth.

It's no secret that he is ABSURDLY wealthy; as well as his YouTube earnings and side projects, he predominantly generates income from his giant line of cosmetics.

He has now promised to expose any brand who try to meddle with him and his CASH DOLLA in any way that he can, and boy does he have power.

David Dobrik was told by the make-up star that he earns $150 million PER YEAR. *Pause to allow shook people to gather themselves before continuing*

In his recent tweets, Star mentions how he was supposed to create a project which exposed make-up brand deals, but the brand he was working with pulled out in order to keep other clients happy.

He has now revealed how much they were offering to pay him for a SINGLE product; a jaw-dropping $165,000. Dear God.

He challenged another brand to come forward in the New Year to help him in his mission to discuss behind the scenes make-up brand deals, which would be fascinating to see.

It's sure to be a crazy end result, whatever Star comes up with.

Maybe we should try our hand at this make-up artist business?  



Ah Penneys – our go-to high street haven for all things affordable and on trend. 

The fashion HQ has been giving us some seriously stylist pieces of late – but one in particular has caught our eye. 

When we spotted this plaid mini-dress in store, we knew we had to snap it up before every blogger in town got their hands on it. 

Dress €16. PVC cap €6.00, Boots €17, all Penneys, Turtleneck €16.59 ASOS

The gorgeous mini dress comes in a similar print to that coat we've seen all over Instagram, and the addition of the quadrant of side buttons is an adorable bonus detail. 

We're also all about the wrap-over style – making this piece super versatile. 

For something a little edgier when we head out for drinks, we're teaming it with this PVC baker boy cap and yellow suede boots, throwing the dress over a slim-fit black turtle neck. 

Dress €16, Boots €17.00, Backpack €14.00 and Coat €28.00, all Penneys

For day time, we're opting to add a white t-shirt underneath, black tights, and some plain black booties. 

A cosy suede biker jacket looks gorgeous oversized, and red accessories tie in to the subtle hint of red in the plaid. 

Best of all, this versatile dress is only €16.00 and it's in stores right now. 


When we scroll through Instagram, our feeds are saturated with the seemingly amazing lives and activities of our favourite influencers. 

From their iconic outfits, non-stop social lives, jet-set lifestyles, global travel and brand partnerships, on the surface it appears that they live a charmed existence. 

However, we all know by now that there is a lot of hard work that goes in to being a taste-maker on social media, and that at the end of the day, the women we see on our iPhone screens are just that – real women with lives and struggles and emotions and issues just like anyone else. 


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Matilda Djerf, a Swedish influencer with 347,000 Instagram followers, and a further 48,000 YouTube subscribers, went on her Instagram live last night and broke down in a raw and emotional moment to her fans. 

The blogger was upset by a comment left by a follower (or troll) saying that she uses her past struggles with eating for attention on her platform. Understandably, Matila was very bothered by this comment, and while she didnt plan to get so deep with her followers, she ended up peeling back the facade that social media has caused us to normalise. 

'I know its so easy to think that everything is super amazing all the time because Instagram paints this unrealistic f*cking life, and I know my life must seem so amazing, I get to travel the world but Iv'e gone through so much shit and I would never lie about it for attention so it's f*cking sick that someone would even say that,' she said in the emotional video. 

'I have scars on my arm, my whole diary is just me hating myself,' she said. 


A post shared by M Λ T I L D Λ (@matildadjerf) on

Matilda's Instagram feed is awash with sun-soaked bikini snaps and stunning outfit posts, but she calls on social media users at large to remind themselves that while she has amazing opportunities, that doesn't mean life is peachy all the time.

'I’m just a human and I have feelings. And it was impossible for me to hide it this time. Sometimes you just have to let yourself feel,' she captioned her video. 

'Thank you for picking me back up and for accepting me as I am. I always want to be transparent and unfiltered with you.' And please make sure to think twice before you speak or comment.'


A post shared by M Λ T I L D Λ (@matildadjerf) on

Touching on the comment that upset her, she wrote: ' The comment is deleted and I don’t want to get into it too much again but I just want to say that it took me so many years to get healthy from my ED and to start accepting myself as I am. To have someone say I made it all up for attention is just sickening.' 

'Just because my eating disorder is a “small problem” for someone doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to feel what I do. Like my strong, lovely follower commented “everyone is fighting their own battles – some physical, mental and some emotional.'

'My problems do not invalidate someone else’s. Everyone should be able to freely express their problems without someone saying “others got it worse".'

Feature image: Instagram / Matildadjerf


Rosie Connolly has just announced she is pregnant…again!

After hinting at hopes of a second child with her partner Paul Quinn, the Irish blogger has officially confirmed her pregnancy. 

Rosie and Paul decided they wanted to wait to have another baby until after their wedding earlier this year.

She previously said, "We would love to have another baby- if it happens, it happens. Obviously, with our wedding in May we knew that we had to hold off a little."

And now the wait is over!

This mum is over the moon at the news, saying: "Even more happiness is on its way to us…2019 we’re ready for you."

Her three-year-old son Harry is excited to be a big brother as well.

Becoming a mum changed the blogger's life in the best way possible as she gushed on her blog.

“The love that came over me was so overwhelming, I just cried for the first week non stop, all happy tears," she wrote.

We cannot wait to meet the newest addition to her family! 


Popular Irish blogger Rosie Connolly is ready to expand her family with Paul Quinn. The couple are already parents to three-year-old son Harry, but admitted they’re hoping to welcome a new addition soon.

The mum admitted that she has been feeling broody all year.

Rosie opened up about her future family plans to RSVP Live: “I have been dying for another baby since the end of last year,” she admitted.

The fashion blogger has been eager to try for another baby, but one life event was standing in her way- her wedding.

Rosie and husband Paul Quinn tied the knot earlier this year in a stunning ceremony at Carton House, Kildare.

The lavish event took a hell of a lot of organising, so Rosie wanted to wait until after the grand event to think about growing their family.

"We would love to have another baby- if it happens, it happens. Obviously, with our wedding in May we knew that we had to hold off a little," the influence said.

Having another baby would be such a joy for the newlyweds: “We would be absolutely thrilled,” she shared.

Becoming a mum was a life-changing moment for Rosie. She gushed about the birth of her son Harry on her blog.

“The love that came over me was so overwhelming, I just cried for the first week non stop, all happy tears,” she wrote.


With her genuine approach to blogging, Grace Mongey has gained a following of more than 100k on Instagram. 

Since the birth of her baby daughter Sienna, the beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger has chosen to get real about motherhood and isn't afraid to share some of the struggles she's encountered along the way. 

As she is just back from her summer break in Marbella, we have asked the makeup artist about her food habits.  


Never been happier #Family #MyGirl #SiennaHarper 

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What is your typical weekday breakfast?  

I love to mix it up at breakfast time. My favourites would have to be a slim bagel, smoked salmon and a poached egg, or some fruit with Greek style yoghurt and maybe some muesli too.

A coffee is always a must on the side! 

What do you usually have for dinner?

I generally would mix up the type of dinners I make but all would consist of meat, vegetables and a small portion of carbs.

Carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa or butternut squash are always a hit. 

Is it different at the weekend?

Yes it can be for sure, it's a lot easier I find to fall off the bandwagon at the weekends and get a takeaway or indulge a little bit more.

I try to be as healthy as possible but we're all allowed a treat! We will cook something nice like Mexican food, fajitas are always a winner! 

I love to nibble on things like crackers and cheese, meats and hummus. 


The most incredible lunch. Buckwheat Pancakes #Yum #London #Lunch

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Do you snack during the day?

Of course, I always try to include as much protein as possible. My trainer recommends that so I'd have a protein shake with a banana, almond butter and milk. It's so nice, it's like a peanut butter milkshake!

Otherwise I'd have Greek style yoghurt with berries or some nuts.

What would be your ideal food day?

Cheese! Anything with cheese and more cheese! With bacon or bread. All the good stuff! 

What is your favourite dessert? 

Ohhh definitely a warm chocolate brownie and ice cream!

What is your favourite meal of the day? 

I would have to say breakfast. There are so many different things you can have for breakfast. Having a big breakfast or going out for brunch, I love both. 

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin/Ireland/the world? 

That's a really tough question! I don't know if I have a favourite because I love to try new places all of the time.

A great brunch spot though would be Noah&Co. in Liffey Valley. The food is delish.

The best brunch place in Dublin?

We love HQ on Grand Canal, that's gorgeous!! 

Any “food pet peeves”?

Mine would have to be when people automatically say they don't like something when they haven't tried it!

I'm one to try before I decide whether or not I like it. 

What food would you not eat for the whole world?

I hate ginger! It makes me feel ill even thinking about it…

What can we always find in your fridge?

Cheese, milk, yoghurt, oh and eggs!

You have friends over for dinner, what do you cook for them?

I love to cook and I have a few favourites. 

I would go for spaghetti bolognese, I love spaghetti.A stir fry either, my Mam says they are the best! I do a really nice chicken satay as well. Any of those I'd say! 

Do you find it hard to eat a healthy diet on a daily basis?

If I stay in 'the zone' I am totally fine, keeping up with workouts and eating healthy each week but it's when I fall off the bandwagon like I would have on my holidays, I find it really hard to get back on track!

I'm an 80/20 kind of girl though, so I do my best to eat healthy and work out as much as possible but I love some treats or cheat meals too. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Cheese! Any type, cheese boards with all the trimmings, olives, meats and grapes.

Cheese on top of cheese on top of cheese!!


Huge congratulations are in order as Grace Mongey aka blogger Faces By Grace has announced her engagement to long-term boyfriend Chris Gernon.

Her fiancé popped the question at her dad’s favourite spot along the pier.

Grace’s sister captured the monumental moment on camera, and the photos are just too cute.

The blogger looks completely shell-shocked in the moving snaps, “He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Actually can’t believe it, still shaking!”

She gushed: “I’m the happiest girl right now and I love you so so much Chris. Thanks for making my dreams come through and for being so thoughtful.”

Grace’s dad passed away from cancer nine years ago so the spot Chris chose is extremely meaningful.

Their daughter Sienna was even there to witness the magical moment.

“I am yours forever and I can’t wait to be your wife! I still can’t quite believe it, you’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been! In such a happy buzz and can’t stop looking at my hand! Is this real?” she shared.


A post shared by Chris (@justchrisgernon) on

Grace showed off her dazzling engagement on Instagram and it is absolutely gorgeous. “There she is in all her glory! The most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and exactly what I would have picked!”

“I’m so overwhelmed and love it so much!” she added.

We are delighted for Grace. What an incredible time for her!