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Love Island bosses and producers are allegedly eyeing up reality stars for their 2019 season, and have their eyes set on one very famous lady's beau.

Seeing as literally EVERY couple from the 2018 series except winners Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer have split up, so we need some tasty new drama to follow.

It's already heating up, it would seem, as none other than Vicky Pattison's boyfriend has apparently been approached for the job.


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Despite the fact that the show won't return for another three months, it's been reported that ITV producers want former The Only Way is Marbs star Ercan Ramadan to star in the show.

Vicky Pattison's boyfriend has received the call; with producers said to have broken their ban on "z-list reality stars", whatever that means…

Speaking to The Sun, a source said that Ercan, who is good pals with Jack Fincham, is ideal for the hugely popular show because of his strong social media presence.


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The insider said: "Love Island casting agents are approaching people with low-level fame to take part in this year’s show. Ercan was approached by casting producers in January."

Continuing, they said; "They told him he'd be a perfect fit for the show and that they really wanted him on board. He knows it would be good for his career but he's with Vicky now, so he's not sure how to play it."

Bosses are looking for successful Instagrammers for marketing purposes.


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"It's a total U-turn after Love Island bosses binned reality stars for the last series. But this year they know exactly who they want on the show. Everyone on Love Island must have a strong influence on social media- it's key to the success of the show," the source said.

Another Love Island insider said Ercan was NOT approached by the show's producers, but may have been asked to audition by a casting team. Alright then…mixed messages much?

What would happen to his relationship with Vicky if he accepted their offer? We have many, many questions.

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Influencers are on the rise at the moment, with a booming make-up and cosmetics industry and the ever-expanding social media platforms, branding is more lucrative than ever.

Make-up guru and general sass queen Jeffree Star has always vowed to be as honest with his fans as possible, even when it comes to his wealth.

It's no secret that he is ABSURDLY wealthy; as well as his YouTube earnings and side projects, he predominantly generates income from his giant line of cosmetics.

He has now promised to expose any brand who try to meddle with him and his CASH DOLLA in any way that he can, and boy does he have power.

David Dobrik was told by the make-up star that he earns $150 million PER YEAR. *Pause to allow shook people to gather themselves before continuing*

In his recent tweets, Star mentions how he was supposed to create a project which exposed make-up brand deals, but the brand he was working with pulled out in order to keep other clients happy.

He has now revealed how much they were offering to pay him for a SINGLE product; a jaw-dropping $165,000. Dear God.

He challenged another brand to come forward in the New Year to help him in his mission to discuss behind the scenes make-up brand deals, which would be fascinating to see.

It's sure to be a crazy end result, whatever Star comes up with.

Maybe we should try our hand at this make-up artist business?  



Long before we had reality TV stars, we all took our fashion advice from our favourite singers and bands. Sometimes it was a good thing, and sometimes, well, let us just say the Spice Girls have a lot to answer for. Here are ten occasions when music videos influenced fashion:

The Spice Girls, and platforms

If it weren’t for those damn Spice Girls, we never would have had to suffer the pain of looking at old photos of ourselves sporting a pair of bright pink, glittery platforms.


Olivia Newton-John, and leg warmers and spandex

She just made it look so good, we had to give it a try!

Cyndi Lauper, and bad haircuts

Oh yeah, it looked good in the music video, but when paired with a school uniform and boring shoes? Not so cool.

MC Hammer, and ‘Hammer Pants’

These are kind of coming back into fashion now, and we’re glad. Sure, they’re kind of an acquired taste, but they are just so comfortable. Thanks, MC!

Nirvana, and dirty jumpers

If you wanted to be a true grunger, you needed a jumper that looked like you found it in a grave, and some messy hair. You can thank Nirvana for this one (which, actually, is an ongoing trend among some teens today!)

Christina Aguilera (and every pop star at the time), and belly tops

And if you had a belly top, you needed your belly button pierced. Parents across the globe must have cursed Ms. Aguilera for this trend.

All Saints, and combats
Now THIS is a trend we’re glad we got on board with. In fact, we might just run out and buy a pair of cargo green combats right now, for old time’s sake.

Avril Lavigne, and ties

Wearing a tie over a tank top was THE thing to do back in the day, thanks to Avril Lavigne. We can pin the ‘excessive number of bracelets on one arm’ trend on her too.

Beyoncé, and body suits

This is a more modern trend, but a favourite among many. We hope it dies out soon, so our children never need know the hardship of going to the toilet when you’re wearing a body suit.

Gwen Stefani, and red lips with blonde hair

She may have copied Marilyn Monroe here, but we took our lead from Gwen when she hit our screens as No Doubt’s front woman. If only we could have pulled it off half as well as she did!