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Finding the perfect getaway can be a challenging business; you want to feel at ease, relaxed and replenished, but where can you find a spot with the perfect amount of privacy mingled with life-changing views?

Well, this tree hotel in the northern Swedish forests offers rooms perched among the pines with an awesome aesthetic landscape to boot.

It's essentially something straight out of a dream, with different room types like the Bird's Nest, The Cabin and the UFO (legit a flying saucer).


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Each of the seven available rooms are all modern variations of tree houses designed by Scandinavian architects, which allow you to bond with nature in the lap of luxury. 

The Tree Hotel is so private and remote that you have to fly all the way from Stockholm to the Lulea Airport, and then the hotel organises for a car to collect you, or for a train journey.  

You can totally disconnect and enjoy the natural lifestyle, as well as possessing that crucial WiFi in case you need to post an emergency Instagram of your incredible surroundings. Oh. it also has HEATED FLOORS and towers.


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There's also a gorgeous restaurant on the property which makes sure to serve only local ingredients. Daytime activities include dog sled tours, ice fishing and photography walks.

You might need to tap into your savings to afford this one, however. Prices range from about €113 to €680 per night, depending on the time of year and type of room.

Maybe add it to the bucket list, or find a sugar daddy to help you out (joking…joking…)

Absolute boujee-ness goals.


Influencers are on the rise at the moment, with a booming make-up and cosmetics industry and the ever-expanding social media platforms, branding is more lucrative than ever.

Make-up guru and general sass queen Jeffree Star has always vowed to be as honest with his fans as possible, even when it comes to his wealth.

It's no secret that he is ABSURDLY wealthy; as well as his YouTube earnings and side projects, he predominantly generates income from his giant line of cosmetics.

He has now promised to expose any brand who try to meddle with him and his CASH DOLLA in any way that he can, and boy does he have power.

David Dobrik was told by the make-up star that he earns $150 million PER YEAR. *Pause to allow shook people to gather themselves before continuing*

In his recent tweets, Star mentions how he was supposed to create a project which exposed make-up brand deals, but the brand he was working with pulled out in order to keep other clients happy.

He has now revealed how much they were offering to pay him for a SINGLE product; a jaw-dropping $165,000. Dear God.

He challenged another brand to come forward in the New Year to help him in his mission to discuss behind the scenes make-up brand deals, which would be fascinating to see.

It's sure to be a crazy end result, whatever Star comes up with.

Maybe we should try our hand at this make-up artist business?  



Irish rent prices are at an all time high, according to a new report from rental site Daft.ie.

According to the new report into the housing market, the average price of rent nationwide is €1131.00.

The average cost of renting a home has increased by €134.00 a month over the last year, according to The Irish Times. 


Dublin rents have increased the most year-on-year. 

'Market rents in Dublin, for example, are now 66 per cent higher than at their lowest point. Outside Dublin, rents have risen 41 per cent' reads the report.

Rent in South Dublin now sits at an average €1,784.00, €1,690.00 in the city centre and €1,553.00 on the North side.


People in short term or one-year leases are also at a disadvantage, according to the report. 

'Since 2013, market rents nationally have risen by just over 50 per cent.'

'However, sitting rents have increased by just 27 per cent. In other words, those who have stayed in the same lease have enjoyed a discount relative to market rents, with rents increasing by just half the increase seen on the market.'


In Connacht, Galway City is the most expensive place to live, with the average price of renting a bedroom sitting at €441.00, an increase of 8.9 per cent.

In Munster, Cork City Centre is the priciest place to call home, with the average price of a room being €492.00, an increase of 9 per cent. 

Dublin continues to be the most expensive place to live in the country, with rents 15 per cent above Celtic Tiger high. 


For most people one engagement ring is enough to last a lifetime, but since Kim Kardashian West is not most people, her precious rock has just received a new best friend.

Earlier this week the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star stepped out in Miami wearing not one, but two engagement rings so, naturally, fans quickly began to wonder how much Kanye’s latest gift to Kim set him back.

According to TMZ, the 35-year-old’s original engagement ring was 14 carats, of Lorraine Schwartz design and cost $1.3 million.

But while Kim’s new sparkler is from the same jeweller, it’s a massive 20 carats, boasts a rare form of near flawless diamond and cost three times more than the original, bringing the grand total to over $5 million.

Now that’s a LOT of bling.


If prepping for pres is not your thing it might be time to pay attention as that last minute dash down the wine aisle on a Saturday night could be costing you a fair bit of money.

A new study by mobile shopping app Ibotta has found that you should not shop for wine and beer at weekends as alcohol tends to cost more on Saturdays and Sundays than it does during the week.

According to Redbook, while analysing 50 million receipts Ibotta learned that a bottle of vino is on average 6 percent cheaper to buy on a Tuesday than it is at the weekend and beer costs 9 percent less on a Monday than it does on Saturday or Sunday.

Because this study was conducted in the US, we’re unsure how accurately its findings apply to Ireland but it does suggest it could be worthwhile keeping an eye on daily alcohol prices here too just in case.

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That daily latte habit you love so much might be getting a bit more expensive soon.

In a turn that will probably anger a lot of people, Starbucks is about to raise its prices after being caught out by a computer glitch.

The coffee chain was forced to admit this week that a technical glitch upped its prices, and customers may have already been over-charged.

The world-wide business usually raises its prices during the first week of July (as if they weren't expensive enough), but some workers received a different memo.

The company made a statement saying: "Price adjustment was prematurely entered into the point of sale systems."

However, it seems to only be chains in America that got hit with the over-charging, so we can stop searching through our receipts now.

BUT be prepared to add an extra few cents onto your order in the upcoming few weeks.


When it comes to wine, it can go either way really – it’s either too dry or not dry enough.

If you have something special coming up and you want to find some good quality wine for this occasion, remember our top tips on choosing the right wine:

Price: don’t be fooled by the price of wine. Nowadays, you can find a perfectly good wine at a reasonable price.

Consider vintage: the taste of wine is usually determined by its age. Some wine reaches its best flavour in around the second year, while others taste nicer when they are relatively young.

Pairing: make sure your pair the wine with your meal. Lighter meals require lighter wines and heavy wines are better suited for heavy meals.

These three tips will help you decide which wine to go for – we all the battle between red and white is just never ending.