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Irish beauty entrepreneur Suzanne Jackson has revealed she is adding a FULL lipstick collection to her brand SoSu by SJ.

The make-up mogul revealed on her Instagram account yesterday that she's been working on a signature lipstick range, launching next month.

She captioned the video;

"Can you deal?! Full lipstick collection coming soon. You asked, we listened! Lipsticks, liners and glosses! Launching in Feb! More details soon! Who’s excited?"


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Suzanne Jackson already has a hugely extensive beauty product collection; her false eyelash range, contour palettes, highlighter kits and eyeshadow palettes have caused a frenzy.

After creating a successful business through blogging, Jackson turned her talents to cosmetics, creating SOSU by SJ.

Despite her brand being only two years old, it's already stocked by major retailers such as Boohoo, Primary and PrettyLittleThing all over Europe.


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Celebrity MUA fans of the expanding brand include Emma McVey, Lauren Pope, Chloe Lloyd, Jelena Peric, Megan McKenna and Khinda Hawari.

The recent eyeshadow palette collaboration of SOSUbySJ x Keilidh was massively popular, and we're sure the new lipstick range will generate a similar reaction.

Roll on February, we NEED those gorgeous lip colours ASAP.

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So no spoilers here but we all saw that episode of GoT last night right? 

The episode left us shook, and we had a hankering for some unique, Game of Thrones inspired products. 

After a quick sift through Instagram, we came across these amazing lipsticks Daenerys would definitely wear. 


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Storybook Cosmetics is giving us all the Game of Thrones vibes with their latest product development, an epic set of dragon egg lippies. 

'INTRODUCING our Storybook Cosmetics Dragon Lipsticks! These lipsticks are inspired by all of our fire breathing friends, and will be available FALL 2017!'

'IMPORTANT! These are our own original creations, they are not sponsored, endorsed or incensed by any other existing literary or visual WORK,' reads the official announcement.


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So they might not be official GoT merch, but we're loving the Westeros aesthetic. 

The lippies are set to launch around the New Year, so we'll be adding them to our Christmas wish lists. 

Time to get your Khaleesi on.



It's National Lipstick Day, and to celebrate the ultimate finishing touch to any makeup look, we at SHEmazing HQ reflected on our favourite lippie products. 

From mauves to nudes to browns to dazzling reds, the varying shades we love are as unique as the women who wear them. 

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Embellishment

'Obviously the entire world has become obsessed with liquid lipsticks thanks to Kylie Jenner and her kits. I've always been a big fan of NYX because their colour range is massive, but Embellished is the ideal mauve shade that goes really well with my colouring. (aka pale AF with dark eyes and brows)'

'It doesn't require lip liner underneath and I need something I can slick on on the Luas on my way to drinks or whatever, and I'm definitely no MUA so one-step application is the only way forward for me.' – Sarah Magliocco, SHEmazing writer.

M.A.C Lipstick in Russian Red

'Mine has to be M.A.C's Russian Red.'

'It makes my lips look bigger and the colour goes with every makeup look.' – Oliva Hayes, SHEmazing writer.

Maybelline Coloursens Nude Lipstick in Coffee Craze 

This is the perfect 'your lips but browner' colour, and it makes your teeth look super white. 

'It's also a really nice texture and doesn't dry out your lips at all.' – Lauren Nolan, SHEmazing Writer 

M.A.C Lipstick in Dark Side

'I don't really wear lipstick that often, even if I have a full face of makeup I'd more just wear a tinted Vaseline.'

'I often find that if I wear red lipsticks and stuff that I still feel like I'm playing with my Mam's makeup it's like a dressing up box, but this is more of a burgundy, and it doesn't;t feel waxy and artificial it feels quite creamy.'

'I't one of the few lipstick I've bought a few times.' – Niamh McClelland, SHEmazing Editor

M.A.C Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy is a cult classic, and there is a reason why – it goes with every look.

It is the perfect matte shade for both day and night, I wear it with pretty much everything.' – Rebecca O'Keeffe, Senior Staff Writer at Sheology.



They may have been a firm favourite with some people for quite a while now, but that doesn't mean any of us here at SHEmazing HQ gotten at all used to the existence of penis-shaped lipsticks.

Call us backward, but make-up products which boast their own intricate little veins (shudder), are not something we generally gravitate towards, you know?

And now for some reason, these particular lipsticks have been doing the rounds on social media lately, and while we're impressed by the attention to detail, we cannot imagine seeing one nestle amongst our own beloved compacts and highlighters.


Uhhhhhhhh I love this

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If, however, you're only dying to spice up the contents of your dressing table, these phallic-shaped cosmetics can be purchased through Etsy, and are available in a variety of shades and shimmers.

And while they're clearly a must-have if you're knee-deep in L-signs, blow-up dolls and penis straws, we personally draw the line at a daily application.



For all you Potterhead and beauty lovers out there, it seems your dream has finally come true!

LA Splash Cosmetics has come up with a line of liquid lipsticks named after J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter characters and wizardry terms.

Needless to say, the colours are getting some serious publicity.

The lipsticks come in a range of dark and bright colours and some of the names include Bellatrix, Sirius, Lovegood and Ravenclaw. 

While the whole Potter world is freaking out with excitement, some fans are taking it very seriously and getting angry that the colours and names don't match. 

One Facebook user Samantha Miller commented: "Just because they took the names from a book, they think they're great and geeky. But the colors they used for each one are just No. Bellatrix should have been that deep, deep red she wore. Sirius should have been close to black in color. The navy for Bellatrix should have been Ravenclaw. Its just a mess."

If you agree or disagree, here's a look at the fabulous colours: