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Playing a part in someone else's wedding is a huge honour and for the most part, bridesmaids will do their utmost in order to ensure the bride has the best experience possible.

There's no denying that there's a certain amount of responsibility that comes along with the role. Planning the hen do, going to fittings, putting on a brave face when you're forced to wear a dress that cuts you off in all the wrong places – it's pretty much a package deal. 

However, some brides have been known to take their demands a little too far, leaving their wedding party feeling less like friends and more like professional wedding planners with money to burn.

One unfortunate bridesmaid, who called herself Hayley, recently shared her experience on Mamamia.com.

Hayley started off by saying that she was initially “overjoyed” when her friend Caroline asked her to be a part of her wedding, however, her "joy quickly turned to utter despair" when the bride began to obsess over every tiny insignificant detail – right down to the buttonholes for the groomsmen.

The bridezilla then asked her bridesmaid to complete a excel spreadsheet of cake-maker suggestion, including the pricing, the contact information, flavours and “prestige” level, which she wanted completed later that day.

"Hey Hayley, How's it going?" the first email goes. "I need some cake-maker suggestions by COB [close of business] today please, Jase and I really want to get a wriggle on with this and need the contact details, price brackets, flavours and an idea of how prestigious the vendor is – in a table would be great. Excel is probably best please. Thanks!"

The cheek.

On that particular day, Hayley had been quite busy with work so was unable to complete the list until the following morning. She sent her suggesting to Caroline, apologising for her delay, but the bride wasn't going to let that slide.

“On Saturday morning, I cancelled my breakfast plans, instead researching Tasmanian wedding-cake makers (she'd decided to have a picturesque destination wedding) that might be suitable. I sent it through to her and had a reply almost immediately. "Thanks for this, would've been really helpful to have it yesterday when specified, but I appreciate it.""

Meanwhile, the bride had insisted that Hayley and her six other bridesmaids go shopping on three consecutive weekends in order to find the perfect wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Caroline's chosen bridesmaid dresses came in at $550 each (around €370) – pocket change when compared to the price of the bridal gown.

She selected a gorgeous designer dress priced at $10,500 (around €7,124), and despite that fact it was twice her budget, the bridesmaids encouraged the bride to “totally splurge” on her big day.

She took their advice and bought the dress, only to later ask that they “pitch in” for her “dream dress.”

How could someone even begin to justify this bizarre request? Well, the bride thought the dress would be a sentimental treasure all the bridesmaids would have a part in if they paid for it.

No, really.

"That night, my inbox pinged again with another of the group emails from Caroline that I'd started to dread," Hayley recalls. "The subject line was "Bridesmaid dress contribution" and it made me break out into a cold sweat. The latest bridal update was a long email outlining how she and Jase were hugely over their bridal budget now that she'd splurged on the dress. That it was 'totally fine if you can't' but she would really love if we could 'pitch in' around AU$150 (£89) each towards her 'dream dress'. That it'd mean so very much to her and would mean that as she walked down the aisle, she'd be wearing something we'd all had a part in."

Hayley went on to explain how she was shocked and outraged by the request, but three of the seven bridesmaids had already agreed to contribute.

Not Hayley though, she's sticking to her guns, saying she may "have to bail on this wedding – and friendship", and to be honest, we wouldn't blame her.



Penneys fans, get excited.

Every season, there are one or two Penneys pieces that are so good, they fly off the shelves in mere minutes (anyone remember the Chip cup craziness?).

Now, the newest covetable piece is en route to Irish stores, after selling out almost instantly in the UK. 

This blue gingham dress ticks a multitude of trend boxes for summer, from the gingham print to the fluted sleeves and collarless neckline. 

The €19.00 dress is already being sold for the bumped up price of  €53.79 on resale site like eBay and Depop.

There are sure to be queues outside Penneys for this perfect summer piece, but no date has yet been confirmed for the release. 

Pic: eBay

'The gingham dress will be in Irish stores in the coming weeks, we do not have a confirmed date,' a spokeswoman for Penneys confirmed to The Sun.

Once it's gone, it's gone, as the spokesperson confirmed that the gorgeous guna will not be restocked.

Sharpen those elbows!

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Red is the colour of the moment, with Valentines Day just around the corner and Kylie Jenner rocking a ravishing red floor length gown over on her Snapchat.

The makeup mogul opted for the vibrant shade while enjoying a mini break with her bae Tyga and sister Kendall. 


A video posted by Kylie Jenner Updates (@kylie.pix) on

The new spring season means that there are plenty of colourful options to choose from when it comes to integrating some red into your wardrobe, but a pretty party dress is the best way to dive into the new season head first. 

Red symbolises passion, desire, and love, so add these elements to your life with a sultry gúna dearg.


This ASOS dress is like a boho version of Kylie's high end glamour.

And using the flamenco dancer emoji while wearing it is obviously a must. 

2. Boohoo

Short and sweet, this peasant style dress will be ideal now for work with tights and boots, and perfect for spring barbecues and nights out with bare legs in the warmer months.

3. Missguided

If girly dresses are not your thing, try a cosy, on trend, oversized hoodie styled as a dress.

This type of dress looks just as good with heeled boots as it does with tights and converse, so the options are endless. 

4. & Other Stories 

& Other Stories just opened up on Dublin's Grafton Street last month, and we are beyond obsessed with it's selection of styles.

This red lace skater dress is seriously on trend with its high Victorian collar, and even better, its on sale right this second. 

5. Missguided

This ruffled hem dress is without a doubt a show-stopping party piece. 

The simple style lets the on trend hemline do all the talking. 


Embroidery isn't going anywhere this season, so this statement dress is ideal for the fashionista within. 

The gorgeous detailing on this piece makes it stand alone look, only a simple pair of heels and an understated clutch are required. 

7. Parfois

When it comes to accessorising a red dress, black and neutral shades are best to let the dress do the talking.

A minimal watch and a lightly detailed bag are all you need, and the gorgeous embroidered rose detail on that handbag is the perfect compliment to a rosy red frock. 

Date or no date, these red dresses have us totally in love with Valentines-inspired dressing. 



Joy Clothing is under fire this week after an email newsletter sent out to all of their customers was branded as sexist.

People are outraged by the retailer, who have more than 25 stores across the UK, as the comments in the email are seen as outdated and from "the 1950s."

The newsletter, entitled "Meet The Parents" is all about covering up on Christmas Day to please the whims of your boyfriend's (or "little prince's") parents.

"Show your boyfriend's Mum you're the girl to take care of her little prince in beautiful dresses that scream marriage material," reads the email.

"Knee length skirts exude class while respectable necklines mean Father-In-Law won't have a heart attack when you lean across the table for a second helping of roast potatoes."

The email is under fire, with many customers taking to Twitter and Facebook to slate the brand. 

"Try to refrain from blasting out your 1950s heteronormative advertising for 2017. You might win a few more customers," said one angry customer. 

"Also, if anyone's partner's dad is ogling their boobs over dinner, punch him square in the nose and take that meal to go."

The brand told the Daily Mail: “We acknowledge that we missed the mark with our phrasing and apologise deeply to all our customers who feel offended, as this was certainly not our intention. We treasure and value our customers greatly.”



Pretty Little Lairs star Troian Bellisario stunned us all less than two weeks ago with her beautiful wedding.

The actress married Suits star Patrick Adams in a fort-inspired day, full of luxurious tents, walks on the beach and boho-themed dresses.

Now, Troian's first wedding dress was so whimsical and pretty, we were all slayed by it… but have you seen her second dress?

Sexy, form-fitting and GOLD, the brunette beauty changed at the after-party to dance the night away in shimmering sequins.

Troian shared the dress on Instagram and captioned the gorge snap: "So where do I wear this dress to next? It's acceptable for dinner with friends right?"

It's just too fabulous.



With the world’s top designers fighting to dress her for even the most minute of occasions, Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday party attire was bound to grab a few headlines.

But when the Victoria’s Secret model stepped out in a replica of the dress worn by Paris Hilton to mark her big day back in 2002, she caught everyone’s attention.

While the KUWTK star was quick to acknowledge the similarities between the outfits with her “vintage Paris Hilton vibes” Instagram post, until now no one knew how the heiress felt about Kendall’s update.


vintage Paris Hilton vibes. 21 21.

A photo posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Thankfully, the Simple Life star has since proved herself a true believer of the phrase “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, as she recently told Grazia that she was delighted Kendall chose to wear the eye-catching number.

“I was talking to her mum and then all of a sudden this gorgeous, glittering birthday girl walked in and as soon as I saw the dress I was like, ‘Oh my god that is the exact same dress that I wore to my 21st birthday, that Julien Macdonald,’ recounted Paris.

“[Kendall] was like ‘I know it’s not Julien Macdonald but I was obsessed with your dress so I sent the photos to the designer and had him basically copy your dress’ and I was like, ‘It looks so good on you!’”

“And she was like, ‘Thank you I just thought it was the perfect birthday dress.’  So yeah, I was really flattered and I thought she looked stunning and I thought ‘It is the perfect birthday dress’ especially when you’re turning 21!”

“It was really nice to see her wearing that and she looked gorgeous.  We had a fun talk about it.  It was cute I saw on her Instagram she wrote ‘Paris Hilton vibes’ with a picture of the dress and I thought that was really sweet.”


Happy Birthday @KrisJenner!  Sending you lots of love on your special day beautiful #BirthdayGirl!

A photo posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on




If there’s one way to boost your celebrity status, it’s to wear something controversial to a high profile event.

Tove Lo has become the subject of international headlines for wearing a mesh dress with an embroidered depiction of the female reproductive system on its front to last night’s ARIAs in Sydney.

The Swedish singer’s burnt orange ensemble was both celebrated and criticised on social media after she shared an image of it on Instagram with the caption: “Uterus dress for #ARIAS MADE BY @emeliejanrell.”


Uterus dress for #ARIAS  MADE BY @emeliejanrell @crapdiem

A photo posted by Tove Lo (@tovelo) on

The Cool Girl hitmaker paired the see-through piece with Hannah Jinkins platform boots and a set of striped socks.

Fans dubbed the outspoken star “the ultimate role model”, praised her for “normalising women’s organs and bodily functions” and even suggested the dress should be sent to Melania Trump to wear.


Aaaaw sydney stop it! #spacecake

A photo posted by Tove Lo (@tovelo) on

Other comments on the thread were not as encouraging with some calling the outfit “distasteful” and others suggesting the dress was “NOT forgiving”.


Paris like je t'aime  @mfox

A photo posted by Tove Lo (@tovelo) on



If this generation is haunted by anything, it’s got to be that infamous blue and black/gold and white dress.

And now, just as torn friendships begin to heal, Twitter has released a new chameleon item of clothing to deliver us another near lethal dose of chaos.

After social media user @positivedemi tweeted about a troublesome pair of flip-flops, people began to question whether the shoes involved were black and blue, white and gold, blue and brown or gold and blue.

Just like the dress and the jacket which followed it, the flip-flops have produced conflicting results.



And so – in a statement which has the potential to convince some members of the public that they are actively losing their minds – the company who make the flip-flops have revealed that they are in fact…blue and dark blue.

Go figure!

GIF: Giphy


It's not very often we see brides who are nearly 90-years-old, but looking at this stunner, we should definitely see more of them!

Millie Taylor-Morrison is at the ripe age of 86, and totally killed it on her wedding day.

Angela Denise Allen Simms shared a photo on Facebook of the bride on her special day and captioned the post: "86 y.o.Bride, today!! My baby cousins friends grandmother!! Posting because she's beautiful!!!"

And she certainly is. Millie wore a purple and lavender dress which she designed herself, and she told People she chose the colours because they've always been her favourite.

"I had a vision of what I'd like this dress to be, so I asked a young man in my church who is an artist to sketch it and I took it to the dressmaker.

"Purple and lavender are my favourite colours."

Millie was married to her first hubby for 41 years before he passed away.

She then reconnected with an old friend, Harold, who she knew for more than sixty years, and he popped the question to her.

The couple got married in front of 200 family and friends. What a lovely story!


Whether she’s dressed in high street or high end attire, Kate Middleton always manages to land a spot on our best dressed list.

Stepping out for World Mental Health Day, the Duchess of Cambridge was snapped today wearing a stunning floral chiffon dress of Kate Spade design.

The mother of two paired the pink number – which features a collared bow tie neck and dark buttons to the front – with a set of nude heels and a matching clutch.

According to katespade.com, the Encore Rose Chiffon Dress retails for $498 (around €450) and is still available for purchase online in a range of sizes.

But since the “Kate Middleton Effect” is bound to hit soon, we’d advise buying this dress ASAP.

Feat image: wallpaperfolder.com

Centre image: Getty

Final image: katespade.com


Late last week Blurred Lines star Emily Ratajkowski set tongues wagging when she wore an extremely plunging Julien Macdonald gown to a New York Fashion Week event.

And while we thought the actress pulled off the eye-catching LBD like only she could, critics like Fashion Police’s Tim Gunn weren’t quite as impressed with the navel skimming ensemble.

According to Us Weekly, the 63-year-old fashion consultant was quick to brand Emily’s outfit as “appallingly vulgar and revealing” during a televised discussion of the gown. 



A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

While claiming he wasn’t shocked by the dress because he “lived through the 1960s”, the Project Runway co-host did go as far as to suggest the dress would be enough to turn him off his food.  

Clearly unimpressed with Tim’s comments, Emily has taken to Twitter to defend her outfit of choice.

In a series of tweets – which begin with a reference to a recent article she wrote in defence of female sexuality – the avid feminist said: “When I wrote my Glamour article, I was just thinking of men who call women attention seeking for being sexy.”

“I wasn’t thinking of the hosts of nationally televised shows who call women vulgar because they can see their stomachs.”

The outspoken star continued by highlighting the way in which male voices try to dictate how women dress.

“Western men in 2016: Want to ban women abroad from voluntarily covering themselves at the beach then want women to cover up their ‘vulgar’ bodies at home.”

She finished be asking: “Who controls women’s bodies in 2016?”

“It’s 2016.  Why keep trying to dictate what women can wear?”




When Agyness Deyn first came on the scene, she was praised for her quirky sense of style and don't-give-a-f*ck attitude.

And if you go by her wedding pictures, it seems like she's still that stylish girl that we all loved.


So much @aggy_deyn @joelmcandrew

A photo posted by Henry Hollands (@henryholland) on

The model got married last weekend to French hedge fund manager Joel McAndrew, and wore a beautiful Molly Gaddard dress.

In pics taken by her designer BFF, Henry Holland, the dress has a subtle hint of pink running through it, with sheer sleeves and a tulle skirt.


Best crew there is.

A photo posted by Henry Hollands (@henryholland) on


I love you Mr McAndrew and I'm so honoured and excited to call you my husband. (@natepoekert)

A photo posted by Agyness Deyn (@aggy_deyn) on

Agyness wore very simple make-up and left her shoulder-length hair down for the day.


A photo posted by Henry Hollands (@henryholland) on

While this dreamy dress might be a miss for many, we think it suited Agyness down to the ground.