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Jordyn Woods has reportedly moved out of Kylie Jenner's luxurious guest house amid the cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson.

The 21-year-old has gone to her mother's house, according to People, following reports that she was having an affair with Khloe Kardashian's former beau.

A source from the publication stated; "It seems Kylie isn’t sure what to do, but it seems impossible for her to keep Jordyn around."


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Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods apparently was seen cosying up to Tristan Thompson last Sunday at an LA house party.

The 21-year-old has left Kylie's mansion hours after the news hit the headlines, with an insider claiming: "It's been a difficult time and she's broken up about it. She's heading home to be with her mom."

The magazine revealed that Tristan and Jordyn had been romantically involved at a weekend party, which "blindsided" the Kardashian/Jenner family.


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Allegedly the family didn't believe the story at first, which claimed Jordyn and Tristan "made out" and were "all over each other" at the party. 

TMZ and Hollywood Unlocked reported the news on Tuesday that Tristan was unfaithful to his baby momma (not the first time he's done that) but also he cheated on her with Kylie's best friend, Jordyn.

34-year-old Khloe then officially broke up with Tristan for good. Let's also remember that Tristan cheated on his pregnant ex-girlfriend with Khloe, so it's not surprising.

TMZ said that "she had enough" after finding out the news and that there's is "little chance" of any type of reunion between Khloe and Tristan. 


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Kylie and Jordyn have been best friends since childhood, and Khloe also hired Jordyn to be part of the Good American squad for her denim/workout line. 

The family believed that Tristan being "inappropriate" because "everyone knows that he can't believe," the fact that Jordyn "would make out with him" seemed "at first like a made up rumour."

"It's all a mess now," People's source reported. "Everyone considered Jordyn to be family. The family is 'furious' and feels "blindsided" by the scandal, which they found out about on Monday." 

Jordyn hasn't responded to the allegations as of yet, and Kylie hasn't said anything either. 


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Kim Kardashian unfollowed Jordyn and 27-year-old basketball player Tristan yesterday, which marks the second time she has unfollowed Tristan.

Dailymail.com revealed last year that Tristan had cheated on the then-pregnant Khloe with a strip club worker from New York City called Lani Blair. 

Kendall and Kim unfollowed Tristan on social media at the time, and other outlets reported additional women. Surprisingly, Khloe remained with Tristan and gave birth to baby True last April.


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TMZ asked Kim's best friend Larsa Pippen in LA today about Jordyn living situation in Kylie's guest house. She responded with: "I don't know how much longer she'll be living in the guest house."

When asked further if she would evict her had she been in Kylie's situation. Larsa said: "Yeah I'm sure. I mean I would."

Kylie and Jordyn have been best pals for five years, with Jordyn living in the make-up billionaire's mansion. It's unclear what will happen to their friendship, but Kylie still follows Jordyn on social media.

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It really is the year of nostalgia; Between the Spice Girls, Westlife and Carrie Bradshaw, it's clearly comeback o'clock. 

News recently broke that one of the biggest legends of the early 2000s is making a musical return, with her sophomore album expecting to be released before the end of 2019.

That's right gals, it's only SAMANTHA MUMBA.

We've all got more than fond memories of tunes such as Gotta Tell You and Always Come Back To Your Love, and soon we'll be hearing brand new music from the versatile singer.

We sat down for a chat with the woman herself, and once our starstruck fever calmed down, we managed to ask her a few questions.

There have been whispers of musical comebacks for many years now, considering her first album Gotta Tell You was released back in 2000 when she was only sixteen-years-old. 

While the rest of us were figuring out creative ways to abandon school for a few hours and day-dreaming of Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell, Samantha was making CHUNES.

So why choose now to release her long-awaited album number two? Samantha is a woman of many talents, trying her hand at Masterchef in 2017, as well as appearances in Dancing On Ice and on ITV's Loose Women.

“It’s been in the works for a couple of months, so for me I did Manchester Pride last summer, and I was so blown away by the response. As I was onstage I was literally like, why don’t I have any new music to perform? This is stupid, like it’s ridiculous. I’m one of those people who gets in their own way all the time. Even if I think of doing something, I’ll think of 20 reasons not to do it. I thought, ‘No, enough it enough’. I was afraid to do it again. The timing just feels good, and now I’m seeing that everyone is coming back, I thought, ‘What is going on?’ Hang on a second, I was coming back first!”

Needless to say, her fans are EXCITED.

Damn right she was. Samantha's popularity with a range of audiences and people of all ages has to be noted, but why do so many listeners seem to relate to her?

“That’s a great question, and I don’t really know the answer. It’s just one of those things, a nostalgia thing. I also think because I was so young when I started, a lot of people literally feel, and they have, like they’ve grown up with me. People have even stopped me in the street to say, ‘Oh hey, how are you?’ as if they know me. I’ve been around for a while, I think there’s that kind of connection where people have really gotten behind me, it’s like I’m a cousin of theirs. It’s that kind of thing, it’s brilliant.”

Samantha still returns home to Dublin fairly regularly, and her little daughter Sage calls it her home too. We wondered if she had stayed up to date on Ireland's current homelessness crisis?

“It’s scandalous, it’s absolutely shocking. That’s why I thought this Just Eat campaign was just such a no-brainer. I’d love if they could double what they did last year, which in itself was incredible. Even especially being home at the minute, and it’s so cold, you just think, ‘Oh my God’, it’s not right. There’s a lot of young kids that are homeless, and it’s heartbreaking. Being a mother now myself, it’s just awful. You never know what goes on in someone’s life, it can happen to anybody, you just never know what kind of bad things could come somebody’s way. It can happen to everybody, and everybody should chip in," she says.

She's partnered up with Just Eat this year for their annual National Takeaway Tuesday to raise funds for the Peter McVerry Trust, who do vital work for the homeless. To date, Just Eat customers have generated over €50,000 for the Peter McVerry Trust, enough to move five people out of homelessness and into better futures.

Samantha comments; "This takeaway campaign is perfect, because you can order food on a Tuesday, get a 10 percent discount and chip in 10 percent to 2019’s Just Eat charity of choice, the Peter McVerry Trust. So you’re doing something good."

Does she notice the homelessness which is also prevalent in Los Angeles too, while she's spending her down-time there?

“Again, who am I to talk about anything, but there are definite areas. Santa Monica area and Downtown area, what I find is that a lot of the problems there are mental health. These people should be in facilities, in LA for me I notice, it’s a lot more of that. Whereas here, it’s more people who are getting a bad run of things. It just seems to be different circumstances, I suppose," she emphasises.


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Her daughter Sage was born in 2015, with her husband Torray Scales. We're immediately jealous of Sage, because she's already heard some of her mum's new material;

‘Nightmare before Christmas is her thing. We listen to that soundtrack, and I love it as well, so it’s great. Sometimes she said, ‘I wanna hear mummy’s songs’, she approves of the new songs, thankfully. She’s very sweet, but other times she’s like, ‘Ok, back to Disney’, she laughs.

“She says she lives in LA and lives in Dublin, she loves being home. She gets totally spoilt rotten at home. The back and forth is her norm, she doesn’t know any different.”

We couldn't let Samantha go without trying to get the dates for her new music to be released, it had to be done. For the good of mankind. Luckily, she was ready for the question;

“I was hoping to have a date already. I have to have it within the next two weeks, because I want my first release to be latest end of March, early April. So we’re working on it. I’d love to have two singles out by the summer, and the album definitely will be later on in the year, but I’m on it.”

One core difference between now and when Samantha started is, of course, the power of social media. She's aware of it as a tool, and this time it's going to connect her even more to her fans;

“That’s what I’m enjoying the most, there’s no random people telling me what I have to do, I’m fully in control of everything. That’s kind of the most exciting part for me. The people I’ve been working with in the States are so creative, they’re really pushing me out of my comfort zone.”

In terms of teasing some collaborations in the pipeline, she's revealed a song with MNEK has been created, and we are SO HERE for it. The artist is known for working with some of pop's biggest names, among them are Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson.


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“MNEK I have done work with, yes, I adore him. He’s incredible, he’s so talented. I have done one song with him, and I have my core group of people to work with. I think he’ll actually be in LA again in another couple of weeks, so we’ll do another session there as well. I’d love to bring him in with my people, because I think they’d all mesh really well. I’m excited for what that will bring. He’s such a talent and a joy to work with.”

Is there anyone she's especially got her eye on, in terms of new female talent?

“I just discovered her and I’m obsessed, it’s Donna Missal from the US. She’s incredible, I love her."

Samantha is 36-years-old, and time has only given her even more glamour, wisdom and thick-skin for the tough music industry.

Her new album is set to encompass that sense of maturity;

My new music is pop R’N’B, it’s current to where I am, I’m a grown woman who’s lived a life. I have a lot of things to say. I’m just expressing them, and hopefully other women will relate to it."

Samantha is the newest 2019 mood; let her reign begin anew.



Demi Lovato has been an absolute warrior during her recovery, and reports say that Demi is preparing to leave this week.

The singer was found unconscious in her home last week due to an overdose.

Demi has been struggling with addiction on and off again for many years, and she has always been open about her struggle. Just last year, she published a youtube documentary about her life, laying it all out for people to hear and learn from.

It is important to Demi that no matter what she is going through, she can use her experience to help others going through the same thing.

Many stars struggle with addiction, and it can be so difficult to break free from its clutches when under pressure from the limelight.

Demi has it even harder due to her diagnosed bipolar disorder. She is constantly on the road, performing for thousands of fans, and having every bit of her life all over social media.

The singer also struggled with an eating disorder, making dependency even more difficult to let go of in her life. 

It was suspected that Demi had relapsed after she surprised fans with her song “Sober” a few days before her overdose.

In the track, she apologies to her family and fans: “I’m not sober anymore. […] I wanna be a role model, but I'm only human.”

A source told TMZ that Demi nearly died but is stable and said to be released this week from the hospital.

Demi has continued to be transparent about her journey in life through her lyrics and in interviews as well.

Many of her fans love that the star is so real with them and were absolutely devastated when they heard the news of her hospitalisation.

The singer has not announced what her plans are after her release yet, but we can assume she will make a statement soon verifying her recovered health. 

We are glad to see that Demi has a supportive circle of loved ones around her, and we hope that she can continue to be strong and seek the help she needs.

If anyone is struggling with self-harm or suicidal thoughts call 1800 247 247. Pieta House is a free, 24 hour helpline. 

For questions about dealing with depression or bipolar disorder, 1 800 80 48 48. Aware is also a free support line.



Ever wanted to swim in a sea of rainbow sprinkles? Fancy licking sweetie flavoured wallpaper á la Willy Wonka? Do you harbour a serious ice-cream obsession? 

Well, now you can indulge in all your candy-coloured fantasies – at the same time and in the same place.

A museum of ice cream has just opened in LA and tickets are already sold out for the next month. 

There are even giant gummy bears.

Friends, Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora opened the exhibit, currently in downtown Los Angeles, which also includes a pool filled with 100 million sprinkles.

According to reports, it is three feet deep and can fit about a dozen people at a time, however we're not sure we'd fancy getting sprinkles stuck in our clothes. 

As well as giant lolly pop props and sprinkle pools, guests are also served everything from breakfast-themed ice-cream sandwiches and mint macarons.

Tickets can be bought online but are sold out until June. The friends plan to bring the exhibition to more cities. 

Check out the amazing world of ice-cream via Instagram…..drool.




For many of us, Gigi Hadid is seen as the 'it girl' of our generation.

Between having her own Barbie, having Zayn, and now having a second collection with Tommy Hilfiger, she's climbed the ranks of stardom pretty well over the past few years.

She's smart, beautiful and sophisticated, which is why we probably prefer her collections over other celebrities'.

And we have to say, after seeing the TommyxGigi fashion show that took place in LA last night, she didn't disappoint us.

Bringing in a new wave of trends, we can see that stripes, abs, and tennis-chic are all going to be major this year.

The collection breaths California girl with a blend of the original Tommy Hilfiger… and it's totally class.

We'll be drooling over this collection for months to come… if only our bank accounts would allow us to buy it all.

Fancy watching Gigi in action and buy the catwalk looks while you're at it? Check it out below:




As millions of women took to city streets to march for equality last weekend, several women, who were unable to attend official marches, held their own in the hospital where they are currently receiving treatment for cancer.

Taking to Twitter to share photographs of the march in the LA hospital, Allie Oetken wrote: "Couldn't make it the LA march today so we had to do our own protest around the hospital (only got 1 floor– we tried tho)."

Allie, who is currently living with a rare bone cancer known as Ewing's Sarcoma, told Seventeen that being unable to participate in an official march had left her feeling disheartened.

"I've been a cancer patient for two years now and have had clear scans until just about last weekend when they found a tumour on my skull. So I've been in the hospital mostly for pain management while we figure out what the plan is moving forward," she told the publication.

"Well that morning I knew there was going to be multiple women's marches around the country and world and was pretty bummed I wasn't going to be apart of it, especially since my friends were going to the LA one," she explained.

"Well in the middle of my wallowing, I heard another lady squeaking down the hallway chanting something so I went out and joined her and we had put together signs that say "Freedom for All" and things like that and marched with our IV poles as well as some of the nurses."

Allie says she was relieved to have been able to express her desire for equality with millions of other women over the weekend.

"It was small but very meaningful that I got to feel part of it and protest the new President and the gross rhetoric and behaviour that comes with his power and followers when I otherwise would have had to stay sick in bed and essentially be silent."

Twitter, unsurprisingly, has reacted to Allie's post with unbridled optimism for the future.

"This is beautiful. Keep fighting," wrote one while another remarked: "This is so beautiful and powerful."

"This may be my favourite post about #WomensMarch," added another to the post which has amassed 56,000 likes since its upload on Saturday.




She’s shared makeup free selfies and had her card declined in H&M and now Adele has proven yet again that – vocal talents aside – she really is just like the rest of us.

How so?  Well, just like us, it seems the star is a sucker for adorable animals as during a recent performance at the Staples Centre in LA the singing sensation just couldn’t resist asking an Irish man and his dog to join her on stage.

Tommy O’Malley and his little dog Casper received the dream surprise over the weekend as they had the opportunity to meet, chat with and – in Casper’s case – even kiss the Hello singer.

But as excited as Tommy and Casper were to meet Adele, it seems the Grammy winner was equally chuffed with meeting them as Casper received a couple of kisses from the star as well as a good belly rub.  Aww!

Tommy took to Facebook to mark the occasion by uploading multiple pictures of he, Adele and Casper along with a treasured video clip of the experience.

We are never leaving our dogs at home again!

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Niall Horan has only recently bought a new home in Hollywood, but his neighbours already don't like him.

The singer is causing a stir with the residents as there's a historic tree in front of his house that he took down.

"These sort of celebs disrupt everything with no regard for others," said one neighbour.


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According to The Sun, the One Direction star bought his new $3 million home in the same neighbourhood as Robert Pattison and Justin Timberlake.

The neighbour added: "Workers spent hours with a crane to lift the tree out."

It looks like Niall might have to throw a house party to sweeten his neighbours up!


There have been a LOT of changes in the Geordie Shore house over the last year and it looks like the controversial reality show could be about to lose another original cast member as Holly Hagan is reportedly moving stateside.

According to the Daily Star Online, the 24-year-old television personality is flying to the US this month to meet with TV producers and search for houses in a bid to crack LA.  

A source told the site: “Holly Hagan is off to Los Angeles later this month to meet with a load of TV producers.”



“She'll also be house-hunting while she's there in West Hollywood.”  Fancy!

After flying first-class across the pond, Holly is apparently going to stay in a penthouse “to get herself in the right frame of mind”.

According to the source, Holly has one major advantage over her MTV co-stars when it comes to making it in the States as because she’s not actually a Geordie, her accent is more subtle than that of her friends.



One of my favourite photo shoots for my collection @wantthattrend. Black Empress Dress

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They said: “Holly has an advantage over the other Geordie Shore reality stars because of her accent…She's from Middlesbrough, which is a little easier to understand for the Americans.”

The other obvious advantage Holly has is the fact she does not possess a criminal record, something many of her cast mates cannot claim for themselves.

Earlier this year Holly hinted that she could be about to follow in Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Pattison’s footsteps and leave the Geordie Shore house behind her.



When you're too drunk to pose

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Speaking to The Sun, Holly – who has been part of the MTV reality series since she was just 18 years old – admitted she’d “been thinking about leaving a lot”.

Whether Holly will go through with the move has yet to be seen, but a West Hollywood penthouse apartment sure does sound tempting.



Miss her

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Imagine watching Keeping Up With The Kardashains, and the next person that pops up on the screen is Vogue Williams.

That might just happen as the blonde beauty has just had a secret meeting with E! Entertainment for "work opportunities."


Today's dress for filming is @mlm_label

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According to Goss.ie, the Dublin native flew over to the states to talk business.

An insider told the site: "Vogue is over in LA working on a new series for RTÉ.


Filming in Venice beach wearing @theivorycloset

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"While she is in Hollywood, Vogue was invited to meet producers in E! to discuss a few different opportunities.

"She has a huge catalogue of work behind her now and she is working on new shows this year in Ireland and the UK," the source added.



Niall Horan might be totally loved up these days but we’re not sure his girlfriend will be loving his new gaff as supposedly it’s haunted.

The pop star is reportedly preparing to move into a £3 million LA mansion which was formerly owned by Hollywood star Gia Scala who died at the property in 1972 in controversial circumstances.

While officially the actress’ death was considered to be the result of an accidental overdose, because her body was covered in bruises and blood when she was found many believe Gia’s death was no accident.  She was aged 38 when she died.

Now another former resident of the house has told The Mirror the actress’ presence can still be felt in the building.

Jack Krane, who grew up in the house, told the paper: "I always asked if someone died in one of these houses, and my parents said no.”

"I have always felt something strange.”

"That house is haunted, for sure. I've had a few ghost stories over there. It's creepy."

Thankfully Jack’s spooky claims don’t seem to be worrying Niall as a Sun source has said: "Niall loves the house and his offer went through at the end of last year. It's got everything he needs and isn't too flashy."

"The place is a construction site at the moment as he is having a lot of work done before he moves in."

Given that Niall's new pad has an outdoor swimming pool and rooftop deck, we're sure he won't be feeling too stressed out in his "haunted" house.

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A full 8,500km away from her native city, Kerrie McMahon has found herself hoisted up into the warm Californian air to a height of some 6metres.

Gracing one of Sunset Boulevard’s famed billboards, the gorgeous UCD-graduate can be seen in a dark bikini advertising 138 Water – the celebrity-friendly bottled water which often hydrates the likes of Rob Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, Lana Del Ray, and Blac Chyna.

An Irish model with BIG dreams of making it Stateside, she’s been busy building her career on home-soil while also steadily boosting her profile in the notoriously competitive Los Angeles entertainment industry.

And there’s no doubt that hard work pays off: Kerrie is now on the verge of becoming one of the most recognisable Irish names in the US.

“To see myself on a billboard is completely surreal!” the 27-year-old exclusively admitted to SHEmazing today.

“Being honest, just being on the Sunset Boulevard Strip is so exciting in itself – never mind having countless numbers of people seeing me in a major advertising campaign.

“It's funny being a million miles away back home in Ireland and my American friends sending me pictures of it as they drive past. They tell me they say ‘hey, I know her!’ when they spot my 138 photo, which always makes me smile.”

Kerrie shot the campaign recently at an undisclosed Hollywood mansion worth millions.

“There are a lot of mega-famous people in that part of the world,” she said coyly when asked about who owned the property – although she did tell us that hanging out with big names and celebrities is part-and-parcel of the social scene in LA.

It was last year when Kerrie had her first taste of high-profile stardom, securing her first 138 Water billboard advert – and to be asked back for another shoot this summer is a testament to how successful her debut was.

Next up for the Dundrum-native is an appearance on the famed pages of men’s magazine Maxim.

“I’ll be in the September edition,” she explained. “We shot in Las Vegas earlier this year. It was incredible – up in a seriously plush penthouse over-looking the city with a crew of photographers, hair and make-up people, technicians and stylists.”

Kerrie hopes to spend more time in the US over the next few months in order to capitalise on her recent successes.

The one thing she won’t be changing anytime even if she does make the move permanently to the US?

“My accent is definitely very much Irish!” she laughed. “A load people over there seem to initially think I’m Russian – until I open my mouth that is!

“I certainly haven’t lost a bit of my Irish accent – and I doubt at this stage I ever will.”