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Some of the most influential Geordie Shore cast members of all time are returning to MTV, most likely to get even more 'mortal' and a big paycheck.

The channel has announced a new miniseries celebrating the past eight years of buckin' squads, necking on and radgies with a new show.

Geordie OGs will feature Gary Beadle, Holly Hagan, Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson over the course of the miniseries, and we're dying to catch up.

Gaz's time in Geordie Shore will always be remembered for his on-off tumultuous relationship with ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby, but now he's a dad-of-one with another baby on the way.

Himself and his girlfriend Emma McVey are parents to toddler Chester, and viewers will be visiting his new Leeds home to see his fathering skills up close and personal.

Marnie Simpson recently announced that she's pregnant with her and X Factor star Casey Johnson's first child together.

She's giving up the partying for good, and cameras will follow her in Bedfortshire with Casey, her mum and stepdad as she prepares for her big arrival outside of Newcastle.

Marnie was notorious for her relationship with ex-boyfriend Aaron Chalmers, who became a mixed martial arts fighter after leaving the house.

Aaron is rebounding from a hard MMA loss in front of a hometown crowd for a major comeback with his new girlfriend Talia's help.


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Finally, Holly Hagan has started a group to combat online trolling called Ditch The Labe and runs several booming businesses too.

She's the only OG star who remains on the main Geordie Shore series eight years later.

Geordie OGs airs on Wednesday, August 14 at 9pm on MTV and all we can say is… WHY AYE.

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Holly Hagan is going to be a wife – and she is shouting it from the rooftops.

The former Geordie Shore star has taken to Instagram to announce that her boyfriend Jacob Blyth proposed – and she said yes.

The 27-year-old has been in a relationship with Jacob for two years, since meeting him on holiday in Ibiza.

The pair went back to the same place and that's where the Barrow football forward got down on one knee.


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Holly posted a snap of the happy couple and the video of Jacob asking her to marry him. 

We genuinely cried tears of happiness for her when we watched the clip.

She captioned it, ''IM GUNNA BE A WIFE. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, or that we and everybody else managed to keep it a secret for the last couple of weeks. But on our second anniversary on the island where we first met, the love of my life asked me to be his WIFE!!''

She continued, ''I was honestly in shock, I believed for such a long time that I didn’t deserve to be loved, But I was so wrong. Jacob is everything I was told I didn’t deserve and more. His mental strength is something I’ve never seen in any person on earth, and he’s obviously a fucking 10!!''


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She added, ''Thank you for accepting every single part of me, past, present and now future. Thank you for seeing how fucking fabulous I actually am and for telling me every single day. And thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world, I didn’t think it was possible to love you any more than I already did but Jesus this feeling is overwhelming!''

She also said, ''I'm going to spend my life making you the happiest man on earth because you deserve nothing less. I never believed in happy endings but I guess I got mine. I cannot wait to be your wife.''

Her fans went wild with happiness for the TV star. 

One said, ''HOLLY!!!! Congratulations I’m so happy for you.''

While another wrote, ''I don’t think anyone else quite deserves the happiness I’m sure you’re feeling right now hol. A roller-coaster you thought you’d never get off until you met @blythy9. All the best to you both and the most love from an old friend.''

We're delighted for her and we can't WAIT to see the hens and wedding because we just know it's gonna be a proper Geordie Shore reunion. 


Love Island returned to our screens last night, and while Twitter was awash with jokes about pens, medical careers and veneers, another corner of the Love Island hashtag was talking body diversity. 

A few viewers pointed out that for yet another season, ITV had failed to cast any islanders with realistic or diverse body shapes. 

Dubbed 'unattainable Instagram models' the cast consists of petite female contestants and ripped, six-pack laden male entrants.

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan, who has admitted to her own use of plastic surgery, was one of the first to call out the lack of diversity.  

'I wonder if there will ever be anyone remotely curvy in Love Island' she wrote on Twitter. 

The discussion exploded, with many viewers agreeing with Holly about the lack of representation for various figures, ethnicities and abilities. 

However, not everyone agreed with Love Island bringing on 'average' contestants. 

 'Seeing people on here slate love island for not getting curvy or imperfect people on there n I totally disagree, there's plenty of similar shows out there for normal people but this one is for sexy people and that's its thing,' one man tweeted.

'Everybody is ok slagging the girls in the love island villa, saying they’re ‘too skinny’ and ‘need to eat a burger’ and we ‘need some curves in there’ but if there was one slightly curvy girl and someone made one comment everyone would go mad lol works both ways man,' said another. 




Geordie Shore girl Holly Hagan is known for her friendly demeanour and usually upbeat attitude.

However, the Geordie star has opened up about her struggles with anxiety in a powerful throwback Instagram post.

Urging her followers to 'stop the stigma,' the reality TV star shared a personal post to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Sharing a fun snap of herself and best friend Charlotte, Holly wrote an extensive and thought-provoking caption:

'This day and these photos will forever stick out for me. Look how happy I am and how much fun we're having!' she began.'

'Five minutes before this was taken I was in Charlottes arms unable to breath having one of the biggest panic attacks of my life.'

'If you know that tingling light headed buzzing ringing in the ear feeling your body is starting to go numb and when you know it's coming and you're fighting to stop it and all of a sudden it feels like your chest is so tight your heart is going to explode and you go to breath in and it feels like someone's put a plug in your airway.'

'Tears streaming out of my face completely terrified and embarrassed. But of course once that was over I had to work, put on that brave confident face and pretend it never happened.'

'I had so many attacks that day I was exhausted. I'd say this was the height of my anxiety but to look at me would you ever have even known?'

'I'm the girl who will panic about being late so much that I'm an hour early. I'm the girl who will spend 3 hours on a train worrying about asking the person next to me to move if I need to get off.'

'BUT I'm also the girl who is now in Thailand ALONE! I'm meeting people and actually initiating conversations with others rather than standing at the back scared to make eye contact!'

'Im the girl who is always gunna have anxiety but I'm also the girl who's telling you it doesn't have to control your life!' she continued, highlighting how things can and will get better for those suffering, even if they feel there is no hope. 

'For the first time in my life I'm truly happy and I'm so grateful every single day that I'm managing to get past this I can't even remember the last time I had a panic attack there's always someone listening whatever you're going through you are NOT ALONE.'

We commend Holly for sharing her story with her fans, and attempting to use her platform to raise awareness for mental health issues. 



It looks like Holly Hagan has been left devastated after her boyfriend, Kyle Christie chose to ink HIS face onto her neck.

The pair are set to be featured on Charlotte Crosby's new MTV series, Just Tattoo Of Us.

The couple have had their fair amount of arguements in the Geordie Shore house, but according to insiders, this will be their biggest one yet.

A source told The Sun: “Holly and Kyle haven’t had the smoothest relationship but since she quit Geordie Shore things have been much better between them.

“When the opportunity came for them to support Charlotte in her new job and get a free tattoo, the pair of them jumped at the chance.

“But while Holly put a lot of thought in to her tattoo for Kyle, designing a meaningful pattern, he took a different approach.

“His decision to get a giant picture of his face inked permanently on to her neck left her absolutely furious – she was devastated.

“It’s huge and she thought it was really out of order and thoughtless of him."

It is understood the show will feature various couples, who design each other's tattoos. But, as we all know, it could all go horribly wrong.



Holly Hagan may not be making an appearance on the next season of Geordie Shore, but the outspoken model has made her feelings known about the latest ad for the series.

Taking the Twitter, Holly basted the ad, which features Geordie veteran Gaz Beadle posing nude with a photoshopped pregnancy belly.

Holly claims the ad is "insensitive" and branded it as being "in bad taste after what's happened," referring to the ectopic pregnancy that nearly killed her pal and former co-star Charlotte Crosby. 

Charlotte opened up about her struggle with an ectopic pregnancy last summer, a pregnancy which was conceived with star of the ad Gaz. 

The new ad also includes a video which shows Gaz being rushed through the hospital experiencing labour pains, and then giving birth to a number of new co-stars. 

Charlotte has not tweeted directly about the ad, but posted a cryptic tweet saying "I heard karma works in mysterious ways…"

Fans rushed to support Charlotte on both her and Holly's tweets, with many claiming that they will not be watching the show now that only the bare bones of the original cast is remaining. 

"This advert is so disrespectful to the person that actually made this show worth watching," said one fan via Instagram.

"Disgusting as f***. How could Sophie and Marnie agree to this?? This is bullshit. Charlotte may want an apology," said another. 



Holly Hagan isn't exactly opposed to plastic surgery, as the Geordie Shore star is rumoured to have had upwards of €40,000 worth of cosmetic procedures.

Indeed, Holly's surgical transformation has to-date included veneers, two boob jobs, a breast lift, Botox and multiple lip fillers.

Continuing on her quest for aesthetic perfection, the reality TV star opted to follow in best friend Charlotte Crosby's footsteps and get some work done on her nose. 

The 24-year-old opted for a non-invasive procedure to correct the "bump" on her nose.

The original Geordie Shore cast member shared the outcome of the "non-surgical nose job" on Instagram.

"To have been able to fix the bump in my nose with filler rather than having surgery was incredible," she said.


A photo posted by LE BEAU IDEAL (@lebeau_ideal) on

The procedure involves having a small amount of dermal filler injected to smooth out any imperfections in the nose. 

"Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out an uneven bumps on your nose and make the nose look straighter" according to Le Beau Ideal, where the Geordie Shore girls famously get their fillers. 

Sharing the before and after snap of her nose, Holly wrote: 'Cannot stress enough how thankful I am to @drtijionesho @lebeau_ideal I could have so easily gone down the route of surgery but in less than five minutes with a small amount of filler my bump is gone! Miracle worker."


Holly Hagan fans were plunged into a state of hysteria last night when the reality star appeared to make a pregnancy announcement on Twitter.

A tweet from the former Geordie Shore star’s account – which bluntly stated “I’m pregnant” – prompted fans to flood Holly’s page with congratulatory messages.

However, it was later revealed that the tweet was a prank by the 24-year-old’s on-off boyfriend, Kyle Christie.

“You’re a twat @KyleCGShore,” wrote Holly.  “Am not pregnant guys.  That was Kyle.”

The posts were quickly followed by a series of tweets in which the Nuts model criticised the latest additions to the Geordie Shore house.

As well as sharing a photo of she and Charlotte Crosby wearing awkward facial expressions, Holly wrote: “The face you make when you see your replacements @charlottegshore #longlivethequeens.”


The face you make when you see your replacements  @charlottegshore #longlivethequeens

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The television personality also retweeted a fan’s collage which compares the seasoned Geordie Shore cast members with the Series 14 crew with the captioned: “When you order online vs when it arrives.”

The controversial reality show has been subject to great change in recent months with Holly, Charlotte Crosby and Chantelle Connelly all opting to leaving the programme.

Last weekend, Chloe Ferry was kicked out of the house for attacking fellow housemate Zahida Allen.


Holly Hagan only revealed she quit Geordie Shore this week, but that didn't stop her blasting MTV producers in a series of tweets.

Speaking about another reality show she partakes in, Ibiza Weekender, the blonde beauty claimed that the most recent episode was a total set up.

She wrote, "Ibiza weekender when you know the producers have told Ellie to go in the girls room and chat to mug her off even more in the edit #ihatetv."

A fan then replied to her tweet saying, "You mean reality TV isn't real?! Shocking reveal. Talk about biting off the hand that feeds you! You've made ££ from reality TV."

Holly responded, "I'm allowed to have empathy for a situation I've been in. It's not nice to watch. P.S. they barely feed us once a day if we beg."

According to The Sun, the reality star handed in her notice to MTV earlier this month and despite reports, she does not intend to return to the show.

This comes after another cast member, Scotty T, revealed that he won't be on the show much longer, either.


She’s always been open about having gone under the knife, but Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan has now revealed the negative side effects of undergoing cosmetic procedures.

At 24, Holly has already experienced two boob jobs, a boob lift, Botox injections and three rounds of lip fillers, but while she still claims she’s happy with the work she’s had done, she recently told Star magazine that undergoing such treatments can cause her to pass out.

The former call centre worker said: “When I have surgery I get a bit anaemic, and if I'm travelling around I get pale and can end up passing out.”


When ya flick is on fleek  brows by @fayeirvine @beautybyfaye

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“I haven't got any down time to recover, though, and you need a good two weeks.”

When asked if she would consider having a breast reduction in the future, the Nuts model – who had her first boob job at 18 – said: “Possibly.  I wear a DD bra, but I’m an FF and want to be a D.”

Back in April she also told The Mirror that she would consider having a nose job after seeing “how amazing” Charlotte Crosby’s new nose is.

According to OK!, Holly told Star magazine that she believes the minimum age for plastic surgery should be increased from 18 to 21, as at 18 you’re “too young to make the right decisions”.

She confessed: “I needed my boobs reconstructed when I lost weight.  If I’d done my research I wouldn’t have had to do that.”



There have been a LOT of changes in the Geordie Shore house over the last year and it looks like the controversial reality show could be about to lose another original cast member as Holly Hagan is reportedly moving stateside.

According to the Daily Star Online, the 24-year-old television personality is flying to the US this month to meet with TV producers and search for houses in a bid to crack LA.  

A source told the site: “Holly Hagan is off to Los Angeles later this month to meet with a load of TV producers.”



“She'll also be house-hunting while she's there in West Hollywood.”  Fancy!

After flying first-class across the pond, Holly is apparently going to stay in a penthouse “to get herself in the right frame of mind”.

According to the source, Holly has one major advantage over her MTV co-stars when it comes to making it in the States as because she’s not actually a Geordie, her accent is more subtle than that of her friends.



One of my favourite photo shoots for my collection @wantthattrend. Black Empress Dress

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They said: “Holly has an advantage over the other Geordie Shore reality stars because of her accent…She's from Middlesbrough, which is a little easier to understand for the Americans.”

The other obvious advantage Holly has is the fact she does not possess a criminal record, something many of her cast mates cannot claim for themselves.

Earlier this year Holly hinted that she could be about to follow in Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Pattison’s footsteps and leave the Geordie Shore house behind her.



When you're too drunk to pose

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Speaking to The Sun, Holly – who has been part of the MTV reality series since she was just 18 years old – admitted she’d “been thinking about leaving a lot”.

Whether Holly will go through with the move has yet to be seen, but a West Hollywood penthouse apartment sure does sound tempting.



Miss her

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On the latest episode of Geordie Shore, Holly Hagan has hit out at bad boy Gary Beadle over his relationship with Charlotte Crosby.

Ahead of the couple's break-up, Holly told the Confession Cam that if Gary hurts Charlotte again (which, unfortunately, he did), she'll "rip his f**king balls off."

"I always worry when it comes to Gary and Charlotte because I've seen her go through so much s**t," she told the camera. 

"I do like watching them together and I do like seeing them together."


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"A part of me does always want them to be together but I will obviously always have Charlotte's back. I just never ever want to see her hurt but maybe he's changed and maybe this time he could be different," she said.

"The worse thing that could happen is potentially Charlotte falling madly in love with Gary again and him breaking her heart."

"I feel like I'm going to have to give him a chance before I judge but I will be the first person there to rip his f**king balls off if he hurts her. But you never know, maybe Charlotte will break his heart."

It WAS Gary that broke Char's heart when he had a threesome while on Ex On The Beach with Charlotte Dawson and Olivia Walsh.

We think Gaz better stay away from Holly, so.