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Charlotte Crosby has made the big bucks from Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach, Celebrity Big Brother and her best-selling books.

But we didn't realise she has enough money to build a huge house from scratch.

It's taken a while, but her new home is finally done, and the reality star decided to show her followers on Snapchat last night.

In the video, she shows her fans her living room, kitchen, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and even her indoor swimming pool.

But when it came to the stairs, she had a little moan about it.

She began to complain when she described how she had to pull her suitcase a long way up the stairs and it was hard.

Now, we all know that that can be a pain in the a**e, but you have a beautiful mansion, Char! Appreciate it!



Niall Horan might be totally loved up these days but we’re not sure his girlfriend will be loving his new gaff as supposedly it’s haunted.

The pop star is reportedly preparing to move into a £3 million LA mansion which was formerly owned by Hollywood star Gia Scala who died at the property in 1972 in controversial circumstances.

While officially the actress’ death was considered to be the result of an accidental overdose, because her body was covered in bruises and blood when she was found many believe Gia’s death was no accident.  She was aged 38 when she died.

Now another former resident of the house has told The Mirror the actress’ presence can still be felt in the building.

Jack Krane, who grew up in the house, told the paper: "I always asked if someone died in one of these houses, and my parents said no.”

"I have always felt something strange.”

"That house is haunted, for sure. I've had a few ghost stories over there. It's creepy."

Thankfully Jack’s spooky claims don’t seem to be worrying Niall as a Sun source has said: "Niall loves the house and his offer went through at the end of last year. It's got everything he needs and isn't too flashy."

"The place is a construction site at the moment as he is having a lot of work done before he moves in."

Given that Niall's new pad has an outdoor swimming pool and rooftop deck, we're sure he won't be feeling too stressed out in his "haunted" house.

Centre images: Rodeo Realty



Yep, you read the headline right. Robbie Williams has reportedly purchased a very extravagant mansion in Beverly Hills that features 22 bathrooms. 

According to TMZ, the Angels hitmaker is said to have splashed out €28m on a huge property, after bidding the price down from €34m.

The striking home includes ten bedrooms, a gym, a tennis court, a swimming pool and a very sizable pool house. 

The purchase doesn't come as a huge surprise though, as the singer recently revealed that he and his wife are planning to expand their family.

In a recent interview with Austrailian radio station, 94fm, Robbie said: "There will be a third [child] for sure. The missus wants a third one so we are sort of in contract negotiations right now…we all know how that goes."

"I am loving fatherhood. I am loving my little girl. I am ecstatic over her and my little boy's getting bigger and bigger every day."



Moving out can be exciting as you start a whole new life away from your mum and dad. However, it can also be a bit of a drag, especially when it comes to packing up all your stuff – how you managed to accumulate so much stuff is just amazing.

A lot of large boxes don’t come with handles so cut a triangle in either side for space for your hands. It makes it so much easier to carry it.

We couldn’t possibly leave our mirror at home, so just in case it does get broken, put masking tape across it in the shape of an X. This way if it does break the glass won’t go everywhere.

If you are bringing your TV, take a picture of where each cord goes to make it a whole lot easier when it comes to hooking it up at your new place.

Unpacking can be a pain, so to make it easier on yourself, put your clothes in bin bags still on their hangers. This way you can hang them up straight away when you get there.

Jewellery can get lost or tangled in a move so either loop them through toilet rolls tubes or put them into egg cartons.

Label things
If you have a lot of boxes – a girl has a lot of stuff – use bright colours to label each one so you know where everything is.

Have an immediate box
The last thing you want to do when you get to the new place is spend a couple of hours looking for your toothbrush, pyjamas, plates or glasses – for the celebratory glass of wine, obviously. So, pack a bag with essentials you’ll need straight away.