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It really is the year of nostalgia; Between the Spice Girls, Westlife and Carrie Bradshaw, it's clearly comeback o'clock. 

News recently broke that one of the biggest legends of the early 2000s is making a musical return, with her sophomore album expecting to be released before the end of 2019.

That's right gals, it's only SAMANTHA MUMBA.

We've all got more than fond memories of tunes such as Gotta Tell You and Always Come Back To Your Love, and soon we'll be hearing brand new music from the versatile singer.

We sat down for a chat with the woman herself, and once our starstruck fever calmed down, we managed to ask her a few questions.

There have been whispers of musical comebacks for many years now, considering her first album Gotta Tell You was released back in 2000 when she was only sixteen-years-old. 

While the rest of us were figuring out creative ways to abandon school for a few hours and day-dreaming of Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell, Samantha was making CHUNES.

So why choose now to release her long-awaited album number two? Samantha is a woman of many talents, trying her hand at Masterchef in 2017, as well as appearances in Dancing On Ice and on ITV's Loose Women.

“It’s been in the works for a couple of months, so for me I did Manchester Pride last summer, and I was so blown away by the response. As I was onstage I was literally like, why don’t I have any new music to perform? This is stupid, like it’s ridiculous. I’m one of those people who gets in their own way all the time. Even if I think of doing something, I’ll think of 20 reasons not to do it. I thought, ‘No, enough it enough’. I was afraid to do it again. The timing just feels good, and now I’m seeing that everyone is coming back, I thought, ‘What is going on?’ Hang on a second, I was coming back first!”

Needless to say, her fans are EXCITED.

Damn right she was. Samantha's popularity with a range of audiences and people of all ages has to be noted, but why do so many listeners seem to relate to her?

“That’s a great question, and I don’t really know the answer. It’s just one of those things, a nostalgia thing. I also think because I was so young when I started, a lot of people literally feel, and they have, like they’ve grown up with me. People have even stopped me in the street to say, ‘Oh hey, how are you?’ as if they know me. I’ve been around for a while, I think there’s that kind of connection where people have really gotten behind me, it’s like I’m a cousin of theirs. It’s that kind of thing, it’s brilliant.”

Samantha still returns home to Dublin fairly regularly, and her little daughter Sage calls it her home too. We wondered if she had stayed up to date on Ireland's current homelessness crisis?

“It’s scandalous, it’s absolutely shocking. That’s why I thought this Just Eat campaign was just such a no-brainer. I’d love if they could double what they did last year, which in itself was incredible. Even especially being home at the minute, and it’s so cold, you just think, ‘Oh my God’, it’s not right. There’s a lot of young kids that are homeless, and it’s heartbreaking. Being a mother now myself, it’s just awful. You never know what goes on in someone’s life, it can happen to anybody, you just never know what kind of bad things could come somebody’s way. It can happen to everybody, and everybody should chip in," she says.

She's partnered up with Just Eat this year for their annual National Takeaway Tuesday to raise funds for the Peter McVerry Trust, who do vital work for the homeless. To date, Just Eat customers have generated over €50,000 for the Peter McVerry Trust, enough to move five people out of homelessness and into better futures.

Samantha comments; "This takeaway campaign is perfect, because you can order food on a Tuesday, get a 10 percent discount and chip in 10 percent to 2019’s Just Eat charity of choice, the Peter McVerry Trust. So you’re doing something good."

Does she notice the homelessness which is also prevalent in Los Angeles too, while she's spending her down-time there?

“Again, who am I to talk about anything, but there are definite areas. Santa Monica area and Downtown area, what I find is that a lot of the problems there are mental health. These people should be in facilities, in LA for me I notice, it’s a lot more of that. Whereas here, it’s more people who are getting a bad run of things. It just seems to be different circumstances, I suppose," she emphasises.


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Her daughter Sage was born in 2015, with her husband Torray Scales. We're immediately jealous of Sage, because she's already heard some of her mum's new material;

‘Nightmare before Christmas is her thing. We listen to that soundtrack, and I love it as well, so it’s great. Sometimes she said, ‘I wanna hear mummy’s songs’, she approves of the new songs, thankfully. She’s very sweet, but other times she’s like, ‘Ok, back to Disney’, she laughs.

“She says she lives in LA and lives in Dublin, she loves being home. She gets totally spoilt rotten at home. The back and forth is her norm, she doesn’t know any different.”

We couldn't let Samantha go without trying to get the dates for her new music to be released, it had to be done. For the good of mankind. Luckily, she was ready for the question;

“I was hoping to have a date already. I have to have it within the next two weeks, because I want my first release to be latest end of March, early April. So we’re working on it. I’d love to have two singles out by the summer, and the album definitely will be later on in the year, but I’m on it.”

One core difference between now and when Samantha started is, of course, the power of social media. She's aware of it as a tool, and this time it's going to connect her even more to her fans;

“That’s what I’m enjoying the most, there’s no random people telling me what I have to do, I’m fully in control of everything. That’s kind of the most exciting part for me. The people I’ve been working with in the States are so creative, they’re really pushing me out of my comfort zone.”

In terms of teasing some collaborations in the pipeline, she's revealed a song with MNEK has been created, and we are SO HERE for it. The artist is known for working with some of pop's biggest names, among them are Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson.


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“MNEK I have done work with, yes, I adore him. He’s incredible, he’s so talented. I have done one song with him, and I have my core group of people to work with. I think he’ll actually be in LA again in another couple of weeks, so we’ll do another session there as well. I’d love to bring him in with my people, because I think they’d all mesh really well. I’m excited for what that will bring. He’s such a talent and a joy to work with.”

Is there anyone she's especially got her eye on, in terms of new female talent?

“I just discovered her and I’m obsessed, it’s Donna Missal from the US. She’s incredible, I love her."

Samantha is 36-years-old, and time has only given her even more glamour, wisdom and thick-skin for the tough music industry.

Her new album is set to encompass that sense of maturity;

My new music is pop R’N’B, it’s current to where I am, I’m a grown woman who’s lived a life. I have a lot of things to say. I’m just expressing them, and hopefully other women will relate to it."

Samantha is the newest 2019 mood; let her reign begin anew.



Aside from being the absolute whopper of a tune that we used to dance around our teenaged bedrooms to, Samantha Mumba's Gotta Tell You has just received a huge honour. 

The song, released in the year 2000, has just been named one of the top 100 greatest choruses of the 21st century by Billboard.

Ranking at number 74, the hit was the Dubliner's official catapult into superstardom, as it reached no.4 in the international charts. 

'When the strings crescendo into the hook of the Dublin pop sensation’s 2000 hit, Mumba’s chorus flows in like a waterfall,' reads the praise for the chorus. 

'The urgency of the message ('Don’t wanna tell you this now, but it wouldn’t be right/ If I didn’t tell you this tonight') inspired turn-of-the-century teens to pump the brakes and listen to their conscience before jumping in the sheets.'

Excuse us, but we have some roll-on body glitter and layered vest tops to apply before we bask in the nostalgia of this song. 



He’s the Voice Of Ireland host who pretty much wowed the nation when he got Ed Sheeran to sing Thinking Out Loud as Gaeilge.

Released last year, the album Ceol also featured the likes of The Coronas, Kodaline, and Keywest.

And now Eoghan has revealed in conversation with SHEmazing that he’s all set for Ceol round 2 – and that he has a HUGE US-star lined up for it.

“It’s going to be pretty massive,” the 2fm presenter added.

“We’re almost there on it – it’s just a matter of firming up the detail at this stage. I'm not going to name names just yet, they're up there with, say, Taylor-Swift in terms of fame.”

Eoghan was yesterday hanging out with the likes of Rosanna Davison and Samantha Mumba at the 3Live area at Longitude – where Three was hosting acoustic performances, secret gigs and film screenings.

And at the 3Club, Eoghan also impressed the revellers with an indoor DJ set.

“We’ve had a pretty crap summer and then all of a sudden the sun comes out… so I really wasn’t expecting the crowd to show up in the way that they did. But it was epic!

“I love the The Voice and I’d never knock it but it’s very much ‘silly jokes’. So it’s nice to bring back to music every now and then. There are really only a few companies that really do music properly – and Three is one of them.”

He’s adamant he doesn’t particularly have his sights set on the Late Late gig once Ryan Tubridy moves aside, but the 33-year-old says he loves Brendan O’Connor’s new show, Cutting Edge.

“He probably felt he had something to prove,” Eoghan adds, “but he’s definitely proved it now.”

That and he loves the Ellen DeGeneres format: “She does the silly stuff but then gets Obama for a discussion about racial inequality. It’s seamless.” 

Finally, Eoghan, who has been open about his own battles with depression and self-harm, recommends that everyone has a mentor – admitting that he has three.

“Years ago a guy was over from London to do some work with Spin 1038, where I had a show at the time. He liked what I was doing and brought me back with him to work on XFM – where likes of Dermot O'Leary, Russell Brand, and Ricky Gervais all cut their teeth. 

“That was a turning point. And I know I've been very lucky in my career to date.”


She may have only given birth four months ago, but Samantha Mumba’s toned physique is causing quite the stir on social media apparently.

Only days ago pictures of the Dublin-native appeared online as she enjoyed a day out at the beach with husband Torray Scales.

The 32-year old has made no secret that she was keen to get back to the gym as soon as possible after daughter Sage was born. She took to Instagram only four weeks after the birth to start a countdown until she could get back in the gym.

Saying "one more week until I can work out again", the star was determined to get back in shape "in time for summer." It certainly looks like she has!

She's been sticking to her fitness routine while back at home in Dublin too. Samantha doesn't believe in rest days apparently. 

However, some Facebook users apparently weren’t so convinced.

The Facebook page ‘Ireland’s Pregnancy & Baby Fair’ had posted the pictures of Samantha and her incredibly bikini body only to have the pop star attacked by angry comments.

One commenter suggested it wasn’t possible for her to have lost the baby weight that quickly.

Another commented “Photoshop … that's what I'm sticking to.”

The negative commenters got a little more than they bargained for however when Samantha herself hit back at her haters in her own reply to the post.

She reminds the Facebook users that “it’s nice to be nice.” She also pointed out that, as she’s made no secret of, breast feeding has helped her get back to her pre-baby shape.

We think she looks incredible and like how she managed to respond to her haters without any unnecessary snarky comments.

Nicely done. 



Irish singer Samantha Mumba had an extremely lucky escape earlier this week, when she was involved in a three car pile-up on a Los Angeles highway.

The star, who is due to give birth to her first child next week, revealed on Instagram yesterday that she and her baby were lucky to be alive after their car was completely "written off."

Samantha shared a picture of her legs on a stretcher at the scene of the crash with the caption, "So yesterday was a bad day. 3 car crash that we got the brunt of. My poor car written off a week before the baby is due."


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Thankfully doctors were able to give Samantha's unborn baby the all-clear after the singer spent the night in hospital to be monitored. "Clearly God was protecting us….just so grateful that our little girl is ok and this wasn't any worse. Serious reality check," Samantha wrote.

Samantha's followers rushed to give their get well wishes to the star, with one writing "Glad to hear you and your little girl are safe Sam, you must have been terrified," and another saying, "Luck of the Irish @samanthamumba, glad to hear all is ok."

The 32-year-old is currently living in Los Angeles where she is working on her acting and singing career. After getting engaged to former policeman Torray Scales in 2011, the couple married in 2012.

Though she misses Ireland, Samantha says she has no plans to move home just yet.

"I love being home. When I spend a bit of time at home it’s always hard coming back to America. But I’m married, so it’s not just my decision now moving forward. We both love being back home, so I definitely wouldn’t rule it out. I really miss my family and friends and the little things," she said in a recent interview.

No doubt Sam will be home very soon to introduce her family to her new arrival!



We were huge Samantha Mumba fans back in the day, so we were delighted to hear that there is a mini Mumba on the way!

The Gotta Tell You singer announced the news last night on Twitter by posting a snap of her baby scan with the caption “IT’S A GIRL!!!”

Samantha has been married to Torray Scales, a former policeman, since 2012. The couple live in LA as Mumba is focusing on her movie career, but when she came home earlier this year for a visit, she was amazed at often she got asked about whether or not she was planning any children:

“It's weird. My life in LA has been very normal and private but since I've come home, all of a sudden, that's all I'm being asked about.

"It's actually a very personal question when you think about it. For all anybody knows, I can't have children or maybe we're already trying or maybe we've lost a kid; you just never know.

"It's kind of shocking to be asked it but I think that when someone gets married, it's automatically the next question."

Well, at least she won’t have to deal with those questions anymore!

Samantha is well practiced in being a mum as her husband Torray has a 10-year-old son called Mason, who she takes on a motherly role with: "If he's sick and he needs a hug and he needs me to baby him, then that's what I'm going to do.”

We have a feeling she’s going to be a great mum – congratulations! Now, time to dig out that old Samantha Mumba album – it's a classic!



This morning, Samantha Mumba will be popping by the Damson Diner on South William Street to help Tayto unveil their brand new snack, Popcorners.

The unusual creation is a crisp made of popcorn that comes in two equally unusual flavours – Chilli & Lime or Spicy Cheese & Tomato.

Popcorners are created from popped corn, which is then baked; this mean they contain 57% less fat than your average crisps.

Definitely sounds interesting!