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A 2010 clip of Gordon Ramsay and Sofia Vergara on the Jay Leno show has gone viral this week, purely because of how damn UNCOMFORTABLE it makes everyone feel.

Twitter users were quick to brand the infamous TV chef's behaviour as beyond inappropriate, especially in the #MeToo era where women are taking a stand against treatment such as this.

The interview shows Ramsay, then 52, appearing alongside the Colombian actress in an interview, where he clearly makes her feel incredibly objectified and upset with his sexist remarks and groping.

His comments during the clip aimed at the actress have not been received well, at one stage Vergara is talking to Leno and remarks; “I never scream like that in real life.”

She was presumably referring to the renowned shouts of her Modern Family character, but Ramsay is quick to respond with;“Only in the bedroom.”

Let's remember, this is part of Vergara's JOB. In an employment environment, he repeatedly interrupts her and makes her feel sexualised when she is trying to do her actual job.

He even moves chairs to essentially sit on Vergara without her permission, and he touches her upper thigh and tries to smack her. She tells him; "No, no. No touching!"

She begins speaking in Spanish at the audience, telling them "This man doesn't respect me." Understandably, she is uncomfortable and angry, and Leno did absolutely nothing to intervene.

He asks the actress and model; “Have you had a whole wedge in your mouth at any one time?” She cannot even reply as she is too stunned.

"Sofia Vergara didn’t deserve to be treated like this," one Twitter user wrote, retweeting the footage. "This is very very uncomfortable." Of course, people are MAD as hell, deservedly so.

sofia vergara babes GIF by MACHETE KILLS

Jay Leno is equally chauvinistic, asking her how much WEIGHT she gained while away on a trip, which she refuses to answer.

She is sexualised throughout the entire interview, while at work essentially, and is subjected to sexist and racist harassment.

Gordon Ramsay even tells her to change her son Manolo's name,to which she replies stone-faced "Can I what?"

The whole thing is a damn joke. Gordon, you're cancelled. Jay Leno, you're cancelled. Everyone go and smash the patriarchy and lift up Sofia.


A full 8,500km away from her native city, Kerrie McMahon has found herself hoisted up into the warm Californian air to a height of some 6metres.

Gracing one of Sunset Boulevard’s famed billboards, the gorgeous UCD-graduate can be seen in a dark bikini advertising 138 Water – the celebrity-friendly bottled water which often hydrates the likes of Rob Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, Lana Del Ray, and Blac Chyna.

An Irish model with BIG dreams of making it Stateside, she’s been busy building her career on home-soil while also steadily boosting her profile in the notoriously competitive Los Angeles entertainment industry.

And there’s no doubt that hard work pays off: Kerrie is now on the verge of becoming one of the most recognisable Irish names in the US.

“To see myself on a billboard is completely surreal!” the 27-year-old exclusively admitted to SHEmazing today.

“Being honest, just being on the Sunset Boulevard Strip is so exciting in itself – never mind having countless numbers of people seeing me in a major advertising campaign.

“It's funny being a million miles away back home in Ireland and my American friends sending me pictures of it as they drive past. They tell me they say ‘hey, I know her!’ when they spot my 138 photo, which always makes me smile.”

Kerrie shot the campaign recently at an undisclosed Hollywood mansion worth millions.

“There are a lot of mega-famous people in that part of the world,” she said coyly when asked about who owned the property – although she did tell us that hanging out with big names and celebrities is part-and-parcel of the social scene in LA.

It was last year when Kerrie had her first taste of high-profile stardom, securing her first 138 Water billboard advert – and to be asked back for another shoot this summer is a testament to how successful her debut was.

Next up for the Dundrum-native is an appearance on the famed pages of men’s magazine Maxim.

“I’ll be in the September edition,” she explained. “We shot in Las Vegas earlier this year. It was incredible – up in a seriously plush penthouse over-looking the city with a crew of photographers, hair and make-up people, technicians and stylists.”

Kerrie hopes to spend more time in the US over the next few months in order to capitalise on her recent successes.

The one thing she won’t be changing anytime even if she does make the move permanently to the US?

“My accent is definitely very much Irish!” she laughed. “A load people over there seem to initially think I’m Russian – until I open my mouth that is!

“I certainly haven’t lost a bit of my Irish accent – and I doubt at this stage I ever will.”