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Una hasn't had an easy few weeks.

Her ex-husband Ben Foden admitting to his infidelity last week, but instead of dwelling on it, the former Saturdays singer stormed the runway at London Fashion Week and turned every head.

The 37-year-old appeared in Oxfam's Fashion Fighting Poverty Catwalk Show at Ambika 3 last night, showing off her fashionista roots.


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She captioned her Instagram post; 

"It was a real honour to walk the Oxfam #fashionfightingpoverty fashion show as part of London fashion week this evening", showing herself in a black svelte outfit with a plunging neckline. She's looking FIERCE.

The mum-of-two sported gorgeous black boots and loose black trousers, with her hair styled simply and tucked behind her ears. Very Parisian chic, we feel. 

She flashed a smile at the end of the catwalk, showing her excitement at representing the iconic charity in their fashion foray. 


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The glamorous Irish star could easily pursue a modelling career, she looks like she was born on the runway. We're glad she didn't let her ex-husband's confession dampen her moment.

In a recent interview, Ben admitted that he cheated on Una, but also claimed his infidelity wasn’t the only reason for the end of the relationship.

"At the moment anything that’s published about me is never very good and pretty rightly so because I was the one who committed adultery. But at the same time, it wasn’t the only reason for our divorce to go through."

"It’s not ideal, but we’re very amicable, we’re getting through it, we’re not the first people in the world to get divorced. We’ve got two little kids we adore," he concluded.


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Una is since loved up with her new boyfriend, Tipperary hurler David Breen, and appears unfazed by her ex.

She's absolutely slaying the fashion runway anyway, and for an unreal cause. Herself and fellow singer Emeli Sande walked alongside supermodels as they took to the catwalk for Oxfam’s show to highlight sustainable fashion.

The musicians joined top models Stella Tennant and Laura Bailey at the Fashion Fighting Poverty event, showcasing Oxfam clothes specially picked by stylist Bay Garnett from the organisation’s online and high street shops.

Fair play, gals.

Feature image: Entertainment Daily


It is well and truly the end of an angelic age. Supermodel and all-round BADASS lady, Adriana Lima, has bid an emotional goodbye to Victoria's Secret after walking in their star-studded catwalk show for the final time. We'd sob too.

Lima walked in her first Victoria's Secret show way back in 1999, and has remained one of their prime angels ever since. She is also a fan favourite, with many on the internet referring to her as… wait for it… THE GREATEST ANGEL OF ALL TIME. (#goat)

She is retiring from the infamous lingerie brand at the age of 37, and we have no doubt that hanging up those flawless diamond wings must be a difficult thing for the Brazilian supermodel, as VS cemented her career as a supermodel goddess.

The veteran model received a standing ovation as she carried out her final walk, wearing a sheer, sparkling top, blue lingerie, feathered beige heels and those statement wings. She looked like a vision, as per.

Lima was understandably tearful as she waved at the camera, saying goodbye to her fans and fellow angels with the glamour and grace of a true #angel. We're not crying. You're crying. 

In a moving Instagram post showing her best moments from a compilation of 19 shows, Lima wrote a caption thanking the brand for all that they have done for her:

"Dear Victoria, thank you for showing me the world, sharing your secrets, and most importantly not just giving me wings but teaching me to fly. And all the love to the best fans in the world! Love, Adriana."

Lima is now a mother of two, and was the longest-serving Victoria's Secret model and Angel, as well as acting as a spokesperson for the company. She joined forces with them at the tender age of 18.


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She has stomped the runway at the lingerie brand's annual televised show every year except 2009, while she was pregnant with Valentina, daughter number two.

She had been aiming to walk a total of 20 Victoria's Secret shows, as People reported back in 2017; 

"Maybe more, I don't know. It's nature. I'm working out, I'm being healthy, so let's see how the body is going to turn out. But I enjoy it. So let's say 20."

However, this changed when Lima spoke about the long-term struggles of modelling, and the tribulations of focusing on body confidence while being permanently aware of what you look like.


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She posted on Instagram:

"I had received a call for the possibility of filming a sexy video of me to be posted and shared in social media. Even though I have done many of this type, something had changed in me, when a friend approached me to share that she was unhappy with her body. 

"Then it made me think…. that everyday in my life, I wake up thinking, how do I look? Was I going to be accepted in my job?"

"And in that moment I realized that majority of woman probably wake up every morning trying to fit in a stereotype that society/social media/fashion etc imposed…. I thought that's not a way of living and beyond that…. that's not physically and mentally healthy, so I decided to make that change," she continued.

"I will not take [off] my clothes anymore for [an] empty cause….. #Embraceyouself #natureisbeautiful #naturalissexy #LOVEYOU."


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Her body confidence post inspired many fans to speculate that she was ending her ties with Victoria's Secret, which is renowned for the immense pressure it puts on it's models to look a certain way, and be a certain weight. It notoriously only showcases one body type on the runway.

The VS models are put through a gruelling exercise regime and diet, which many find almost impossible to endure for more than a few years. Adriana Lima, as the brand's longest-serving angel and mother-of-two, appears to have felt that the time was right to hang up her wings.

We'll miss her working those stunning catwalk #LEWKS every year, but her career is still booming. Age and beauty standards definitely won't hold this gal back.



London Fashion Week 2018 is not know for having breast pumps on it's catwalk but that all changed when model Valeria Garcia stepped onto it.

The mother-of-two took to the runway clad in the world's first wearable breast pump, underneath a black bra and trouser suit at the Marta Jakubowski fashion show.

The pump has been designed to be put inside the bra and enable women to express the milk silently and privately –  no matter where they are.

Valeria, who gave birth to youngest son Anton in June, wore a hi-tech pump which connects to a smartphone app.

It is fantastic that breastfeeding is being normalised in this way and that new mothers don't have to worry about being uncomfortable in public – it's an important step towards the future.

Valeria's statement is not the first of it's kind – model Mara Martin breastfed her five-month-old daughter on the runway while modelling Sports Illustrated swimwear earlier this year.


These two pictures might be my favorite ones of last weekend! There is more than one message that we all can take from these. One being, I hope to normalize breastfeeding because it’s a natural thing women can do for their babies. I think women should be able to feed their babies how they want, when they want and where they want. End of discussion! Another message I hope comes out of this is that women need to be confident in themselves no matter what. There is no one shape, size, age, or ethnicity that defines beauty. We are all beautiful! Look at the final 16 girls that were chosen. All different. All beautiful. Thank you @si_swimsuit and @mj_day for celebrating that year after year. Lastly, never give up on your dreams and goals, even when it may seem like there are many barriers in front of you at times. You are stronger than you think! We can do it all! So my #wcw today is every woman out there!!!! WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAY! 1st: @quinn_willoughby 2nd: @theimagesniper #girlpower #siswimsearch #normalizebreastfeeding #bodypositivity

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“I hope to normalize breastfeeding because it’s a natural thing women can do for their babies,” Mara wrote. 

“I think women should be able to feed their babies how they want, when they want and where they want. End of discussion!”  

We say hear, hear!


For many of us, Gigi Hadid is seen as the 'it girl' of our generation.

Between having her own Barbie, having Zayn, and now having a second collection with Tommy Hilfiger, she's climbed the ranks of stardom pretty well over the past few years.

She's smart, beautiful and sophisticated, which is why we probably prefer her collections over other celebrities'.

And we have to say, after seeing the TommyxGigi fashion show that took place in LA last night, she didn't disappoint us.

Bringing in a new wave of trends, we can see that stripes, abs, and tennis-chic are all going to be major this year.

The collection breaths California girl with a blend of the original Tommy Hilfiger… and it's totally class.

We'll be drooling over this collection for months to come… if only our bank accounts would allow us to buy it all.

Fancy watching Gigi in action and buy the catwalk looks while you're at it? Check it out below:




Kendall Jenner is used to being primped and preened to within an inch of her life, not just for public appearances or KUWTK filming, but also for her catwalk work with brands like Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Givenchy.

But the 20-year-old says there's one thing that she hates being asked to do, and that's mess with her eyebrows.

"I've been asked to alter my appearance in so many ways, it's not even funny," she wrote on her website last night. 

"I think the worst is when designers want to mess with my eyebrows, though.​ 

"It always freaks me out because every time they do it, I lose them. They literally fall OUT!"

Ouch. In the last year alone, Kendall's had to bleach her brows for three catwalk shows – twice for Marc Jacobs and once for Givenchy. So it's no surprise that she's seeing negative consequences.

"It's bad – I really hate getting a bleach," she admits.

Luckily for Kendall, she had a troupe of make-up artists on hand to restore her famous brows to their original colour and texture after each show – we're not sure ours would look quick so luscious as this if we were applying peroxide to them every few months:

Perks of the job, eh?



Fashion Week is like the bible of trends. Anything you see on the catwalk is sure to make its way into the mainstream pretty soon.

And while we can't all bow down to the bible of trends, this years beauty movements are super sassy and oh-so-chic.

Here, we dive into the biggest beauty trends captured from New York Fashion Week. You'll be donning these in no time:

Sassy Nails

Nails have never gone so far before. The Libertine's catwalk show completely decked out their models' claws in kick-ass designs.

CND designed the mega eye-catching collection and we're loving how out-of-the-box they are. The CND design team used Shellac 14 day nail colour and Vinylux weekly polish to hit the sassy nail trend.


Loud Lippy

Victoria Beckham's runway showed rocked the bold lip trend. She went for super soft foundation and eyes, yet the loud lip brought major style to the catwalk.

We're loving this deep red the models are donning.


Metallic Eyes

A big trend at Tommy Hilfiger's show was metallic eyes. Hues of silver and gold were lightly painted on to the model's eye, leaving the rest of the face clean and fresh.

Whether you're dressed up or dressed down, a bit of glitter on the eyelids will totally set you alight. 


It's not long to go now until Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015.

Details of the latest runway show have been kept under wraps (as usual) but we know The Weeknd, Selena Gomez and Rihanna will all perform for the lingerie giant's 20th anniversary catwalk.

Surprisingly, we have a small sneak peak into what the costumes are going to be like two weeks before the live show. 

HuffPost Canada Style exclusively revealed a costume from the Ice Angels section last night:

The stunning costume consists of a sheer, crystal-encrusted bodysuit, featuring a deep plunge to show off a white bra. 

White stiletto knee-high boots show off a front of white fur and snowflake style wings complete the gorgeous ensemble.

Now the only question is… what Angel will wear this chic piece?


There has been an awful lot made of working with the fashion industry’s most influential woman. The Devil Wears Prada for one, and countless articles have been written which seek to outline exactly what it takes to land every fashion girl’s dream job at Vogue.

One writer even offered up her real-life interview with the legendary editor Anna Wintour as evidence that it can be done. Granted, it may be a little trickier than you might wish, but it can be done. Amy Odell noted that Anna is actually "shy" rather than frosty.

The walk from the door of the office to her desk though, can be just as cringe as you imagine: "Just long enough for her to stare you down, judge your outfit and make you feel embarrassed about being in her presence."

You just have to make sure you are wearing the right label and the right season firstly, because Anna knows these things, obviously.

There a few other things she has mentioned over the years regarding what she looks for in her favourite employees…


1) Have an opinion

"I look for strong people. I don't like people who will say yes to everything I bring up. I want people who can argue and disagree and have a point of view."

2) Ambition

"I'm very good at delegating – people work much better when they have a real sense of responsibility."

3) Enjoy a good show

"I really think you have to go out and see things – screenings, theatre, exhibitions."

4) Embrace colour

Also, unlike many others in the fashion industry Anna does not appreciate all-black everything. She has famously said in the past "[I'd never wear] head-to-toe-black."


We all love chic and trendy nails – but at New York and London Fashion Week, nail art reached a whole new level. 

Debuted at the Spring 2016 fashion shows, you can now probably get these designs at any good nail salon. Expect A LOT of stripes and metallic colours this season, as they were used in nearly every catwalk.

Your nails are about to be the most stylish thing you'll be wearing this autumn. 

Brown and silver stripes at Phillip Lim


Multicoloured stripes at Tanya Taylor


Triangular tips at Cushnie et Ochs


Chic white nails with single black line at Marissa Webb


Tiny pineapples at Zang Toi


Separated french tip at Tibi


Electric prints at Libertine


Outlined nails at Jonathan Simkhai


Black circles at Adam Selman


Cobalt blue negative space at Chromat


Crocodile-inspired nails at Sophie Theallet


Barely there colour at Michael Kors


Paint-splattered nails at Nicole Miller


Two-toned ombré at Rebecca Minkoff


Deep-dipped tips at Wes Gordon




The arrival of the autumn season is derided by some, and heralded by others.

But whatever camp you find yourself in, there’s no denying that the end of summer forces you to update your look.

Out are the flip-flops and flimsy skirts – you root around and rediscover scarves, jackets and hats that haven’t been seen since March.

Our diets are given something of an overhaul too… because no one wants to be munching on carrot batons and Caprese salad when there’s a chill in the air.

And it’s important that we don’t neglect our tresses either: in fact, September is just about the perfect month to update your hair.

It doesn’t have to be drastic, but a few tweaks will really tick you over into winter and through the festive party season.

SHEmazing! spoke to the experts at Toni&Guy in Dundrum Town Centre – which recently marked its 10th anniversary – for top tips and expert insight into hair trends for 2016.

The result is three key, achievable looks that have oodles of wow-factor. Better still, these are looks that you can try at home RIGHT now…


1) A twist on your lob: if your long bob of the summer has grown out to a medium length shape now all is not lost… Until you can make it in for your next cut create a Forties glamour feel with structured waves to bring you through to A/W.

You’ll need:   

  • Heat protection spray (we love Label.m’s Protein Spray, priced at €17.50)
  • Hair Spray
  • Volume mousse
  • A curling tongs or waver                         
  • A bristle brush (again, Label.m has a stellar offering for €16.40)
  1. Shampoo and condition your hair before gently towel drying. Next layer your heat protection spray through the hair followed by the volume mousse, carefully taking sections and distributing evenly. 
  2. Hair can now be blast dried. Using your fingers to brush through the hair, dry it roughly in the direction of where your parting will be. Hair needs to be 100 percent dry.
  3. Clip away the front sections and begin to wave your hair with waver, starting from the back, working forwards taking 10cm sections. The curler or waver will create an effortless effect.
  4. Once you're satisfied that the curls have cooled and set, tease the hair out into a more 'lived-in' feel.
  5. Secure hair on one side behind the ear for an asymmetric feel and finish with hair spray.


2) Beach braids be gone: The classic ponytail takes over from summer braids bringing a more groomed and glamorous feel for autumn/winter. Best done on day-old hair this is a time-saving, stand-out look.

You’ll need:   

  • Back-combing brush
  • Hair jewellery or accessories (Toni & Guy has a particularly cool range)
  • Volumising spray
  • Hairspray (Quick Dry by Redken, priced at €14.20, is a good bet)
  1. Part your hair to the left or right with a low exaggerated, side parting.
  2. Apply a volumising spray in crown area and tease/backcomb to create a low beehive.
  3. Secure into a ponytail at the nape of the neck.
  4. Adorn shape with a pretty hair jewel at the front or to the side.


3) Sleek and shine: Wet-look locks are still a fashion fix must-have. Make the style ultra-wearable by creating an edgy, sleeked-back look. 

You’ll need:  

  • Volume mousse
  • Extra strong gel (take a look at Label.m’s version for €13.90)
  • Hairspray
  • A length of black elastic
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Bristle brush
  1. Apply some extra strong gel from roots to ends on dry hair.
  2. With your comb make a spotless clean centre parting. Using your brush, slick and secure in to a low ponytail.
  3. Wrap the length of elastic along the ponytail.
  4. Finish with some hairspray. 


As well as on-trend hair and styling services, Toni&Guy Dundrum boasts lots of lovely added extras such as head massages and giant reclining chairs at its basins. Refreshments on offer include – hurrah! – herbal teas, red and white wine, and cold beers so you can REALLY relax.


She's worked with the likes of Levi's and has appeared to great acclaim in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. 

But when Ashley Graham sashaying down the Fashion Week runway in New York – a platform which ordinarily champions very slim women – she really caused a storm.

Walking for Canadian retailer Addition Elle, the size-16 beauty was not only the star of the catwalk – she also designed the lingerie being showcased. 

Entitled Black Orchid, her collection includes black, blue and purple bras, corsets, and underwear – all of which have been specifically designed to complement the curves of fuller-figured women. 

Ashley, 28, is also a body-positive activist and during yesterday's show, guests were encouraged to use the hashtag #IAmSizeSexy to promote body diversity.

Speaking to the Huffington Post in advance, Ms Graham described the #IAmSizeSexy drive as an "amazing, all-inclusive, high-end fashion campaign".

She also said: "Everyone deserves to see themselves being represented equally."

And taking to Instagram after the show, the US model stated: “What an amazing experience!! All the girls looked amazing," adding: "Thank you to everyone who was involved behind stage as well! We rocked it! #IAmSizeSexy."

In further Instagram (a platform on which she boosts 450,000 followers) snaps today, Ashley also said that her "curves and lingerie" had slayed the runway. "Still pinching myself!!" she went on to say.

Meanwhile, the Addition Elle label stated that "history was made!"

"Curves took over the runway at #NYFW. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

"And thank you to all the delicious curves that strutted their stuff and who showed the world what #iamsizesexy means!"



Sisters are having a major moment in fashion right now. 

Kendall and Kylie, Beyoncé and Solange as well as Cara and Poppy all join the high ranks of stylish siblings – and now Gigi and Bella have joined the club. 

Gigi already has a majorly impressive CV as a model, both on the catwalk and in campaigns, but as we've seen from recent Instagram posts, her little sister Bella is following closely behind.

Early last week, Bella snapped a few photos from the set of a Victoria's Secret photo shoot, along with VS models Devon Windsor and Rachel Hilbert. 

And the girls seem to be having A LOT of fun behind-the-scenes!

Gigi began working for the famous lingerie label earlier this year, and now with Bella on the VS band wagon, it makes the pair the first ever sister duo. 

But the big question remains; even though they've made it to the campaigns – will they earn their wings and walk in the 20th Anniversary Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?