Lovatics continue to support Demi on her road to recovery


Demi Lovato has been an absolute warrior during her recovery, and reports say that Demi is preparing to leave this week.

The singer was found unconscious in her home last week due to an overdose.

Demi has been struggling with addiction on and off again for many years, and she has always been open about her struggle. Just last year, she published a youtube documentary about her life, laying it all out for people to hear and learn from.

It is important to Demi that no matter what she is going through, she can use her experience to help others going through the same thing.

Many stars struggle with addiction, and it can be so difficult to break free from its clutches when under pressure from the limelight.

Demi has it even harder due to her diagnosed bipolar disorder. She is constantly on the road, performing for thousands of fans, and having every bit of her life all over social media.

The singer also struggled with an eating disorder, making dependency even more difficult to let go of in her life. 

It was suspected that Demi had relapsed after she surprised fans with her song “Sober” a few days before her overdose.

In the track, she apologies to her family and fans: “I’m not sober anymore. […] I wanna be a role model, but I'm only human.”

A source told TMZ that Demi nearly died but is stable and said to be released this week from the hospital.

Demi has continued to be transparent about her journey in life through her lyrics and in interviews as well.

Many of her fans love that the star is so real with them and were absolutely devastated when they heard the news of her hospitalisation.

The singer has not announced what her plans are after her release yet, but we can assume she will make a statement soon verifying her recovered health. 

We are glad to see that Demi has a supportive circle of loved ones around her, and we hope that she can continue to be strong and seek the help she needs.

If anyone is struggling with self-harm or suicidal thoughts call 1800 247 247. Pieta House is a free, 24 hour helpline. 

For questions about dealing with depression or bipolar disorder, 1 800 80 48 48. Aware is also a free support line.