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Now that the Christmas celebrations are beginning to wind down, we have been dreaming of hopping on a plane. We’re so tired of these freezing, dark evenings – we're desperate for some sunshine!

We find ourselves swooning over snaps of Bali and Hawaii on Instagram and scrolling through the Ryanair site to see what flights we can afford with the €16 in our bank accounts.

If you too are hoping to jet away with the gals in the coming months then we’ve got wonderful news for you.

Going away with the girlies is actually good for your health.

That’s right, booking a girls trip will boost your happiness and improve your health, according to researchers and who are we to argue with science?

Psychologist William Chopik discovered that our friendships have the biggest impact on our wellbeing. His study, which was published in Personal Relationships, found that spending quality time with your friends improves your mood.

He explained, “These are relationships of choice. You choose to hang out together because you enjoy each other’s company.”

He added:  “You can sit down, look them in the eye, have a true back-and-forth, and read each other’s body language. They can see you and your facial expressions. You’re emotionally responding to things, and you can pick up on their emotions. You don’t always get that through a phone call.”

Going away with your friends will help you spend pure quality time together. We don't get a chance to have heart-to-hearts during coffee dates or cinema trips so it is the perfect way to bond with your best pals. 

If anyone needs us we’ll be looking up Air BnBs with our besties. A holiday is well-needed!


We all know that friends come and go as we make our way through life's various stages.

Some of us, however, are still BFFs with the person who was placed next to us in our Junior Infants class, and, as a result, they have seen us through countless phases over the last two decades.

And by result, we have seen them through the same, meaning we have the skinny on their every move.

So without further ado, here are 15 things you could only know about a person you go this far back with…

1. Their unique childhood habits.

Growing up with a person means you're subject to private knowledge about some of their most peculiar childhood habits – habits they'll convince you they've grown out of it, but you know better.

"Remember the way you used to do the Cha Cha slide at every disco? Pretty sure you were doing it in the pub last night."

Image result for not impressed

2. That odd irrational crush they had on that one person

You don't make it this far in life without having at least one crush you cringe over now.

Lucky for your best mate, you remember in excruciating detail exactly how much she was obsessed with that random corner shop cashier guy.

"Remember when you used to put on a full face of makeup when your Mam would ask you to run down to the shop for a pint of Avonmore, just in case yer man was in there?"

Image result for school crush

3. The points they got in their Leaving Cert.

Nowadays, as long as your friends are content in their college and career choices, you pay little attention to the ins and outs of their results, but back in the day, you knew your friends grades almost as well as your own.

"You're bound to get a B on that paper, but I'll scrape a C. I'll beat you in English though because I read the book and you didn't."

4. The name of their very first crush.

While you may think you know the ins and outs of your friends' relationships right now, current intelligence has nothing on the information you had on your mate's first crush.

"Remember the socks he always wore on non-uniform days? And what about that clicky pen he only used for History?"

5. The appalling outfit they wore to death.

Reminding your friends of their poor fashion choices is the sole reserve of people who have been friends since primary school.

"Remember your Susst jeans that you used match with that Gap hoody that didn't actually fit you? And that bakerboy cap?"

6. That 'thing' that happened 'that' time.

Everyone has a deep dark secret – a moment they would give anything to erase from their personal history – and you know this friend's one all too well.

"Here, remember the time you decided to prank call the principal….?!"

7. Their siblings' worst habits.

When you grow up with someone, you know their siblings' foibles as well as they did, and you were well within your rights to call them on it.

"Remember the way your brother used chew really loudly with his mouth open? That was really gross."

8. Their middle names

Whether she plumped for the classic saintly moniker on her Confirmation Day, or went for something a little more exotic, you know exactly where her middle names came from.

"I know I agreed that Britney was a top-notch choice back in 2000, but I was wrong."


9.  Exactly how much they earn

Only your true bestie knows exactly how much you pull in each month, and doesn't judge you for it either way. 

Oh, and you still go even-Steven splits on everything.

"Gal you get paid bi-weekly and I get paid monthly, would you mind grabbing us those flights and I'll get you back at the end of the month?"


Image result for wolf of wall street money

10. The voice they use when they're nervous.

Some things never change, and your mate's habit of going ultrasonic when faced with an awkward situation is one of them.

"I came over here to rescue you cos your voice is shattering glass right now."

11. The 'incident' their parents still don't know about.

There are some moments from your teenage years you were lucky to make it out of alive, and only you and your primary school BFF know the true extent of it.

"Imagine your mam found out what happened on Hallowe'en night 2002!"

12. The 'incident' they think YOU don't even know about.

Everyone has secrets; unfortunately for your primary school BFF, nothing gets by you, and that thing they think you don't know about, you do.

"So, whatever happened to those singing lessons you used to attend…?"

13. The way they take their tea.

Yes, it's a given you should know how most of your friends take their tea, but when it comes to your primary school BFF, you're a certifiable pro.

"Medium strength, Avonmore SuperMilk, one spoon of sugar and three quick swirls of the spoon."

14. The thing they're secretly so proud of.

Everyone has moments they're proud of and that's fine, but your mate harbours a secret sense of pride over the most random things, and only you know about it.

"So… do you still watch the recording you have of that time Ant and Dec read out your letter on SMTV?"

15. The things that will most definitely make them cry.

Some things are a given, but only you know the bizarre things that will set your friend off.

"Now, don't look, but there is a little old man reading a paper on a bench over there. Jaysus, don't look, you'll bawl."


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Your best friend: the gal who is always there for you no matter what, through every career downturn, break up and loss. 

And while we know friendships go through their ups and downs, the ones we share with the ladies in our life are among some of the very most important.

It seems that mostly women agree that they can trust their besties more than their significant others. 

In a recent survey by Peter Mark, 88% of women have told their best friend something they wouldn’t tell their partner – so the trust is real. 

Potentially, the things they tell their bestie could be about their signifiant other, because who hasn't had a good moan to their best friend about their partner's less than palatable habits? 

52% of the people surveyed are in touch with their best friend everyday, and honestly that is stunning.

So where did you meet your best friend? The most popular place to meet your ride or die is school, but and 10% say they met their now lifelong pal through another friend.

Another 14% say they met their bestie at work, and 63% have a work wife and 22% say they confess more to their work wife than their other friends. 

However, like all relationships not everything is a bed of roses all the time.

Over half (53%) admit to falling out with their friend on occasion with a difference of opinion (39%) cited as the main reason for friendship fights.

16% say they get irked when their friend doesn’t respond to a call or a text quickly enough while 10% saying not being included in plans is likely to cause ructions.

Luckily, Galentines Day is a time to celebrate female friendship – so we will choose not to be mad at the most important member of our girl gang. 


While we love our romantic partners dearly, there are few things in life we cherish as much as spending time with our best friend.

From those times we laugh so much it hurts to those difficult moments when they're a shoulder to cry on, our BFFs are absolute gems.

There's nothing like just hanging out with our bestie for the evening, listening to music or drinking wine or talking about literally anything under the sun.

It's no wonder, then, that a recent survey shows that just over 50 percent of UK women said they feel closer to their best friend than their husband.

The 1,517 survey respondents gave a number of reasons for why they prefer their BFF to their significant other, with communication playing an especially big role.

57 percent of women who prefer their best friend to their husband said that it was because they can talk to their favourite gal pal about everything, Metro reports.

The research by Champneys also showed that 45 percent of women prefer their bestie because she listens to them more.

As well, 44 percent said that they could tell their best friend things that they didn't feel they could tell their partner.

When it comes to enjoying indulgent pleasures, 30 percent of the 1,517 women polled said they'd rather spend a boozy brunch with their mates than their partner.

Men are also apparently missing out on the spa days, with 54 percent of the respondents said they'd prefer to spend a pampering session with their pals than with their husband.

With those results in mind, we weren't surprised to hear that 60 percent of women reported that their all-female social gatherings would be better if men didn't intrude at all.

So here's to our BFFs – they've seen us through the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly.


How do you feel about the survey's results?


There is only one month to go until Christmas Day and we have barely made a dint in our shopping list.

But fear not, because we have scoured the Internet for the most perfect presents that will certainly woo your nearest and dearest.

One person at the very top of our list is our best friend. They’re the one who shows up at your house with wine after you’ve had a tough day. The one who always supports ordering more than one dessert. The one who will sing along to cheesy pop music with you.

They deserve something special this Christmas so have a look at these 15 gifts and see what suits them best.

There’s something for every budget here so happy shopping!

1. Instax Mini Link (€120)

This is the perfect gadget for your bestie. They can create mini prints of all your greatest memories and have a physical copy of them forever. We capture so many special moments but they always end up stuck on our phone so this device is a god-send. You can print images directly from your smartphone with the Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer.

2. Brown Fluffy Sloth Slanket (€18.74)

The snuggliest gift ever. This slanket is ideal for the friend who loves to snooze and nap. It is as soft as can be and will make the perfect outfit for your December sleepovers. 

3. Lindt Selection Box (€15)

Chocolate is the dream gift, especially when it is Lindt chocolate. This selection box is full of lucious chocolate delights that are going to make Christmas movie nights even better.

Available in supermarkets

4. Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette (€53.92)

This gorgeous palette is the ultimate gift for the best friend who adores makeup. The Too Faced palette features 18 warm shades. The best thing about this brand is how pigmented the shadows are. They even smell like ​​​fresh baked gingerbread.

5. Personalised Friendship Print (€10.73)

Personalised gifts are always extra special. This beautiful print is bound to make your best friend's Christmas magical. Supporting small businesses on Etsy is our top priority this Christmas.

6. Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton (€12)

This was one of our favourite books of the year. Everything I Know About Love is a memoir about love, sex, friendship, work and everything in between. Dolly Alderton's heartwarming book is bound to teach you some valuable life lessons and remind you of just how special friendship is.

7. The Little Mermaid Water Bottle (€32)

Good for the planet and absolutely adorable. This is the perfect gift for your Disney-lovin' friend. And it's eco-friendly.

8. Bloom & Wild Subscription (Prices Vary)

Is there anything nicer than having fresh flowers in your home? Studies have even found that having fresh flowers in your home is good for your health so why not treat your bestie to a Bloom & Wild subscription?

9. Tickets to The Stella (Prices Vary)

Sometimes the best gifts are ones you can share. Why not bring your best friend to see one of your favourite old movies or even a new release like Last Christmas at the beautiful Stella Cinema?

10. No7 The Beauty Wardrobe Gift Set (€30)

This fabulous gift set contains everything you need to create the best version of yourself, including the No7 The Full 360 Mascara and No7 Shimmer Palette Rose.

11. Pick and Mix Sweets Selection Gift Box (€9.60)

Got a friend with a sweet tooth? This gift is ideal for them. It'll remind them of the days when you used to get pick and mix before the cinema.

12. Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Bird Trinket Dish (€8)

This dainty little dish is the sweetest gift for the friend who has dozens of jewels. We adore this quirky trinklet dish by Carolyn Donnelly! This dish is the perfect way to store and display earrings and trinkets.

13. Yankee Candle Scented Candle Gift Set (€10.50)

Let Yankee Candle help show someone how much they mean to you by giving them the gift of fragrance which is perfect for any occasion. 

14. Two Peas in a Pod Bracelet (€32.21)

If you and your best friend are as close as two peas in a pod then this is the gift for you!

15. Woodland Teapot (€10.55)

An adorable teapot perfect for all of your warm brews. Can you cope with the cute little fox on the lid?





Whether it's your best friend, a close family member or your favourite hairdresser, there's nothing like a good chat to lift your spirits and as it turns out, those bonds could have a huge effect on our mental and physical health.

According to The Irish Independent, a number of studies carried out over the past 40 years have indicated that good social relationships may contribute to a reduction in abdominal obesity, better lung function and even a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Some researchers even claim that our relationships could be more important than diet and exercise when it comes to overall health and wellbeing.

A 2010 study carried out at Brigham Young University found that having a good network of friends and family members could improve a person's odds of survival by up to 50 per cent.

Participants were asked a number of questions about their social lives, including the quality of relationships with friends, family, partners and colleagues.

Based on their answers, the women were then divided into three groups – 'socially isolated', 'moderately integrated' and 'socially integrated'.

20 years later, researchers checked in with the participants and found that the 'socially integrated' women were significantly less likely to have passed away from their battle with breast cancer than those who were deemed 'socially isolated'.

The risk of reoccurrence was also greatly reduced in women who said they has a quality network of friends. 

Head researcher, Candyce H Kroenke, said: "It is well established that women who have more social ties generally, including those with breast cancer, have a lower risk of death overall."

"Our findings demonstrate the beneficial influence of women's social ties on breast cancer, including recurrence and breast cancer death."

What's more, an earlier study carried out by the same team, found that laughing and enjoying quality time with friends could help patients deal with some of the physical symptoms of cancer.  


Stop the world, we're getting off. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have once again proven how iconic and culture-shaping they are by putting a painting of Queen Meghan Markle behind them, and now it's for SALE in poster format.

The Carters won the Best International Group gong at The Brit Awards over the weekend, and paid tribute to the Duchess of Sussex herself in an ode to their incredible APESH**T music video in the Louvre.

Captioning the unreal video, Beyoncé wrote;

"Thank you to the Brits for the award for Best International Group. I won this award back in 2002 with my besties, Kelly and Michelle." Destiny's Child is for life, it's not a phase, mom.


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

"How lucky am I to have been in a group with my other best friend, the GOAT Hova. In honour of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy," she concluded.

Well, all other artwork is now irrelevant. The Renaissance is CANCELLED. The Louvre is to be shut down, except for this one painting that precedes all others. Picasso never happened. It's only Meghan Mona Lisa that matters.

Prolific artist Tim O'Brien is the man behind the amazing painting, and has done some amazing works to represent American politics and culture.

O'Brien works as a professor at the Pratt Institute and is one of the world's most famous illustrator, having covering Time magazine over and over again.

Every wall can now be dedicated to the Duchess yourself, because these posters are for sale. If you have $100, that is. If you're a rich b*tch, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing this rare art form.

O'Brien's website has loads of unreal work up for sale as prints, and even has a Beyoncé feature in Elizabethan garb, reminiscent of her Mrs. Carter world tour announcement. It's $85: Worth it.

Feature image: @legacymagazineng/Instagram 


Jordyn Woods has reportedly moved out of Kylie Jenner's luxurious guest house amid the cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson.

The 21-year-old has gone to her mother's house, according to People, following reports that she was having an affair with Khloe Kardashian's former beau.

A source from the publication stated; "It seems Kylie isn’t sure what to do, but it seems impossible for her to keep Jordyn around."


A post shared by(@kyliejenner) on

Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods apparently was seen cosying up to Tristan Thompson last Sunday at an LA house party.

The 21-year-old has left Kylie's mansion hours after the news hit the headlines, with an insider claiming: "It's been a difficult time and she's broken up about it. She's heading home to be with her mom."

The magazine revealed that Tristan and Jordyn had been romantically involved at a weekend party, which "blindsided" the Kardashian/Jenner family.


A post shared by (@jordynwoods) on

Allegedly the family didn't believe the story at first, which claimed Jordyn and Tristan "made out" and were "all over each other" at the party. 

TMZ and Hollywood Unlocked reported the news on Tuesday that Tristan was unfaithful to his baby momma (not the first time he's done that) but also he cheated on her with Kylie's best friend, Jordyn.

34-year-old Khloe then officially broke up with Tristan for good. Let's also remember that Tristan cheated on his pregnant ex-girlfriend with Khloe, so it's not surprising.

TMZ said that "she had enough" after finding out the news and that there's is "little chance" of any type of reunion between Khloe and Tristan. 


A post shared by(@commentsbycelebs) on

Kylie and Jordyn have been best friends since childhood, and Khloe also hired Jordyn to be part of the Good American squad for her denim/workout line. 

The family believed that Tristan being "inappropriate" because "everyone knows that he can't believe," the fact that Jordyn "would make out with him" seemed "at first like a made up rumour."

"It's all a mess now," People's source reported. "Everyone considered Jordyn to be family. The family is 'furious' and feels "blindsided" by the scandal, which they found out about on Monday." 

Jordyn hasn't responded to the allegations as of yet, and Kylie hasn't said anything either. 


A post shared by  (@khloekardashian) on

Kim Kardashian unfollowed Jordyn and 27-year-old basketball player Tristan yesterday, which marks the second time she has unfollowed Tristan.

Dailymail.com revealed last year that Tristan had cheated on the then-pregnant Khloe with a strip club worker from New York City called Lani Blair. 

Kendall and Kim unfollowed Tristan on social media at the time, and other outlets reported additional women. Surprisingly, Khloe remained with Tristan and gave birth to baby True last April.


A post shared by Tristan Thompson (@realtristan13) on

TMZ asked Kim's best friend Larsa Pippen in LA today about Jordyn living situation in Kylie's guest house. She responded with: "I don't know how much longer she'll be living in the guest house."

When asked further if she would evict her had she been in Kylie's situation. Larsa said: "Yeah I'm sure. I mean I would."

Kylie and Jordyn have been best pals for five years, with Jordyn living in the make-up billionaire's mansion. It's unclear what will happen to their friendship, but Kylie still follows Jordyn on social media.

Feature image: @kyandjordy/Instagram



Friendship bracelets, secret handshakes, cringey matching t-shirts – there are plenty of ways to show your bestie just how much you love and appreciate them – but these latest symbols of loyalty have got to be our favourite yet. 

You and your best pal can now get temporary tattoos of each other's face, and if that doesn't scream BFF, we don't know what does. 

Available from Etsy seller Lilimandrill, the personalised tatts are handmade to order and range in price from €61 (10 prints) to €288 (500 prints). 

All of the images are hand-drawn and even include a message of your choice. 

The temporary tattoos have proved to be a popular wedding favour, with many couples ordering a batch for their big day. 

 "These came out absolutely perfect and I can't wait for our wedding guests to see them! Thanks again!," wrote one happy customer. 

While another said: "We absolutely love our custom made tattoos! The design process through email was super easy and we couldn't be happier with the result."

Honestly, we can't think of any situation that can't be improved by temporary tattoos… 



Sisters: the best friends you don't choose but couldn't possibly live without.

Despite the fact they wreck our heads no end… the bond sisters share is not like anything in the world.

Yes, most of us have had our fair share of, ahem, ups and downs over the years – mainly clothes-related – but at the end of the day, we wouldn't know where we'd be without them. 

1. She'll answer your calls no matter what time it is 

Even though she knows you're not calling for any particular reason.

2. She's as open and honest as the day she was born 

And will tell you when your new hairstyle makes you look like a 12-year-old boy.

3. She won't judge you for your really ugly Snapchats 

You know the ones you send when you're checking the number of chins you can make yourself have…

4. She's the only one who actually gets your jokes

Because most of them are inside and directed at your family. 

5. She'll always be able to sort you out with a dress for the 50 million weddings you are invited to each year

And she won't get (too) mad if you end up spilling a little red wine on it. 

6. She'll treat your kids like her very own

And not be afraid to give out to them when they get a little unruly.

7. She always knows when something is wrong 

And what exactly needs to be done to make it better. 


Being single on Valentine's Day definitely isn't the ideal situation, but choosing to celebrate your love for your friends instead of your lack of romance IS. 

Grab your nearest and dearest gal pals and celebrate your friendship on February 14th with some wine, movies and good old fashioned reminiscing. 

Romantic relationships can be fleeting, but your girls are there for life. Here's what to get your bestie ahead of the big day to show her that you love her, from jokey underwear to friendship tattoos.  

Left to right: Bad Girls Throughout History – €18.70

Heart ring – €9.40

LUSH Cupid Bath Bomb – €3.50

ASOS Studded flats – €37.33

Left to right: LUSH Love & Kisses set – €27.95

Temporary Friendship Tattoos – €3.85 

ASOS Heartbreaker nightie – €24.00

The Mindfullness Colouring Book – €10.00

Left to right: O.P.I Nail Laquer in Rosy Future – €10.70

ASOS Pyjama set – €17.32

Besties Keyring set – €7.72

River Island underwear set – €34.00

Left to right: Mug – €6.00

Pompom Hat – €9.00

He may only be ten weeks old but it looks like this adorable cheetah cub has already gained himself a rather unexpected friend for life.

Upon contracting pneumonia shortly after being born, this baby cheetah – whose name is Emmett – was transferred from a Conservation centre in Cumberland, Ohio, to Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

But despite receiving the treatment he required, the poor little mite was finding it difficult to adjust to his new surroundings and so he was introduced to a seven-week-old puppy called Cullen.

According to a now viral Facebook post, staff at the facility believe Cullen will help Emmett settle into his new home as the golden pup should help calm the cheetah who is by nature a “skittish” animal.

Then once he’s ready, the adorable cub will become an ambassador for cheetahs who are still living in the wild and his newfound friend “will be with him every step of the way”.


Images: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium