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She’s shared makeup free selfies and had her card declined in H&M and now Adele has proven yet again that – vocal talents aside – she really is just like the rest of us.

How so?  Well, just like us, it seems the star is a sucker for adorable animals as during a recent performance at the Staples Centre in LA the singing sensation just couldn’t resist asking an Irish man and his dog to join her on stage.

Tommy O’Malley and his little dog Casper received the dream surprise over the weekend as they had the opportunity to meet, chat with and – in Casper’s case – even kiss the Hello singer.

But as excited as Tommy and Casper were to meet Adele, it seems the Grammy winner was equally chuffed with meeting them as Casper received a couple of kisses from the star as well as a good belly rub.  Aww!

Tommy took to Facebook to mark the occasion by uploading multiple pictures of he, Adele and Casper along with a treasured video clip of the experience.

We are never leaving our dogs at home again!

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Forgetting words to a song is every performers worst nightmare – let alone live, on stage, at your OWN concert. 

But that's what happened to Scottish singer KT Tunstall in her latest performance. 

The 40 year-old was building up to sing her biggest hit, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, when the lyrics completely stunned her. 

She admitted that she forgot her own lyrics but what followed is nothing short of hilarious. 

What the video here: 



Awww! We always knew that Ed Sheeran was a big softie at heart – and now there’s yet more proof.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter was mid-way through a performance of his hit All Of The Stars in Austin, Texas this week when he noticed a man waving around a sign signalling his intentions for the evening. Being a decent sort of guy, Ed invited him and his unsuspecting girlfriend up on stage to join him.

Cue the man sharing a heart-warming speech with the audience, complete with glowing references to his other half – all peppered with plenty of Ed Sheeran nods too.

“Just Thinking Out Loud here,” he began, before adding that his girlfriend is “amazing” and “talented,” and “so beautiful, inside and out.”

 He then, you guessed it, got down on one knee and officially popped the question.

Thankfully, his emotional-wreck of a girlfriend (we would be too, frankly) said “yes!” – with Ed (bless him) cheering manically in the background, while simultaneously wiping away his own tears.

Mr Sheeran later took to Twitter to share the moment with his fans, admitting that he “welled up”.

We’re welling up right now, Ed.




This may be the cutest thing ever!

Demi Lovato got ‘engaged’ on stage last night after a five-year-old boy proposed to her during her concert!

Little Grant made a sign saying he had a ring for her – so she invited him on stage!

Demi then showed Grant how to propose to her and she said “I will” and we all died of cuteness.

Wilmer Valderrama (Demi’s current boyfriend) better up his game as she has already received the best proposal ever!



Eek, we don’t think the queen of reality TV will be too happy with Katy Perry’s recent comments.

The pop star has come under fire for what some were calling “cultural appropriation” as she featured mummies with big booties in her Prismatic tour.

Katy described the reason behind the controversial mummies to Rolling Stone magazine, saying:  “As far as the mummy thing, I based it on plastic surgery. Look at someone like Kim Kardashian or Ice-T’s wife, Coco. Those girls aren’t African-American. But it’s actually a representation of our culture wanting to be plastic, and that’s why there’s bandages and it’s mummies.”

Somehow, we’re not so sure Kimmy will appreciate being the inspiration behind your mummies, Katy!

It sounds as if Katy doesn’t think Kim’s bum is the real deal…



Miley Cyrus has caused some controversy recently after a major faux-pas on stage in Barcelona, Spain.

The Wrecking Ball singer made the mistake of flying the flag of the Basque country, rather than the flag of Catalonia, of which Barcelona is a part of.

However, in fairness to Miley, the flag was handed to her by a member of the crowd, and we’re sure she just didn’t realise.

Hopefully next time she checks out which flag she is waving to avoid any upset!



While his personal life may be the picture of perfection, it seems the same can’t be said for Kanye West’s career!

Kanye returned to the Bonnaroo festival for the first time in six years this weekend, after he was blacklisted from the event following an incident in which he was six hours late on-stage back in 2008.

The Tennessee festival-goers were not impressed with Kanye’s very-Kanye-like speech in which he praised his own hard work and dedication. No surprise there then!

The rapper also reportedly made a dig at singer Bruno Mars when he said during his rant: “What’s the new sh** out? What’s the news sh** out with the most commercials at the Super Bowl? Let’s just stop the music and play a Bruno Mars song right now, how about that?”

However, despite many people being annoyed by his performance, many more were blown away and Twitter was alight with the debate on Kanye’s Bonnaroo festival appearance.

One thing is for sure, he knows how to get people talking!



We know that people grow apart, but was there really any need for this?

Miley Cyrus has seriously upset fans of Selena Gomez when she flung a bizarre cardboard cut-out with Selena’s face on it into the crowd.

The cut-out had a bikini and fish-net stocking drawn onto it as well as a photo of Selena’s face.

I know, we don’t get it either.

The pop star was on stage in Milan, Italy, when the incident occurred. She can clearly be seen holding and dancing with the cut-out of Selena, before flinging it onto the crowd in front of her.

It has been said that the two fell out over Miley’s reported closeness to Justin Bieber which has upset his ex-girlfriend.

While we think it was totally unnecessary of Miley to take such public drastic action against Selena, who is clearly having a hard time at the moment, is there anyone she hasn’t fallen out with over Justin Bieber?!