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Vienetta might be pretty old school, but it has such a lovely touch of retro glamour that it's one dessert we can't bear to say goodbye to.

Waves of vanilla or mint ice-cream with thin layers of chocolate in between – does it get any better than that? Well yes, because Romantica, but aside from that we're all about the V.

And this video, filmed on the Vienetta production line , is just so strangely mesmerising that we reckon we could watch it on repeat all day.

First, a layer of melted chocolate is painted over sheets of ice-cream…

Then more ice-cream is added in waves. The waves. LOOK AT THE WAVES.

Plus the obligatory top layer of ice-cream…

And a delicate spray of chocolate *faints*

Then finally, the Massive Vienetta is sliced into lots of Regular Vienettas.

Watch the full video here. Be warned though, it's addictive, and you'll most likely want a large slice of Vienetta afterwards.




You might have scored an A1 (okay, a B3) in Honours Maths and still pride yourself on knowing Pythagoras's Theorum, but can you solve this kids' brainteaser?

Twitter has lost it today over a maths puzzle that seems simple at first – until you find out what the right answer ACTUALLY is.

Let's take a look:

If you're anything like us, you'll have confidently concluded that the right answer is 16.

Easy right? Well, not so fast, as the correct answer is in fact 15.

Let's break it down.

Three apples equals 30, so one apple is equal to 10.

An apple and two bunches of bananas is 18, meaning each bunch of bananas is equal to 4.

And a bunch of bananas minus a cocount equals two, meaning each coconut is equal to 2.

Adding up a coconut plus an apple plus a banana, therefore, should leave you with 16 (10 + 4 + 2), until you look a little closer the coconut in the final line:

Yup, it's only half a coconut, meaning the real answer is 15.

Kicking yourself? So are we.


You'd be forgiven for having some post-Valentine's exhaustion today, given how many proposals, pictures of bouquets and #blessed statuses you had to wade through on Facebook over the weekend.

But before you swear off social media entirely, we insist you have a look at this gorgeous video from Westmeath mum Melanie Ní Beolláin, which is quickly going viral.

Melanie's son Brody wanted to share a little Valentine's love yesterday, and had his mam drop him over to his girlfriend's house with some gifts in tow.

Brody dropping off presents to his Valentine… Going to be such a gentleman

Posted by Melanie Ní Beolláin on Sunday, 14 February 2016

According to his proud mum, little Brody was "so nervous" before knocking on the door, despite being with his equally adorable girlfriend for "two years."

Since yesterday, Melanie's video has had almost 3,000 views and counting. We can see why, too – we challenge you not to watch Brody lean in for a cheeky hug without shedding a few tears of joy at your desk.

Happy (belated) Valentine's y'all.

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Music, film, theatre and poetry. Oh yeah, and there’s literature, exhibitions, symposiums and interventions. Not to mention walks, talks, workshops and dance. Or does a spectacular torch-lit parade tickle your fancy?

All of the above – and more – are taking place from today until Sunday week at the celebrated Skibbereen Arts Festival; meaning there are ten full days of fun to indulge in if you’re in the Cork area.

The Mad Pride Family Day, for example, takes place this Sunday, July 26. It will bring together local families with the aim of breaking down stigma surrounding mental illness – and involves a load of fun and entertainment: musicians, puppeteers, circus performers, face painters, arts and crafts facilitators, and artisan food producers will all be there, creating a carnival-like atmosphere.

And movie buffs will be happy to hear that Song Of The Sea will showcase on Monday. An Oscar-nominated Irish animation film directed by Tom Moore, the story is inspired by the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore. It also features the voices Brendan Gleeson, Pat Short, Lisa HanniganFionnula Flanagan, and David Rawle.

Meanwhile, following on from the phenomenal success of last year’s inaugural staging, 4 Plays In A Day returns to Skibbereen – with the town itself becoming a stage for the day with four excellent plays by four different companies taking place in four different venues.

Tomorrow week, there will be an exploration of the life and times of Alan Lomax, one of the world’s greatest song collectors. He is most famous for his work around the Mississippi Delta, but he also travelled to the Caribbean, various parts of Europe, and North Africa.

Saturday, August 1 marks the 100th anniversary of his birth, so the Skibbereen Arts Festival along with host Donal Dineen will celebrate his legacy – in the company of well-known singers and musicians including David Kitt, Cian Nugent, and Liz Clarke.  

For more information, see skibbereenartsfestival.com, or visit the festival Facebook page. 



Many of us were in first year of college at one stage, here are some of the things you will remember feeling as the Leaving Cert results fast approach next Wednesday: 

1. “I’m a genius!”

Results are out and you’ve managed to get the points for the course you wanted. You get accepted to you’re first choice on the CAO.

2. Excitement

I’m so freakin’ excited!

You’re finally off to the big smoke…

3. Nerves


It’s moving time. The car is loaded up and you're ready for your college experience. 

4. “Who’s this eejit?”

Meeting your new house mates for the first time is strange. You’re thrown into a pokey apartment with 4+ strangers; space is tight, anything left in a common room becomes public property and if you’re not used to sharing then prepare to have your patience tested. You’ll soon be able to label each house mate: the quirky one, the musical one, the annoying one, the sex mad one, the party animal, the stoner, the book worm. If you’re wondering who the weird one is but can’t figure it out, it’s you.


Orientation is a boooooore. Sure, you find out where stuff is and you’ll probably make a friend or two, but this week is nothing compared to the freshers party week which follows … Can anyone say “TOGA”?!

6. The alcoholic phase.

Tesco vodka and gin are a thing of the past thank God now that we are older and wiser…ahem. 


For many of us, college was where we became more in tune with our sexuality. 

8. “9 am lecture? Good luuuuuuck!”

Fast forward four years and this may be your biggest regret. 

9. Being poor is the new rich

You’re broke, living off Koka noodles and black coffee with any spare cash going on whatever nights out you can afford. College will make you appreciate money soooo much more than you ever did before.

10. Nakedness

There's always that one housemate who just cannot keep their clothes on. You've seen their bum more than your own at this stage. 

11. “Oh No … I fancy my housemate"

If it doesn’t happen to you, it’ll happen to your friend. It’s pretty hilarious until one of the people concerned inevitably has to hit the road. 

12. Availing of all of the discounts

Ah how we miss all of those discounts… We still chance our arm, of course, but they always cop the 2012 on our card *dammit*

13. Protesting!

Cutting student grants? Protest! Price of pints in the SU has gone up? Protest! Don’t know what everyone is giving out about? Protest!

14. Clubs and Societies


The ones you’ll join directly relate to the amount of free stuff you will get from them.

15. Boring Weekends

Your Saturday nights consist of bad TV and eating your feelings.

16. Kleptomania


Why do you have a traffic cone, a shopping trolley, 3 wet floor signs, drip mats and road signs in your living room? Because you can, that’s why.

17. Panic

Exams are looming, you’ve done feck all for the whole semester. A few all nighters, pass by compensation, be grand!

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Running can be boring, especially when you have to go it alone. The endless streets, rain and spending 30 minutes looking at your feet doesn’t make for a particularly entertaining time.

One San Francisco runner took matters into their own hands and decided to get some fun out of their daily runs.

Using her Nike+ app, Claire Wyckoff used her runs to draw pictures on her phone – explicit pictures. Claire uses her GPS to map out routes on her photo that look like things. While she draws dogs, aliens and other things, penises are her speciality.

We have to admit they are pretty good and we suppose anything that makes running that bit more fun  is fine by us.

We might even give this ‘draw run’ a go.



Going to work with a hangover is one of life's punishments for having so much damn fun. However, we know exactly how to outsmart that pesky headache: 

1. Have A Shower
Showers always make you feel better, but on days when you’ve been out drinking the night before, they have the added benefit of getting rid of the smell of alcohol from your skin. This is assuming you get up in time to have a shower before you leave, which we understand is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish during a hangover.


2. Eat Some Breakfast
Hard and all as it might be to stomach food at this hour, try and get something into you, even if it’s just half a granola bar or something. You’ll need fuel for the day and this will help get you to lunch.


3. Brush Your Teeth
Similar to the shower, it gets rid of that disgusting aftertaste of whatever you were drinking last night. People you talk to throughout the day will also thank you.


4. Drink Loads Of Water
When you drink alcohol, your body gets really dehydrated, and your brain actually shrinks as a result. Then the next day, headaches result from your brain going back to its normal size. So the more water you drink, the faster this can happen and the quicker the headaches will go away. How quickly depends entirely on just how much you had to drink the night before.



5. Eat Fruit
Fruit has got loads of natural sugars that can provide energy to get you through the day, and they are petty easy on the stomach as well. Bananas are probably the best because they provide potassium which is good if you’ve thrown up, and they also replace these things called electrolytes. Which is also good. Apparently.


6. Tactical Naps In The Toilet Are Key
The lack of sleep means that a nap might be in order, and the bathroom is probably the best place for it. Because you can lock the door, it makes it impossible for your boss or anyone else to walk in on you and catch you out.


7. Keep Your Head Down And Don’t Move Too Quickly
We're talking about keeping your head down as in avoiding your boss, or getting any complicated jobs. We don’t mean to actually keep your head down and rest it on the nearest available surface. If you need a nap, you know where the toilet is.


8. Go For A Walk
Fresh can really clear the head, so if you get the chance on your break or during lunch, get out of the building and just go for a wander. You’re not doing it for exercise so just take it as slow as you need to.


9.  Get A Ridiculously Greasy Lunch
You’ve already eaten the healthy fruit, so you’ve earned the greasy lunch. It’s not quite as satisfying as the take-away you had at 4am last night, but it’s still pretty good.


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Life is for living, and sometimes we all let social pressure get on top of us. We allow society to tell us how we should live, instead of actually living. Here are some things us ladies should never feel guilty about:

1. Enjoying social beverages


As long as your drinking habits haven’t escalated into problem territory, then you order that Long Island Iced tea and you enjoy every drop of it. There’s nothing wrong with sitting back with few beers and enjoying yourself with friends.

2. Having a healthy social life


There’s nothing like a night out on the tiles to lift a bad mood. If, every so often, you like to kick back and enjoy some good, old fashioned twerking to the beats of Dirty Dancing, then power to you. Don’t let the haters tell you otherwise.

3. Wanting to see the world


Or don’t, it’s completely your decision. Do what makes YOU happy – not anybody else!

4. Having your cake and eating it too


If you want that second piece of biscuit cake or that third bag of Meanies…have it! Balance is the key.

5. Not living in the gym


While going to the gym is a really great way to feel good and keep fit and healthy, don’t let yourself get worked up if you miss a day.

5. Being a proud single pringle


Make the most of that single life, you’ll never regret it!

6. Or be proud and loved up


You’ll hopefully never regret this one either!

7. Being well mannered


So what you can’t tell that waiter he is being an a**, he probably knows anyway.

8. Not being a slave to fashion


So you don’t spend the vast majority of your wages in River Island? In this celebrity influenced, appearance drenched society, not dressing just like everyone else, is never a thing to feel guilty about.

9. Having odd tastes


Have you inherited a love of all things retro from your parents? Do you fail to see the appeal of Walter White or does the Game of Thrones hysteria baffle you? Not to worry. You fly that odd flag high and proud. It’s what separates and differs you. No guilt necessary.

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We all love going to water parks to enjoy the fun activities and rides, but this is one slide that’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Without any riders or little cars, just sandbags to sit on, this is the most extreme waterslide we’ve ever seen! Watch the video above and ask yourself; will YOU be giving it a try?



It’s often difficult to find that ideal living situation and even harder to find that ideal housemate. But when you do, the two of you just know that you are both going to be housemates forever:

Know each other delivery orders
You know each other’s orders off by heart. More importantly, you know when you desperately need to hear that phrase “fancy a Chinese?” Because it is literally what you’ve been thinking about all day.

Her family is your family
And vice versa. Whenever you’re on the phone to your mum, she always asks about your housemate and your housemate’s mum always thinks to send up some extra treats for you to have as well.

You have a routine
If she has a fella around, you know it’s a good idea to spend the rest of the evening in your room. But you don’t mind, because you know she would probably do the same for you.

Know too much
You both know way too much about each other. Seriously – way too much.

Best nights in/out
Whether it’s staying in or going out altogether, you two always have the best nights.






Birthdays and parties are always good fun so why not add some more excitement to yours and throw in a theme!

These themes are adult friendly and don’t all require dressing up (though that is the most fun!)

1. Classy
Dig out that ball gown you wore to your debs five years ago and make an excuse to wear it again. Make your theme black tie and have fun being anything but classy in gowns and tuxes at your houseparty.

2. Party in the US
Go all American and get some red cups (you always wanted an excuse to buy them), some hot dogs, Budweiser, Reese’s Pieces, flags and anything else you can think of!

3. Vintage tea party
Bring the girls around for an afternoon of triangle cucumber sandwiches, pastel macaroons and mimosas.

4. 80’s movie stars
Dress up as your favourite 80’s movie star, we’re thinking Sam Baker from Sixteen Candles, and dance the night away with Marty McFly.

5. Garden party
If the weather permits, take your shindig outside and doll the garden up like an enchanted forest. Lots of flowers, garlands, outdoor lighting and fairy lights will have your garden looking magical.

6. 90’s band party
Channel your inner Lene from Aqua and go all out with gummy bracelets and a Baby G watch.



It can be easy to be swept away with the idea of a grandiose wedding in a castle with everyone you’ve ever met there – but intimate can be better. And cheaper.

These simple tips will help your wedding to be just as down-to-earth as you are. If you and your guests are comfortable then you’ll remember the night forever.

1. Cut the guest list
If you invite the people that you and your OH love the most you’re guaranteed the night of your life.

2. Have the ceremony somewhere unusual
If you are into the idea of an outdoor wedding then pick somewhere that means something to you as a couple. That place will be special forever after.

3. Name each reception table
This can add a fun twist and you can make pretty name plates for each table.

4. Have a theme
And be as subtle or blatant as you like!

5. DIY as much as you can. 
Nothing beats homemade crafts as party favours or drinking cocktails out of decorated mason jars. So fetch the glitter out and get creative!