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We've finally found the perfect outdoor cinema trend that is DESPERATELY needed on Irish land: Hot tub theatres.

Some absolute genius had the idea to combine hot tubs and watching movies, and we owe them so much for that wonderful conception. God bless them.

Organisers Tub Life have created an event where Londoners can test out the Hot Tub Cinema for real this August, but Dublin is normally about 20 years behind the England capital.

The cinema event of the century is scheduled to take place on August 31 from 6pm to 9pm, and we're contemplating booking our flights now, before Brexit goes and ruins everything for us.

Film fanatics will be able to strip and dip into relaxing hot water while enjoying whatever classic is playing on the big screen, with a cheeky bevvy. No skippy dipping allowed, sorry to disappoint you.

Tub Life wrote on the event page on Facebook: "Tub Life is coming to London and we’re bringing our hot tubs with us! Expect performers, hosts, BBQs, round-the-clock tub service and the biggest portable screen in the UK."

"Note: the scheduled date is preliminary as we’re currently finalising the few remaining details to this event. Click ‘Interested’ to be notified with more information," they concluded.

They'll confirm the exact location for London at a later date, and will also be visiting Maidstone, Liverpool, Chester, Brimingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle.

Who knows, they might even pop up in Dublin this summer if the demand is high enough, which it totally will be. Start the petition today lads, shall we?

Feature image: hottubcinema.com


To be fair, when we first found out that Scotty T from Geordie Shore was entering the Big Brother house, we knew he was going to have some sort of hook-up.

He is a member of the Buckin' Squad, afterall. So, it's no surprise that Scott has hooked up with Megan McKenna for the third time this season.

The reality stars were caught on camera having a steamy smooch in the hot tub on Saturday night, with viewers being able to see what happened on tonight's episode of the show.

Of course, it was the Geordie lad who initiated the kiss, pulling Megan in with his arm as she sat back in a black swimsuit.

It was CBB's Twitter who spilled the beans, putting a gif of their kiss up and writing, "after the gunge, a lunge."

However, the brunette told Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis during the week that they are just friends… But we can see this hot tub snog changing that.