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Feeling guilty is unpleasant, to say the least, but it turns out people feel that way for six hours and 36 minutes every week.

A recent UK survey polled 2,000 adults, and on average people admitted to feeling guilty three times a week.

That feeling of guilt isn't easily shaken, and respondents said it lingered for over two hours each time.

The reasons for feeling this way ran the gamut, with giving into a craving being the most common one, and not calling family coming in second place.

We also feel rueful when we break a diet, don't call our friends enough, and are accidentally rude to someone.

However, it's not all bad news! The study, conducted by Intrepid Travel, found that a third of people use their guilt to learn from their mistakes.

People also do good deeds because of their contriteness, the survey found.

The average adult tries to make up for their wrongdoing about five times a week with kind acts like helping the homeless, donating to charity, or lending a helping hand to family members in need.

These are the top 25 reasons people feel guilty, according to the survey:

1) Giving into a craving

2) Not calling family enough

3) Breaking a diet

4) Not calling friends enough

5)  Accidentally being rude to someone

6) Not tidying up

7) Cancelling on a friend

8) Getting a takeaway

9) Gossiping

10) Being rude to someone

11) Not going to the gym

12) Leaving a pet at home

13) Lied to a partner

14) Spending a day in pyjamas

15) Lied to family

16) Not recycling

17) Lied to a friend

18) Asking someone to do you a favour

19) Not showering/washing

20) Leaving a small shop/market without buying anything

21) Not taking your advice

22) Forgetting manner

23) Pretending you're working

24) Accidental queue jumping

25) Hitting the snooze button

People's desire to make up for their mistakes also affects the world of travel. A third of respondents say they are always looking to travel in responsible, guilt-free ways.

'Our research shows people are changing their attitudes and finding ways to make up for their bad habits,' Tom Smith, Marketing Director for Intrepid Travel, told The Independent.

'Over the last five years consumer habits have changed and when it comes to picking a holiday, people are choosing an experience that will allow them to travel responsibly.'

'Whether that’s ensuring that holidays help the local people and community, staying at hotels with green initiatives, or choosing a company that operates carbon-neutral trips, we are becoming more self-aware and are changing our perspectives.


Coronation Street actor, Bruno Langley, has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two women in a Manchester music venue in October.

While appearing at Manchester magistrates court today, the soap star entered two guilty pleas and was told he could face a prison sentence in light of the crimes.

According to emerging reports, 34-year-old Langley admitted that he grabbed one woman by the crotch and groped another's breasts and buttocks at the Band on the Wall music venue.

Prosecutor, Karen Saffman, told the court that Langley was intoxicated on the night of the assaults, and provided details of the assaults to those present.

Reading from a victim impact statement, Saffman said: "He grabbed me. Properly grabbed me. It was a rough grab, really right in. Lots of pressure."

“Even though it was through her dress and tights she could feel two or three fingers,” Saffman continued. “She was clearly in shock. She was thinking about hitting him. She said: ‘Did you do that on purpose?’ But he did not reply.”

It is understood the first victim was approached by another woman who confided she had also been assaulted by Langley that same night.

Langley was sacked by ITV in the wake of the police investigation.



There are many, many things you should apologise for in this life. Being a One Direction fan, standing up for Justin Bieber, thinking that kale tastes good. That said, there are a lot of things that you should never apologise for. Life is too short to worry about every single little thing. Here are the things that you should never apologise for:

1. Spending Your Hard Earned Cash

You’ve worked your little heart out for that money, why not go and treat yourself? After all, there are far too many savers in the world. You can’t bring the money with you when you die.Splurge and be happy. 

2. Letting Go Of Bad Relationships

You should never feel bad for leaving behind a bad relationship; whether it was a past love or a friend. If you’re miserable and dread seeing them every time, then it’s time to pack up the past and move forward.

3. Being Brutally Honest

There’s nothing wrong with telling someone some harsh home truths, from time to time. Whether it’s calling them out on their bad behavior or bad outfit choice, honesty can be refreshing from time to time, in this oh so two faced world.

4. Having A Lie In

Is there anything like waking up at 7am on a Saturday morning and realising you don't have to get up? Bliss…

5. Letting Loose Every Once In A While

Sometimes all we need to feel sane is the promise of a night of socialising and general shenanigans. When the going gets tough, a night out with friends is sometimes all you need to get going again. No guilt involved.

6. Having Unusual Tastes

Yes, even the kale. 

7. Wanting Some Alone Time

No one knows you better than you, so who better to whittle away a few lost hours with? Society has moulded our brains in such a way that we feel as though being alone is something to be ashamed about. Well it shouldn’t. Go enjoy some ‘you’ time today.

8. Not Wanting A Traditional Future

Just because you don’t want a house in the suburbs with two kids and a cat, doesn’t make your future any more viable than the next person’s, or vise versa for that matter. Dream big and aspire to be whatever you want to be, there’s nothing stopping you.

9. Always Carrying Snacks, Just In Case

You’ll never know when hunger will strike, so it’s always handy to have a few snack supplies nearby, just in case. Snacks are a way of life, end of.

10. Being Single And Happy

Do you receive a rush of pity whenever you mention to someone that you’re a single pringle, despite being single because, oh I don’t know, you WANT to be? Because you’ve seen your friends get hurt, one by one and don’t really fancy it happening to you? Because you like to go out and meet new and interesting people without having a six foot bag of misery attached to your arm? Imagine that.

11. Wondering If There’s More To Life

If you feel stuck in a rut, are bored, are dreaming of what else could be out there, then don’t give up. Get out there, try new things, travel, move, apply for that job, shun the negative ones who tell you that this is it. Because this isn’t it, there’s so much more to be found, so just go and find it.

12. Swapping The Gym For A Film Night

It’s a cold, miserable evening and the thoughts of donning lycra and sweating for the next hour, is enough to make you want to cry. So instead, you stick on a great film and curl up on the couch for the evening. That’s most definitely not a thing to feel bad about. The fact that you even considered the gym as an option, is an achievement in itself…

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Life is for living, and sometimes we all let social pressure get on top of us. We allow society to tell us how we should live, instead of actually living. Here are some things us ladies should never feel guilty about:

1. Enjoying social beverages


As long as your drinking habits haven’t escalated into problem territory, then you order that Long Island Iced tea and you enjoy every drop of it. There’s nothing wrong with sitting back with few beers and enjoying yourself with friends.

2. Having a healthy social life


There’s nothing like a night out on the tiles to lift a bad mood. If, every so often, you like to kick back and enjoy some good, old fashioned twerking to the beats of Dirty Dancing, then power to you. Don’t let the haters tell you otherwise.

3. Wanting to see the world


Or don’t, it’s completely your decision. Do what makes YOU happy – not anybody else!

4. Having your cake and eating it too


If you want that second piece of biscuit cake or that third bag of Meanies…have it! Balance is the key.

5. Not living in the gym


While going to the gym is a really great way to feel good and keep fit and healthy, don’t let yourself get worked up if you miss a day.

5. Being a proud single pringle


Make the most of that single life, you’ll never regret it!

6. Or be proud and loved up


You’ll hopefully never regret this one either!

7. Being well mannered


So what you can’t tell that waiter he is being an a**, he probably knows anyway.

8. Not being a slave to fashion


So you don’t spend the vast majority of your wages in River Island? In this celebrity influenced, appearance drenched society, not dressing just like everyone else, is never a thing to feel guilty about.

9. Having odd tastes


Have you inherited a love of all things retro from your parents? Do you fail to see the appeal of Walter White or does the Game of Thrones hysteria baffle you? Not to worry. You fly that odd flag high and proud. It’s what separates and differs you. No guilt necessary.

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