9 important things you should never feel guilty about


Life is for living, and sometimes we all let social pressure get on top of us. We allow society to tell us how we should live, instead of actually living. Here are some things us ladies should never feel guilty about:

1. Enjoying social beverages


As long as your drinking habits haven’t escalated into problem territory, then you order that Long Island Iced tea and you enjoy every drop of it. There’s nothing wrong with sitting back with few beers and enjoying yourself with friends.

2. Having a healthy social life


There’s nothing like a night out on the tiles to lift a bad mood. If, every so often, you like to kick back and enjoy some good, old fashioned twerking to the beats of Dirty Dancing, then power to you. Don’t let the haters tell you otherwise.

3. Wanting to see the world


Or don’t, it’s completely your decision. Do what makes YOU happy – not anybody else!

4. Having your cake and eating it too


If you want that second piece of biscuit cake or that third bag of Meanies…have it! Balance is the key.

5. Not living in the gym


While going to the gym is a really great way to feel good and keep fit and healthy, don’t let yourself get worked up if you miss a day.

5. Being a proud single pringle


Make the most of that single life, you’ll never regret it!

6. Or be proud and loved up


You’ll hopefully never regret this one either!

7. Being well mannered


So what you can’t tell that waiter he is being an a**, he probably knows anyway.

8. Not being a slave to fashion


So you don’t spend the vast majority of your wages in River Island? In this celebrity influenced, appearance drenched society, not dressing just like everyone else, is never a thing to feel guilty about.

9. Having odd tastes


Have you inherited a love of all things retro from your parents? Do you fail to see the appeal of Walter White or does the Game of Thrones hysteria baffle you? Not to worry. You fly that odd flag high and proud. It’s what separates and differs you. No guilt necessary.

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