Many of us were in first year of college at one stage, here are some of the things you will remember feeling as the Leaving Cert results fast approach next Wednesday: 

1. “I’m a genius!”

Results are out and you’ve managed to get the points for the course you wanted. You get accepted to you’re first choice on the CAO.

2. Excitement

I’m so freakin’ excited!

You’re finally off to the big smoke…

3. Nerves


It’s moving time. The car is loaded up and you're ready for your college experience. 

4. “Who’s this eejit?”

Meeting your new house mates for the first time is strange. You’re thrown into a pokey apartment with 4+ strangers; space is tight, anything left in a common room becomes public property and if you’re not used to sharing then prepare to have your patience tested. You’ll soon be able to label each house mate: the quirky one, the musical one, the annoying one, the sex mad one, the party animal, the stoner, the book worm. If you’re wondering who the weird one is but can’t figure it out, it’s you.


Orientation is a boooooore. Sure, you find out where stuff is and you’ll probably make a friend or two, but this week is nothing compared to the freshers party week which follows … Can anyone say “TOGA”?!

6. The alcoholic phase.

Tesco vodka and gin are a thing of the past thank God now that we are older and wiser…ahem. 


For many of us, college was where we became more in tune with our sexuality. 

8. “9 am lecture? Good luuuuuuck!”

Fast forward four years and this may be your biggest regret. 

9. Being poor is the new rich

You’re broke, living off Koka noodles and black coffee with any spare cash going on whatever nights out you can afford. College will make you appreciate money soooo much more than you ever did before.

10. Nakedness

There's always that one housemate who just cannot keep their clothes on. You've seen their bum more than your own at this stage. 

11. “Oh No … I fancy my housemate"

If it doesn’t happen to you, it’ll happen to your friend. It’s pretty hilarious until one of the people concerned inevitably has to hit the road. 

12. Availing of all of the discounts

Ah how we miss all of those discounts… We still chance our arm, of course, but they always cop the 2012 on our card *dammit*

13. Protesting!

Cutting student grants? Protest! Price of pints in the SU has gone up? Protest! Don’t know what everyone is giving out about? Protest!

14. Clubs and Societies

The ones you’ll join directly relate to the amount of free stuff you will get from them.

15. Boring Weekends

Your Saturday nights consist of bad TV and eating your feelings.

16. Kleptomania


Why do you have a traffic cone, a shopping trolley, 3 wet floor signs, drip mats and road signs in your living room? Because you can, that’s why.

17. Panic

Exams are looming, you’ve done feck all for the whole semester. A few all nighters, pass by compensation, be grand!

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