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Left-handed people don't have it easy.

From the dreaded pencil smudges they lived with in primary school to the awkward high-fives they're forced to endure, it's not easy being a leftie.

But perhaps the fact they're smarter – mathematically speaking –  than right-handed folk may cushion the blow somewhat, right?

According to a research put forth by IFL Science, the right side of a left-handed individual's brain is larger which means their spatial awareness and mental representation of objects is pretty damn good.

Further to this, they have bigger corpus callosums – the area of the brain responsible for connecting the two brain hemispheres.

And what does this mean exactly? Well, it means they are generally capable of processing information at a much faster pace than their right-handed peers.

With the help of 2,300 students, researchers conducted a number of experiments and ultimately concluded that when it comes to mathematical problem-solving, left-handed people performed better than right-handed.

But if you're a right-handed person and feeling pretty put out right now, fear not. The folk behind the research are at pains to stress that only one-third of people with an overly developed right side of the brain are left-handed

This means that there are lots of right-handed people with a similar brain function, so you know, chin up.



If you found yourself contemplating Foundation Level Maths in your Leaving Cert, you'll know only too well that the ol' arithmetic can get the better of most of us.

And while you consoled yourself by saying you'd never have to deal with it again after handing up your final Maths exam in 6th year, the big, bad world proved you wrong, didn't it?

From attempting to figure out high street sale prices to stumbling over group bills in restaurants, you'll know that your lack of skill in the Maths department is something that may well plague you for decades to come.

But don't worry, you're among friends here.

1. Working in retail is particularly difficult if customers change their mind on the amount they’re giving you.

“Oh, look I have a twenty after all! Here, you take this and here’s another ten cent.”

2. Trying to figure out how much you’re saving in a sale is absolutely pointless.

“20% off? Jesus Christ, you literally need a degree to buy a bloody dress.”

3. Countdown is not exactly your favourite TV quiz show.

“Wait now, there’s a 75 in the mix. I’m out.”

4. Being handed the bill during a group dinner is the equivalent of holding a ticking time bomb.

“WHAT?!  Not me! Someone else take it!”

5. Reflecting on your education, you struggle to understand where it all went wrong.

“I’m sure I aced my Mental Maths quizzes up until first class. That must count for something.”

6. Being asked to use a scientific calculator in secondary school felt like detonating a bomb.

“It says ‘error’. Is ‘error’ the right answer?”

7. The thought of helping your future children with their Maths homework brings you out in a sweat.

“They’ll find out my secret. I’ll have to employ someone to do it.”

8. When your teacher started introducing more letters than numbers in class, you officially peaced out.

“Nah, not for me.”

9. You have been known to employ unusual methods to help you navigate your personal finances.

“Just wait! If I fold this twenty euro note in half, I’ll be able to figure it out.

10. You’ve had countless people explain bookies’ odds to you, but you know you’ll never understand it.

“Hahaha oh yeah, I get it now. 13:1. Absolutely.”

11. Any sum that included a decimal AND a fraction is not something you needed in your life

“Nope. Done.”




You might have scored an A1 (okay, a B3) in Honours Maths and still pride yourself on knowing Pythagoras's Theorum, but can you solve this kids' brainteaser?

Twitter has lost it today over a maths puzzle that seems simple at first – until you find out what the right answer ACTUALLY is.

Let's take a look:

If you're anything like us, you'll have confidently concluded that the right answer is 16.

Easy right? Well, not so fast, as the correct answer is in fact 15.

Let's break it down.

Three apples equals 30, so one apple is equal to 10.

An apple and two bunches of bananas is 18, meaning each bunch of bananas is equal to 4.

And a bunch of bananas minus a cocount equals two, meaning each coconut is equal to 2.

Adding up a coconut plus an apple plus a banana, therefore, should leave you with 16 (10 + 4 + 2), until you look a little closer the coconut in the final line:

Yup, it's only half a coconut, meaning the real answer is 15.

Kicking yourself? So are we.