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Those of you considering booking a holiday this summer, please forget any other destinations you had in mind. 

Because this water slide in Texas is where we all NEED to be. 

The video for this water slide has received more than 6million views in less than a week – and for once it's not just the featured bathing-suit clad people that's caught the attention of the internet.

The Royal Flush is certainly not for the faint-hearted: you gather serious pace going down its steep slope before you encounter the ramps at the bottom which propell you into the air.

That might sound scary, but it looks like the most fun ever!

But seriously, if this is what all people in Texas look like, that's enough for us to book a flight. 


We all love going to water parks to enjoy the fun activities and rides, but this is one slide that’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Without any riders or little cars, just sandbags to sit on, this is the most extreme waterslide we’ve ever seen! Watch the video above and ask yourself; will YOU be giving it a try?