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They say the world was made for two, and in the case of the glorious fright-fest that is Halloween, this is doubly true when it comes to the sacred choosing of the costumes. You just have so much MORE choice with another person added to the equation.

And you don't just have to think of a couples' costume as something meant for you and your bae; what about your beloved BFF? The one who always helps you stash the extra vodk… I mean, goodies, as you proudly indulge in a spot of treating and trickery before the main event – the house party (how else are as many peeps as possible going to catch you both at your most fabulous?).

To that end, if you're still stuck for some ideas on what to don in the Halloween couples costume department, we've trawled the Internet for the most eye-catching and hilarious of inspo.

Feel free to recreate these any way you see fit (no judgment. Okay, maybe a little) and don't forget the obligatory dual selfie when the outfits come together on the night.

Happy scrolling!

Soap and Loofah    

Yep, this is real.

Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover 


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Yep, because your plus one might be your furry best friend.

Starbucks coffee conciser and matching latte


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Extra marks for the latte 'foam' here.

The creepy twins from The Shining


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An excellent choice for you and your BFF. 

The lazy gals option


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It's PERFECT tbh.

A pinata and its 'smasher'


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That look of fear.

Peter Rabbit and farmer


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This one disturbs me.

Oreo (and its filling)


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Hilariously adorable.

Alternate couple goals attire


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No introductions needed.



Tomorrow night is the time when all the ghouls and ghosts come out to play and everyone will be all dressed up in their unreal and super clever costume that they thought of/made/bought weeks ago.

And you?

If you're anything like us, you've clicked on this article because you have absolutely no idea what you're gonna wear tomorrow night and it seems like literally everyone in the whole world does. 

But fear not, mere mortal…for we have your lazy ass covered.

Read on to see how you can get ready for the spookiest night of the year in five minutes… 

Wednesday Addams

She's iconic. And oh-so-easy to pull together as a costume if you're stuck.

Plait your hair in two thick braids, throw on a white shirt with a collar under a black dress, black tights and shoes and there you have it. 

Holly Golightely

Any Breakfast at Tiffany's fans?

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn in a simple black dress, a string of pears, a dark sunglasses.

Sweep your hair into an updo and if you have one, a cigarette holder finishes off the look. 

Bubble Bath 

This is soo cute.

Put on a shower cap and stick loads of white balloons to pin onto a t-shirt.

Even the most un-arsed people can manage this one. 

Bread Winner

Wanna have to spend only five minutes getting ready and have a clever costume?

Throw on a plain t-shirt, a fake plastic medal and carry a loaf ofbread.

You're a bread winner! Get it?


This is another so-easy-it-hurts one.

You need: a straw hat, Hawaiian shirt, and a camera, preferably on a strap to hang around your neck. 

Raining Men

Another idea if you have no time/interest is this one.

Grab an umbrella and hang cut-outs of hot guys off it.

Voila – it's raining men. 

Cinema Floor

Dress all in black and stick movie ticket stubs, sweet wrappers etc to yourself and there you have it…you are the floor of a movie theatre.

Not the scariest thing in the world but an easy Halloween costume, and you can't have everything. 


We all know this one…a white bed sheet with holes cut for your eyes and chuck it over you.


Freudian Slip

If you a slip dress handy and some well-know terms coined by Sigmund Freud cut out that you can attach to the dress. Easy and funny.

Happy Halloween lads, stay safe, have fun and do one of these five-minute costume ideas if you're panicking about what to wear. 



It's not just us humans that are showing our support for LGBTQ Pride this month, oh no sir. These gorgeous dogs got in on the action and we can all agree that pooches decked out in rainbow attire are the cutest things ever. #PrideMonthPuppo

The Twitter trend was kick-started by WeRateDogs, and they've been showing snaps of the cutest four-legged creatures dressed up in all the colours of the rainbow. And we couldn't be happier. Supporting LGBTQ rights? Cute dogs in capes? Done.

The account, which was founded by Matt Nelson in 2015, was set up to rate other people's pooches. However, he asked his 6.8million followers to send in pictures of their Pride-supporting hounds for WeRateDogs to rate and repost.

Anything that brings positive attention and support for a cause like LGBTQ rights is a winner in our book. Plus it doesn't hurt that these doggos are absolutely gorgeous to look at. 

Twitter users quickly responded with images of their dogs rocking rainbow caps, wings, ties, bandanas and capes. One tweeted, ''Again? Seriously? We only rate dogs. Please don’t send in any downright magnificent butterflies,'' while another posted their dog Bacon draped in rainbow wings and tassels. 

Pride has been honoured throughout the month of June in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and this week, Dublin Pride has kicked off. 

If you want to join in the Pride festivities and have a furry friend on hand, festoon them in rainbow accessories with the hashtag #PrideMonthPuppo, and tweet it out. People have been really getting on board with the hashtag –  just look at this tutu!

Dublin Pride's main event – the Pride Parade –  takes place this Saturday, June 30th. In the meantime, join us by having a scroll through the hashtag – like c'mon, how adorable are they?! 


The Internet is filled with celeb focused “Where Are They Now” type posts, but few searches produce as glorious results as those for former Buffy star Tom Lenk.

Despite having appeared in How I Met Your Mother, Samantha Who? and The Cabin in the Woods, for many Tom is still best remembered as Andrew Wells from the famed supernatural drama.

Today Tom can be found on Instagram operating an account which is nothing short of wonderful under the name @tommylenk.

To the delight of his 113,000 followers, the 40-year-old actor regularly recreates the outfit choices of some of Hollywood’s best known stars.

Check out some of our favourite looks below:  

Katy Perry:

Sarah Jessica Parker:

Ariana Grande:

Kristen Stewart:




Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:

Prince George:



With access to the best costume departments and makeup artists in the world, if there’s one thing celebrities do well, it’s Halloween.

As Amy Schumer impresses Instagram with her personal take on Stranger Things, Kelly Clarkson has taken to Facebook to channel her inner Sia.

Adopting an oversized white wig for the entire seven minute clip, the first American Idol winner used the social media site to livestream herself singing Chandelier to over 300,000 people this Friday.

The Stronger singer dedicated the unique performance to the 40-year-old Australian, who has previously been involved in writing Kelly’s songs Invincible and Let Your Tears Fall.

While Kelly's costume was pretty basic, the wig certainly offered the star and her fans a glimpse at life as Sia.

Check it out below:


She’s well known for her elegant feminine style, but that doesn’t mean Holly Willoughby won't be playing dress-up this Halloween.

Appearing on this week’s episode of Celebrity Juice, the This Morning presenter channelled her inner rebel by wearing what is likely to be one of this year’s most popular costumes, Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn.

The 35-year-old mother of three embodied Margot Robbie’s character perfectly with fishnet tights, dip-dyed pigtails, red and blue co-ords and a decorated baseball bat.



@celebjuiceofficial #harleyquinn

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Meanwhile, show host Keith Lemon made an epic Sia with a black and white wig, oversized fringe and huge white bow complementing his little white shirt dress.


Me and Ben Shepherd

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Fearne Cotton looked unrecognisable as Angelina Jolie’s dark fairy character, Maleficent, while Joey Essex rocked an orange glow and bleached smile for Donald Trump.


Last nights juice Halloween special  watch it on itv2 in October

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Cotton and Gino

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One Halloween special. Done! I'm sia by the way. Love Sia

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