Vienetta might be pretty old school, but it has such a lovely touch of retro glamour that it's one dessert we can't bear to say goodbye to.

Waves of vanilla or mint ice-cream with thin layers of chocolate in between – does it get any better than that? Well yes, because Romantica, but aside from that we're all about the V.

And this video, filmed on the Vienetta production line , is just so strangely mesmerising that we reckon we could watch it on repeat all day.

First, a layer of melted chocolate is painted over sheets of ice-cream…

Then more ice-cream is added in waves. The waves. LOOK AT THE WAVES.

Plus the obligatory top layer of ice-cream…

And a delicate spray of chocolate *faints*

Then finally, the Massive Vienetta is sliced into lots of Regular Vienettas.

Watch the full video here. Be warned though, it's addictive, and you'll most likely want a large slice of Vienetta afterwards.