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HB Ice Cream are getting their science caps on and delivering the research we both need and deserve: Ireland's top new language terms.

The bizarre evolution of our generation's language is mainly clocked down to social media, with social-speak invading 70 percent of all real life (IRL) conversations for young people.

The HBae summer campaign has named the top terms for the country's summer, with 'YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS', 'Vibes' and 'Can't Even' leading the pack. 

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We truly are living our best lives this summer, with that term tagged in almost half of the most popular summer content this season.

'Bae' is another word we love to hate in Ireland, with 'fleek' coming in second as the most despised phrase.

HBae O'Clock is a series of flash ice cream giveaways celebrating Ireland's language evolution, and all we can say is: Treat Yo'Self. 

It turns out that keyboard chatter is massive in the Emerald Isle, with a whopping third of young Irish adults admitting to chatting through social channels over 20 times a day. Relax there, lads.

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HB is encouraging the great Irish public to prep themselves for a flurry of 'kween', 'YAAAAASSSSSSS', 'holibobs', 'this one', 'vibes', 'stun' and '#deserved' tags taking over the social media grid.

Research shows that 10 percent of Dublin, Connacht and Ulster are set to scream ‘YAAAAASSSSSSS’ this summer, while 12 percent Munster are saying 'Not Able' (N'able)

11 percent of Leinster (all of South Dublin, bae-sically) say we're all about dem 'vibes'.

Obviously. 68 percent of speakers in the land are native in Ireland's newest social media slang lingo and 90 percent of that group admit that it helps them connect with friends.

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Our language doesn't stop online, social media speak is now invading 70 percent of all conversations in person. Awks.

Ireland is 'living it's best life' this summer, with the term tagged in almost half of the most popular content this season. 81 percent of young Irish people use the term 'holibops', 'sunny dzay' and 'festi-gals'.

60 percent of us are willing to post holiday pics and 19 percent will post ice-cream photos or selfies with '#deserved' becoming a top tag for ice cream posters.

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The most annoying social media terms in Leinster with 38 percent of the vote are 'nom noms', 70 percent of people voted for 'bae' and 'not able' is also up there in the most annoying pile.

'Fleek' and 'holibops' are also getting under people's skin, but the terms show no sign of slowing down. Soz not soz. We're surprised 'shook' wasn't mentioned, personally.

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HBae O'Clock is giving away flash ice cream giveaways to celebrate the research of our most prevalent social terms, giving us our fave tasty treats all summer long.

Simply tag  #HBaeoclock every Friday to be in with a chance to grab them ice cream cones before anyone else gets their paws on them.

Seeing as there's a damn HEATWAVE going on all over the world (*cough* climate breakdown *cough*) why not celebrate the world coming to an end with some liquid sugar?


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Social media addict and presenter James Kavanagh says;

 “Sunnier days are in sight baes and we’re looking to reward all of you stunning kweens with the tastiest treats for helping develop the language of our generation, STUN!

"Get your hands on a refreshing Twister, classic Cornetto, a gorge Iceberger or my fave – a cheeky Brunch and go wild on the social speak and HB pics tagging #HBaeoclock every Friday to be in with the chance to win.”

To find out more about HB this summer, search @HBIreland on Twitter and Instagram.


If this is an April Fool's joke we're going to be very annoyed…

HB Ice Cream has announced today that we can say so-long to the Iceberger, because apparently, they're being discontinued.

Yep, shock, horror.

A spokesperson for the company said today: “It’s with regret that we say goodbye to this all-time classic – the decision to delist Iceberger is one we know will sadden ice cream lovers across Ireland. 

"Icebergers will be available in select stores nationwide for a limited time only until stocks last.”

We literally can't…


Whether the sun is shining or not, our mind generally wanders towards ice cream which is why we are all OVER HB Hazelbrook Farm’s incredible new campaign.

By creating your favourite Sundae and simply tweeting a snap before tucking in, you’ll be able to do your bit for charity AND satisfy your sweet tooth.

Talk about your guilt-free indulging, girls.

While they’ve raised more than €3,000,000 for Down Syndrome Ireland over the past 15 years, the good folk at HB don’t intend to stop there, but they DO need your help.

So after registering here, all you need to worry about is gatherin' up the crew, poppin' the ice cream lids and partyin’ in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland.

If ever there was a reason to mill through the ice cream, this is it ladies!



Vienetta might be pretty old school, but it has such a lovely touch of retro glamour that it's one dessert we can't bear to say goodbye to.

Waves of vanilla or mint ice-cream with thin layers of chocolate in between – does it get any better than that? Well yes, because Romantica, but aside from that we're all about the V.

And this video, filmed on the Vienetta production line , is just so strangely mesmerising that we reckon we could watch it on repeat all day.

First, a layer of melted chocolate is painted over sheets of ice-cream…

Then more ice-cream is added in waves. The waves. LOOK AT THE WAVES.

Plus the obligatory top layer of ice-cream…

And a delicate spray of chocolate *faints*

Then finally, the Massive Vienetta is sliced into lots of Regular Vienettas.

Watch the full video here. Be warned though, it's addictive, and you'll most likely want a large slice of Vienetta afterwards.



Today is Cinco de Mayo – when Mexicans celebrate their national identity with a series of festivities and parties.

And while traditional Mexican fare is usually on the menu to mark the occasion – think spicy shrimp cocktail, tortilla bean soup, and cheesy nachos – we’re definitely a huge fan of HB’s twist on convention: a Mexican-inspired Cornetto taco.

Yup, this taco-shaped crispy waffle shell is filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, and is topped off with a delicious chocolate and peanut-flecked layer.

Oh and it's in fridges right now, priced at €1.80.

HB said today: “We’re bringing a Mexican twist to the Cornetto range and we reckon people are going to go loco for Cornetto Taco.”

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we don’t care if it’s raining out – it’s officially May and a HB Cornetto taco sounds almost obscenely delicious. Hola!


If you remember the glorious summers of the ’90s, than you no doubt remember cooling down with a delicious Fat Frog.

While HB no longer makes the delicious ice lolly, they have hinted that our favourite treat might be making a comeback next summer!

Radio station, Spin 103.8 were tweeting the ice cream brand about their Funny Feet ice lolly, when one Twitter user questioned if the frog shaped ice pop will ever be ever returning to our stores.

HB replied to the user and said “anything is possible”, we hope that means a yes, because we will definitely need something nice to cool down with if we get another heat wave in 2015.