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There's nothing like a new, weird makeup trend on a Monday morning, and this latest one is really bizarre. 


Say hello to my thighs. Am i mutating? Lolz! #face #art #thighface

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A number of people have decided that face makeup is old news, and have taken to doing full makeovers… on their thighs. 


Closer look  #thighmakeup #cutcrease

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We're not talking some lipstick and a splash of eyeshadow, these Instagram users are contouring their thighs, sticking on eyelashes, and making sure that their brows are on fleek. 



A video posted by Aspiring MUA  (@beatbylanah) on

If you can ignore the fact that this is strange, it's actually extremely impressive. 


Thigh makeup art (inspired by @_glambycarolina_ ) 

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Some of the looks achieved are absolutely gorgeous, and if you look closely you actually forget that it's a thigh, because they really look like faces. 

We also cannot help but think that this is a great way to practice makeup skills, without sitting infront of a mirror. 

This trend is set to be massive in 2017, so keep an eye (and a thigh) out for it!


We first saw them on the runway of the Marni Spring/Summer 2013 show, but blurred lips are BACK, and better than ever. 

That's right ladies, blurred lipstick is set to be one of 2017's biggest beauty trends, and we are loving it. 

Last year brought use finely lined lips (Kylie Jenner, we love your work), and perfectly precise pouts. 

This year is going to be a little bit more grunge, with an almost smudged effect taking over the beauty-sphere. 


Blurred lines and the perfect tool youblush.com #blurredlips #redlips #unperfect #youblush

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According to Cosmopolitan, you must "start off by dabbing some concealer on the outer edges of your lips. Then apply a lipstick in the colour of your choice to the centre of your lips."



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Using a bold shade, "use your fingers or a lip brush to lightly pat some more lipstick on the rest of your lips. This will help to create a gradient effect where it looks like the lipstick fades into your skin."

How FAB-U-LOUS are these? 


Nothing excites us more than seeing the latest make-up trends while scrolling through Instagram.

Well, the latest phase to hit the world of beauty is crystal lips, and they are unreal. 

Now we appreciate the fact that they are not exactly the go-to look for a night out, as we reckon they'd make drinking and speaking very difficult.

Despite that we simply cannot deny how darn pretty and photogenic these lips are. 

Johanna Adams is a New York based make-up artist who has risen to fame for her crystal lip looks. 

If you want to recreate these amazing lips, then take note of the following:

“The crystal look is achieved by a process of mixing and layering. I start a mixture of a colour, the gloss and the crystals and press and distribute it on my lips. I then take just loose glitter and press on more to finish the crystalized appearance.” 

Each of these fab looks takes up to an hour to create, but they are totally worth it! 




For years people have been begging for greater diversity on fashion runways and it seems designer Moto Guo has taken it upon himself to answer that call in a very unique way.

Along with gingham separates and double-breasted blazers, Moto marched pimples down his debut runway for Milan Men’s Fashion Week.

The Malaysian designer employed MAC makeup artist Roberta Betti to help create the spotty look, which worked so well it looked like the male and female models actually had cystic acne.

In case you want to recreate the look, Roberta has kindly revealed the products she used for the show on her Instagram: MAC’s Mahogany Lip Liner and Coffee Eye Pencil.

Although we’re not sure we’ll be sporting this look in the near future, at least the next a pimple appears we’ll know to give Moto a call.


The bubble nail trend went viral last week as we saw all the weird and wonderful designs flood the internet.

But as it's a new week, there's a new nail trend on the horizon. And this time it's all about denim! We love a good pair of skinny jeans as much as the next person, but pulling the trend off on your nails might be a bit more tricky.

But at least you can say goodbye to summery pastels and sunshine neon colours: this look is just about perfect for autumn. 

We searched online for the best and easiest tutorial to have your nails as glam as they can be.

Japanese YouTube beauty user, Yagala, uses a denim-look nail polish but any dark navy or blue nail polish will suffice.



We've heard of some crazy beauty trends in SHEmazing HQ (hungover make up anyone?) but this one tops them all off.

The new craze is scalp Botox: a rescue remedy for stopping your head sweating… and in turn stop you from getting greasy hair.

Has no one heard of dry-shampoo?!

By now we've all heard our fair share of beauty experts telling us that we shouldn't wash our hair every day as it will cause damage and actually increase oil production. But would you go this fair? 

Dr Dendy Engelman, a dermatologic surgeon is one of the first professionals to carry out the procedure and she explains how it works: "I first preps the scalp with alcohol, then I apply anywhere from 100 to 200 injections, depending on the location of the sweating".

This sounds like it would come with plenty of ouch-factor, but the doctor assures us that it is "relatively pain free" and only takes from ten to 20 minutes to carry out. 

Dr Engelman also states that there are no bad side effects after getting the procedure done and in half of the cases patients actually experience increased hair growth. 

Still sounds a bit too scary to us!