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We're having a fashion moment but honestly, we can't decide our emotions about the latest trend. One Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's latest outfit is a borderline optical illusion.

Kendall Jenner has been known far and wide to adore denim, constantly ditching floaty dresses or skirts in favour of ripped jeans in all shapes and forms.

The model stepped out in West Hollywood wearing a pair of wide-leg mom jeans by Olivia Øblanc with a frayed trim detail…but things weren't as they seemed.

Image: Instagram/@oliviaoblanc

The jeans were BACKWARDS. The 23-year-old makes some edgy fashion choices and rolls out the outfit inspiration, but the Calabasas-native's jeans are just mind-boggling.

Image: Instagram/@oliviaoblanc

The 'Unisex Double Front Frayed Jeans' are made of two separate pairs of recycled jeans, sewn together to make a trippy denim hybrid.

Kendall managed to make the outfit look as stylish as can be, as per usual.

If you're interested in grabbing a pair for yourself, you can nab them for a cool $175 (€156) on the Olivia Oblanc website here.

Feature image: Instagram/@kendalljenner



We all dream of succeeding in our careers, whether you’re a nurse, a florist or a journalist. We can all admit that we’ve daydreamed about becoming an Oscar winning actress or perhaps the founder of a successful fashion brand like Irish entrepreneur sisters Malindi and Elena Demery.

The empowering duo have strived in the fashion world since starting their company Malena Fashion. However, running your own company can be stressful at the best of times. Luckily, the girls have a solution for the bad days. They said one thing that keeps them going is appreciating even the smallest achievements, stressing that women should always believe in themselves.

Both Malindi and Elena admitted they were nervous about being a woman in the business industry. Females have been underestimated and disrespected for far too long, but the sisters have only gone from strength to strength since launching their company.

The pair have exceeded an astonishing €3 million turnover annually as the exclusive distributors of Freddy Jeans in the UK and Ireland, and the brains behind Malena Fashion.

The girls’ dad has always been part of the fashion business, so they “were always involved in one way or another.”

It was their dad’s positive attitude that motivated them on the days when work was daunting and their dreams felt like they were out of reach.

“He always finds the good even in the most negative situations. He showed us there’s always a silver lining,” they shared.

They've clearly inherited is upbeat attitude. The girls extended their words of wisdom to the young women of Ireland, who recently collected their exam results. 

Thousands of students are faced with massive decisions to make about their future, but the sisters admitted that regardless of how well you do, not even bad results can stop you from pursuing your dreams.

“Go at your own pace. Once you care about what you do you’ll go for it. Grades should never stop you from doing what you love” they said.


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Celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Vogue Williams and even the princess of pop Britney Spears have been spotted rocking the popular Freddy Jeans, but the sisters said the jeans are for every woman, no matter what her size or age.

They explained that the best thing about Freddy Jeans is how good you feel in them. We all know how daunting shopping for jeans is. Some are too long, others are too tight, finding the perfect pair can feel like mission impossible.

Elena and Malindi explained that the jeans are loved by everyone, from 18-year-old students to 60-year-old grandmothers. One store that sells the well-loved jeans recently told the girls that an 87-year-old woman purchased a pair of high waist Freddy Jeans, proving that it doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can wear them.

The ultra stretchy fabric will leave you feeling super confident, whether you’re a size six or 16. The girls recommend snapping up a pair of the classic black jeans as we get closer to the winter months.

We are all guilty of buying a cheap pair of jeans for a tenner, but the fashion experts recommend investing in pieces that will see you through many winters.

The sisters stressed the importance of avoiding fast fashion. Spending that little bit extra on a pair of Freddy Jeans or on a snuggly cashmere jumper from luxury brand Rosamund is a wiser move. “The pieces will stay with you forever.”


We all get to a stage where our favourite jeans have been worn so much that they total lose their shape.

What were once figure hugging, tight skinny jeans are now just ill-fitted, shapeless pieces of denim.  

However, while this is a total pain in the a**, there are ways to get your jeans back to their former glory, and were here to help. 

Check out these brilliant clothing hacks that will bring your denim to life: 

Vintage jeans


1. Turn up the heat

Put your jeans in the washing machine and run them through a standard washing cycle. Set the machine to the hottest water level possible. Use detergent and liquid fabric softener as usual. Detergent will not reduce the effectiveness of this technique, and fabric softener can actually help to prevent the jeans from becoming too stiff as they shrink. As soon as you remove your jeans from the washing machine, transfer them to your dryer. Dry the jeans completely using the hottest setting possible.

2. Be specific

If you only want to shrink, say, the thigh or waist section of jeans, it's extremely simple. Mix 3/4 cup hot water with 1/4 cup fabric softener, pour the mixture in a spray bottle, and shake to combine. Cover the entire area you want to shrink with the mixture, and then dry on the highest heat setting possible. Important note: air drying won't work.

boots, cardigan, denim

3. Boil em'

Heat a big pot of water until it reaches a bubbling boil, then toss hour jeans in, making sure they are fully submerged. Leave them boiling for 20 to 30 minutes, drain as much as possible, and then dry on high heat. This method is similar to the whole washer dryer one, but will cause more dramatic shrink.

4. Iron them

Wash your jeans using hot water – you can use a standard hot water cycle in your washing machine or you can boil the jeans in hot water. Throw your jeans into the dryer and dry until they are damp but not soaked. Set your dryer on its highest heat setting, then iron the jeans until dry. Place your damp jeans on the ironing board and iron until they're totally dry.

5. Have a bath

For an extremely snug fit, wear your jeans in the hottest bath your body can tolerate. Once the water cools, get out of the bath, and keep your jeans on until they dry. We appreciate that this probably sounds a bit mad, but the jeans will then hug your figure perfectly!

Brown Button on Blue Denim Bottom



Jean shopping can be a nightmare at the best of times. 

You enter the dressing room with an arm full of denim and a heart full of hope, and exit with a sense of frustration you never quite knew was possible. 

Too big, to small, too long, too wide – you could easily try on 50 pairs and still go home empty handed. 


A post shared by Topshop (@topshop) on

However, one high-street store wants to change the way we shop for jeans by making it easier to fit that perfect fit. 

Topshop have answered all our prayers with the  introduction of 'in-between' sizes for those of us who just don't fit in the traditional measurements. 

Can I get an Amen? 

It comes as the brand launches its new Denim Campaign which features various new styles if jeans for the upcoming season. 


A post shared by Topshop (@topshop) on

According to Topshop's website, the half-sizes are available in sizes W25, W27, W29 and W31, and for the styles Jamie, Joni, Mom, Straight, Jamie Flare, and crop.

The half-sizes are already available to buy online meaning the perfect pair of jeans is just a few clicks away. 



Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be frustrating at the best of times – if the waist fits, the legs are too baggy and if the fit is good the colour if probably off.

It's a real struggle, and when you're 5ft 3 or under, that struggle is even harder. 

With so many different shapes and styles to choose from, it can sometimes seem easier to stick with what you know – however, when it comes to expanding your denim collection, having an open mind is key. 

From relaxed fit to pinstripe skinnies, here's our pick of some of the best styles, perfect for any petite frame. 

The Mom Jean 

Petite Farleigh Slim Mom Jeans In Washed Black

€43.24 – ASOS

The Statement Colour 


Red Ripped Hem Skinny Hallie Jeans

€29.99 – New Look

The Relaxed Fit

V by Very Petite Slim Leg Boyfriend Jean – Indigo

€36.00 – Littlewoods Ireland

The Classic Skinnies 

 Petite Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Jeans In Clean Black

€33.78 – ASOS

The High Waist

Petite Black Eyelet Lace Up High Waist Skinny Jeans

€39.99 – New Look 

The Ripped Jean 

Petite black Alannah ripped skinny jeans

€50.00 – River Island 

The Pinstripe 

Petite Libby Stretch Stripe Tube Jean

€29.00 – Boohoo



When will the madness stop?

We're not even halfway through, but 2017 has already brought us more denim faux pas than we care to remember. 

'Knee windows', clear plastic jeans, detachable short-trousers and now this – the '2 Jeans Dress.'

You guessed it, a dress made out of two pairs of upside-down, denim jeans. 

Just because.  

The silhouette of the jeans is still clear to see and the buttons, pockets and even loop hole are all still intact. 

It's a bold statement to say the least, and one we're kind of hoping won't take off. 

Shopbop are selling the questionable garment for €401, but we don't imagine they'll be out of stock any time soon. 




Every now and again, a fashion item comes around that divides the nation and causes a bit of confusion. 

From latex leggins to platform runners, sometimes the weirder side of fashion can cause major debate.

Topshop recently came under criticism for their 'clear knee' jeans, but their latest style of jean is a step (or a leap) further. 

Forget plastic knees, how about plastic pants?

The newest style of trousers on the Topshop website is the MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans, retailing for €76.00, and they are, as you may have gathered, totally see through.

Or, as some Twitter users have pointed out, they 'defeat the entire purpose' of wearing jeans. 

While there is definitely some scope to potentially style these up for a festival or some kind of out-there rave type of scenario, we can't really imagine anyone strolling down Grafton street in these on a Saturday morning. 

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2017 is fast becoming the year of bizarre fashion.

Last month Topshop brought us the clear-panel mom jeans, and now Levi’s presents, the bum zip!


#VETEMENTSxLEVIS @mytheresa.com @kevingiacco

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Yep. Vetements have collaborated with Levi’s on a range of high-rise, distressed denim jeans that you zip up the back.

But why? Well, no one really knows tbh.

They also zip all the down the legs for reasons we're not entirely sure of. 

Honesty, we don't see this trend catching on any time soon.

Especially considering these designer jeans will set you back a massive € 1,450. 

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Every now and again, a fashion item comes around that divides the nation.

From fluffy sliders to Juicy Couture track suits, sometimes the weirder side of fashion can cause  major debate.

Now, Topshop is getting quite a few questions about their new style of jean.

The "clear knee mom jeans" feature a clear plastic panel at the knees.

Kind of like windows to the knees, if you will.  

Twitter is in uproar over the style, as people feel that they are just plain ridiculous.

The jeans have been dubbed "ugly" and a sign that we are "living in dark times." Slightly over-dramatic. 

 Priced at around €68.00, the patella ponchos are not going down well at all. 

While the denim and perspex pair of pants is definitely on the daring side, we don't think they look that bad.

 However, we do wonder what purpose these panels could actaully serve?

I guess they'd keep your jeans dry if you needed to kneel to tie your shoe lace, but other than that, it must just be one of those fashion things. 

Twitter users have also taken to mocking another pair of Topshop denims, which feature a mesh skirt overlay.

They're really not getting an easy time from fashion critics today, are they? 



Jeans are the cornerstone of a good, solid wardrobe, and thankfully Penneys have just launched the denim collection of dreams

You have your black, high waisted pair for hitting the town, your ripped up on-trend blue denims, and your slouchy mom jeans for brunching.

However, the bargain high street store isn't restricting it's new spring collection to just jeans. 

Black skinny dungarees €21, White wide-legged dungarees €19

Oh no, every Irish girl's favourite affordable fashion store is coming up with cool new denim concepts for spring 2017.

This includes a pair of very Kendall Jener-worthy black skinny dungarees, as well as some contemporary white denim wide-legged dungarees.

Blue denim jacket €25, Black denim jacket €35

Statement, embroidered jackets have been doing the rounds lately, and a loose denim style is a great alternative to winters heavy embroidered biker jackets. 

Whether you want simple embroidered florals, some stencilled lettering or a full on scene from the tropics, Penneys is serving up some seriously summery looks. 

Crop top €13, Mom jeans €19

Keeping with springs obsession with embroidered everything, Penneys is introducing a seriously stylish embroidered denim co-ord.

While the pieces would look divine as separates, the double denim look could even work for the office with a white shirt under the crop top and a blazer over top. 

Blue jeans €19, Stonewashed jeans €19, Frilled jeans €17

No denim collection would be complete without some amazing jeans, and Penneys has added a whopping 19 new pairs to it's spring line up. 

Paint speckled, ripped and distressed denims feature heavily, as do some seriously stone washed styles. Our favourite has to be the frilled it-jeans that have taken over our Instagrams lately.

No one will believe you when you say "thanks hun, Penneys." 



ASOS is renowned for their speedy delivery, millions of fashion options and their handy returns service.

A man called Micah from California will be pretty thankful for that returns policy, after he received a pair of jeans fit for giant.

The pants, which were claiming to be 32 inches long, comically swamped Micah's legs and left a good six inches of denim trailing on the floor.

This is not the first time these jeans have made an appearance, after other Twitter users made similar complaints during the summer. 

The posts went viral as the ridiculous length of the jeans was both obvious and hilarious. 

ASOS responded in a statement in June, saying that the pants were indeed "cut longer" and that the impossibly long pants were intended to give a "gathered effect" at the ankles.

This"effect" seems to be far too fashion forward for Twitter, where users ridiculed the brand's attempt at explaining the crazily long pants.

However, if you have supermodel pins, these jeans could be just what you're looking for. 


Move over the LBD; stand aside the festive frock – because party jeans are having their moment in the spotlight this Christmas. And we are totally on board.

Each December, we spend ages trawling the shops and online in search of the perfect party dress, and we are always spoiled for choice with an array of shiny, shimmering sequinned numbers.

But what about those of us who aren't feeling the frock phenomenon? We want a stylish alternative that's as glamorous as the party dress and inspires just as much confidence – so, this year, we're building our Christmas wardrobe around our favourite jeans.

music video dancing 90s desert janet jackson

We have collaborated with POCO by Pippa O'Connor and River Island to bring you a selection of alternative party looks, and each one is to die for.

The statement sweater

Heading for a few casual drinks with an old friend, and struggling with the smart-casual dress code? Style-dilemma solved! Simply team your party jeans with a trophy sweater, and you're prepared for any and every situation. This look is comfy and cosy, but it still oozes festive cheer and class.



Gold tinsel knit Christmas jumper, River Island, €50

'The Saturday Night' jeans, POCO. €110

Shemazing!'s own shoes

The metallic top

If you only invest in one top this festive season, we'd make a serious case for a metallic number. This gold cold-shouldered piece just screams 'Christmas', and when paired with a great pair of jeans like these POCOs, it will take you anywhere.



Gold pleated bardot top, River Island, €25

'The Saturday Night' jeans, POCO. €110

Shemazing!'s own shoes

The trophy jacket

Embroidery and brocade are adding a quirky twist to festive style this season, and the best way to parade a piece like this is to team it with your favourite denims. This cami-and-jeans pairing is sleek, chic and understated – allowing that epic jacket to do all of the talking.


Gold jacquard floral blazer coat, River Island, €120

Gold metallic lace trim cami top, River Island, €30

'The Saturday Night' jeans, POCO. €110

Shemazing!'s own shoes

The 'Audrey' look 

Just because everyone around you is donning unicorn sequins for the party season, doesn't mean you can't still stun in an amazing all-black ensemble. Set the tone of cool sophistication with your party jeans, and rock Audrey Hepburn vibes by layering with a simple black top and blazer. Embellishments like these pearls will really make the outfit pop.



Black ruched sleeve blazer, River Island, €73

Black embellished neck choker top, River Island, €40

'The Saturday Night' jeans, POCO. €110

Shemazing!'s own shoes

There's only one rule of the season, ladies: be confident, feel amazing, and have FUN!