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Gwyneth Paltrow has confirmed her marriage to TV producer Brad Falchuk by posting the most beautiful photo from her wedding day.

The couple were joined by their nearest and dearest at a private ceremony in the Hamptons, New York this weekend.

Gwyneth’s mum couldn’t help but gush about her daughter's special day, describing it to reporters as “the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen.”


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The Shallow Hal actress took to Instagram to show off her gorgeous wedding band and we’re sure it cost a pretty penny.

She shared an intimate snap of her hand placed on the American Horror Story producer’s hand. The pair wore matching gold bands in the snap that has amassed over 266,000 likes in less than a day.

Fans couldn’t help but swoon over the romantic shot: “I wish you all the best. I love you and hope he brings you all the happiness in the world.”


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“Amazing rings. Simple and beautiful,” said another.

“I wish you a life full of love, happiness and joy with your husband,” another wrote.

The lovebirds announced their engagement in the January of this year by posing on the front cover of Goop magazine.

Speaking about finding love again with Brad, the Iron Man actress shared: “I have decided to give it a go again, not only because I believe I have found the man I was meant to be with, but because I have accepted the soul-stretching, pattern-breaking opportunities that (terrifyingly) are made possible by intimacy.”

She’s shared a snap of the rings, now we can only hope Gwyneth will give us a glimpse at her stunning wedding dress.



So, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are obviously relationship goals, and Blake's second wedding ring is just one more example of that. 

The Gossip Girl star took to Instagram this week to showcase an adorable accessory that we definitely want once we find a Ryan Reynolds of our own. 


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The mum-of-two gave a glimpse of her personalised Mrs R ring, which is too cute for words.

The ring is by jewellery designer Alison Lou, a firm favourite with celebs. 

We actually don't even have to wait to find our dream partner, because the designer does a line of Ms rings too. 

The personal rings come in three different colours, rose gold, gold and silver.

They can also be customised with one of five different precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and black diamonds. 

We may have to purchase one of our own. 


If we didn't love her enough already, Mila Kunis has given us yet another reason to think she's one of the soundest stars in the business.

After recently revealing that she and Ashton started off as friends with benefits, Mila then gave viewers of  The Late Late Show a pretty detailed description of the actor's manhood, and now she's spilling deets on the cost of her wedding ring.

While appearing on Conan this week, the Black Swan star acknowledged she has a bit of a reputation for thriftiness, and it turns out this extends to the most important piece of jewellery in her collection.

After telling the audience that Ashton had bought her a stunning engagement ring, the 32-year-old actress admitted she wasn't content with the idea of splashing thousands on a wedding ring, and opted instead to pick one up for €90 on Etsy instead.

Proving he's the flasher one in the relationship, Ashton splashed out an extra $10 and is now sporting a ring from a website we normally get our cutest birthday cards from.

Never change guys, never change.



Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but denim is a girl's best lover.

Say what?

Yup, it's not good news for the boys: a new report has now revealed that women hang onto their clothes longer than they hang onto their men.

While the average relationship lasts only two years and nine months, a woman's favourite piece of clothing, a pair of blue jeans, lasts more than three years. 

The research, which appeared yesterday in the The Sun on Sunday, shows that nearly half of denim devotees keep their favourite pair of jeans as it makes them feel more confident, and more than a third say they either look great or feel cosy in jeans. 

However, a worrying factor from the survey revealed that BOTH men and women admitted they rather lose their wedding ring than their favourite bit of clobber. 

And 90 percent confessed that they would be gutted if they lost their cherished items, while ten per cent said they rather lose their… mother-in-law!

The survey, which was conducted by Colour Catcher, furthermore revealed that many of us keep clothes we don't wear in the hope they will either come back into fashion, fit us again or because they remind us of good times. 

So, would you swap your boyf for your favourite pair of blue jeans? 



Lily Allen has just finished supporting Miley Cryrus on her Bangerz tour, but it looks like it might have taken its toll on her marriage to Sam Cooper.

There have been reports about how Cooper wasn’t happy with how Lily was behaving on tour, and now the singer has been spotted hanging out with her ex Seb Chew, without her wedding or engagement ring.

She was also spotted a couple of days ago wearing her wedding ring, but looking visibly upset.

Could this be the end of her marriage?

We really hope not – Lily has always gushed about what a great dad and husband Cooper is, so we’re sure they can work it out. Perhaps she’s just sent her ring to get fixed – we’re keeping positive!