People are hilariously confused about these weird Topshop jeans


Every now and again, a fashion item comes around that divides the nation.

From fluffy sliders to Juicy Couture track suits, sometimes the weirder side of fashion can cause  major debate.

Now, Topshop is getting quite a few questions about their new style of jean.

The "clear knee mom jeans" feature a clear plastic panel at the knees.

Kind of like windows to the knees, if you will.  

Twitter is in uproar over the style, as people feel that they are just plain ridiculous.

The jeans have been dubbed "ugly" and a sign that we are "living in dark times." Slightly over-dramatic. 

 Priced at around €68.00, the patella ponchos are not going down well at all. 

While the denim and perspex pair of pants is definitely on the daring side, we don't think they look that bad.

 However, we do wonder what purpose these panels could actaully serve?

I guess they'd keep your jeans dry if you needed to kneel to tie your shoe lace, but other than that, it must just be one of those fashion things. 

Twitter users have also taken to mocking another pair of Topshop denims, which feature a mesh skirt overlay.

They're really not getting an easy time from fashion critics today, are they?