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There are always one or two nail trends doing the rounds on Instagram, and the Unistella Nail Trend page is where nail art lovers can find the beginnings of most of them.

We noticed a new style emerging on the Unistella page, and we're kind of obsessed with it. 

Dubbed the high heel nail by the nail salon, these gorgeous and wonderfully simple nails are the stuff of minimalist dreams.

The concept is pretty simple, the nails have a thick stripe in the centre, usually with negative space on either side to mimic a high heel. 

Some styles do the opposite, with a strip of negative space sandwiched between pillars of colour. 

Some of the nail artists at Unistella have also incorporated the wire nail trend into the look, blending the two trends in the coolest way.

This look is best left to the professionals, but if you're dying to get the high heel nail look, try using masking tape or contouring tape to cover up the areas that you want to be negative space, and paint the rest.

When you peel off the masking tape, you should be left with clean lines just like the ones at Unistella.

Here's a few more of our faves: 





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Kim Kardashian has had a triumphant return to social media, now regularly updating her Snapchat and Instagram with photos of her life.

One thing she often shares is her glam routine, and a certain set of elaborate nails really caught our attention recently.

The star uploaded a video showing off her freshly pierced nails, each complete with two or three gold hoops.

The pierced nail look definitely isn't new, but Kim's extreme take on the style is pretty note worthy.

The reality TV queen has been a little obsessed with piercing lately, regularly wearing a fake diamond hoop on her lower lip. 

However, we can't help but think of all the things that would suddenly be a major struggle if we adorned our finger tips with jingly hoops.


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Buttoning up a shirt would be extremely inconvenient, as would running your fingers through your hair or applying fake eyelashes.

And there's no way you would be able to do something finicky like put in actual hoop earrings.

While the look is pretty cool for a fashion show or a photo shoot, it might not be all that practical for real life.


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However, some of the pierced nail looks dotted around Instagram showcase a more subtle take on the trend, one that we could consider getting behind.

Although some of them remind us of those phone charms everyone used to add to their old Nokias, the look is cute if impractical.

Here's a few of our faves.


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Nail trends come and go, and after a few seasons of extreme looks like fur nails, knitted nails and the flip manicure, we're ready for a more subtle way to express yourself using your nails.

Wire nail art is the minimalist, futuristic manicure of our dreams, and the artistic look is high on our must-try list. 

The trend comes from the entrepreneurial Unistella nail salon, which is renowned for its revolutionary nail looks. 

The look varies from creating aerodynamic arched tips, cuticle embellishments and artfully crafted all-over designs. 

"When you make neon signs, you have to bend the wires to make certain lettering," Unistella owner Eun Kyung Park explained to Marie Claire.  

"It's one long wire that's bent to create and connect the letters. I thought this was really cool and since nails are an accessory, I wanted it to be used for expression. Like rings."

Using painstaking precision, Park contorts the thin wire to her every whim using a tweezers and a hell of a lot od dedicated concentration. 


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This look is best lest to the professionals, but if you're doing it DIY, it's important to remember to give the wire a perfect finish so it doesn't snag on clothes or damage your skin (anyone who took metalwork in school can attest to this).

 While this look may be a little high maintenance, we're dying to try it out.

To the hardware shop we go. 



The perfect winter night in involves Netflix, a great glass of vino and a cosy knitted sweater.

This season, cosy knits are no longer reserved for jumpers, scarves and cosy cardigans, the seasonal texture is now the prettiest nail pattern Instagram has to offer.

 Cable knit nails are trending, and the 3D design has captured our hygee-loving hearts. 

The raised texture might be a little hard to replicate if you're doing a DIY job, but if you bring photos to any good nail salon they can achieve the look using a 3D gel polish.

 The results are pretty amazing, and look very Insta-worthy when wrapped around a steaming mug of festive hot chocolate.

If you;re looking for more likes this Christmas, these nails could be the way to go. 


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The bubble nail trend went viral last week as we saw all the weird and wonderful designs flood the internet.

But as it's a new week, there's a new nail trend on the horizon. And this time it's all about denim! We love a good pair of skinny jeans as much as the next person, but pulling the trend off on your nails might be a bit more tricky.

But at least you can say goodbye to summery pastels and sunshine neon colours: this look is just about perfect for autumn. 

We searched online for the best and easiest tutorial to have your nails as glam as they can be.

Japanese YouTube beauty user, Yagala, uses a denim-look nail polish but any dark navy or blue nail polish will suffice.