These clear plastic jeans are confusing everyone right now


Every now and again, a fashion item comes around that divides the nation and causes a bit of confusion. 

From latex leggins to platform runners, sometimes the weirder side of fashion can cause major debate.

Topshop recently came under criticism for their 'clear knee' jeans, but their latest style of jean is a step (or a leap) further. 

Forget plastic knees, how about plastic pants?

The newest style of trousers on the Topshop website is the MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans, retailing for €76.00, and they are, as you may have gathered, totally see through.

Or, as some Twitter users have pointed out, they 'defeat the entire purpose' of wearing jeans. 

While there is definitely some scope to potentially style these up for a festival or some kind of out-there rave type of scenario, we can't really imagine anyone strolling down Grafton street in these on a Saturday morning. 

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