Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but denim is a girl's best lover.

Say what?

Yup, it's not good news for the boys: a new report has now revealed that women hang onto their clothes longer than they hang onto their men.

While the average relationship lasts only two years and nine months, a woman's favourite piece of clothing, a pair of blue jeans, lasts more than three years. 

The research, which appeared yesterday in the The Sun on Sunday, shows that nearly half of denim devotees keep their favourite pair of jeans as it makes them feel more confident, and more than a third say they either look great or feel cosy in jeans. 

However, a worrying factor from the survey revealed that BOTH men and women admitted they rather lose their wedding ring than their favourite bit of clobber. 

And 90 percent confessed that they would be gutted if they lost their cherished items, while ten per cent said they rather lose their… mother-in-law!

The survey, which was conducted by Colour Catcher, furthermore revealed that many of us keep clothes we don't wear in the hope they will either come back into fashion, fit us again or because they remind us of good times. 

So, would you swap your boyf for your favourite pair of blue jeans?