The ‘2 Jeans Dress’ proves this weird denim trend has gone too far


When will the madness stop?

We're not even halfway through, but 2017 has already brought us more denim faux pas than we care to remember. 

'Knee windows', clear plastic jeans, detachable short-trousers and now this – the '2 Jeans Dress.'

You guessed it, a dress made out of two pairs of upside-down, denim jeans. 

Just because.  

The silhouette of the jeans is still clear to see and the buttons, pockets and even loop hole are all still intact. 

It's a bold statement to say the least, and one we're kind of hoping won't take off. 

Shopbop are selling the questionable garment for €401, but we don't imagine they'll be out of stock any time soon.