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Justin Timberlake has issued an emotional statement after he was spotted ‘getting close’ to his co-star Alisha Wainwright a few weeks ago.

The Cry Me a River singer admitted that he had a ‘lapse in judgement’ and ‘too much to drink’ on the night in question.

However, he stressed that absolutely nothing happened between him and fellow actor Alisha, despite photos of them holding hands. 

Justin was also pictured without his wedding ring on the night.

He apologised to both his wife and son in the statement.

He wrote, “I stay away from gossip as much as I can, but for my family I feel it is important to address recent rumours that are hurting the people that I love.”


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The actor continued, “A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse in judgement – but let me be clear – nothing happened between me and my co-star.”

“I drank way too much that night and I regret my behaviour. I should have known better. This is not the example I want to set for my son.”


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Justin shared, “I apologise to my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation, and I am focused on being the best husband and father I can be. This was not that.”

He added, “I am incredibly proud to be working on Palmer. Looking forward to continuing to make this movie and excited for people to see it.”

Justin and Jessica have a four-year-old son Silas.

The couple have been married since 2012.


The Internet erupted with cheating allegations  seconds after Justin Timberlake was spotted holding hands with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright.

The co-stars were photographed ‘getting cosy’ outside a bar in New Orleans, where they are currently filming together.


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However, a source close to both actors has told People that there is nothing going on between the pair.

They stressed that the photos are completely innocent and that the actors were simply hanging out with the movie’s cast and crew.


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“It’s a balcony with a group of people and it was definitely nothing happening. He’s down there shooting [his film] Palmer, they’re starring in the movie together and they’re cool and everybody was just hanging out,” they said.

The source added, “The video may look a way, but literally it was nothing. It was some friends, members of the team, crew and people like that. They all know each other and were hanging. Like come on, they’re on an open balcony in New Orleans and he’s famous. It was nothing.”


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A representative for Wainwright added, “There is no validity to this speculation. They are currently working on a project together. Members of the cast and crew were all together.”

Justin has been married to Jessica Biel since 2012. The couple has a four-year-old son together.


Jessica Biel is sending some serious lurrrrrve vibes Justin Timberlake's way. The married pair are absolutely adorable, and share three-year-old son Silas together.

Biel, who recently produced and starred in the incredible Netflix show The Sinner, has now uploaded the CUTEST message to her husband, and we can't stop weeping.

The 36-year-old actress posted a photo of the happy couple smiling underwater, and captioned the note;

"Since the days of embarrassing pink ruffled bikinis and underwater photo shoots, you have been infusing my life with so much joy and laughter that I blame YOU for my smile lines. But I wouldn’t trade them for the world."


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She continued; "I wear them with pride knowing that I am the luckiest human around to have the honour of hearing your jokes, your words, your voice, every day of my life." 

"Happy birthday to the man of my blue ocean dreams. I love you." OH. MY. SWEET. LORD. The man of my blue ocean dreams? That's some poetry right there.

Timberlake is celebrating his 38th birthday with his wife, and headed to the theatre to watch a performance of To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway,

The singer is currently wrapping up his Man of the Woods national tour, which has a show slated on the day of his actual birthday.


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Their big night out seemed to take a lot out of Biel, who fell asleep in the car, much to Justin's amusement. He posted a hilarious video singing happy birthday to himself, while his wife is fully in dreamland beside him.

He added the cheeky caption; “Gotta work tomorrow for my bday so wifey really going all out tonight…” She playfully replied; “I’m just preparing for our big night out. Just preparing.”

Thursday night's Madison Square Garden performance was originally meant to happen in October, but Timberlake had ongoing bruised vocal cords and was forced to postpone it.

The former *NSYNC member previously had an operation to remove his throat nodules back in 2005.


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The Hollywood pair tied the knot in 2012 in a magical ceremony in Puglia, Italy. The pair always say that laughter is the core of their relationship, with a joke first bringing them together.

Timberlake revealed in his first book, Hindsight: & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Meback in November that the duo met at a Hollywood party and clicked immediately.

The SexyBack singer wrote;

“When I met Jess, it was undeniable how beautiful she is. I made some sort of sarcastic comment, really dry. Nobody got it except her."

"She laughed, and I noticed, all of a sudden, and in the way where you wonder if a person’s like you, if they have a very dry, dark sense of humour, too," he said.


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Justin couldn't stop thinking about Jessica after their first meeting; “I’m kind of really interested in that girl. There was just something about that girl. Kind of interested in that girl. Goddamn it.”

The actress later came to a show during his FutureSex/LoveSounds tour. He finally asked for her number after offering her a lift in his tour bus.; “Then the Golden Globes came up, and that’s when we planned on seeing each other."

“We’ve had a lot of unforgettable times,” Timberlake added. “She’s become a huge influence on my life, and I have such an admiration for her, especially seeing her as a mother now.”

The romance didn't stop there, with him gushing about her influence; “But I had admiration for her before. She’s a very good writer. She’s a poet. She’s a tremendous actor. She’s funny. Very funny. And she’s one of the most patient people I’ve ever met… She changed me. She changed my life.” 




Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are one of our favourite celebrity couples. The parents have been married for six years and are more in love than ever.

However, like every couple, the duo had to endure those early days of awkward dates, cheesy flirting and confusion.

Justin opened up about the first time he met his now wife and there’s no doubt he was smitten from the get-go.

He shared the momentous moment in his book Hindsight.


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“When I met Jess, it was undeniable how beautiful she is,” he gushed.

The Cry Me A River singer said Jessica’s sense of humour stole his heart when they first met at a Hollywood party: “I made some sort of sarcastic comment, really dry. Nobody got it except her. She laughed, and I noticed, all of a sudden, and in the way where you wonder if a person’s like you, if they have a very dry, dark sense of humour, too.”


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That moment won the Can’t Stop The Feeling over: “There was just something about that girl. Kind of interested in that girl,” he confessed.

He may be an award-winning singer, but even Justin was nervous about asking The Sinner actress out: “I had to psych myself up. I had to remind myself that I was me — giving myself a pep talk, shadowboxing with myself, rubbing my own shoulders.”


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The dad admitted they didn’t get together until the Golden Globes. Both Jessica and Justin were very wary of getting too attached to one another: “We were both still seeing other people, keeping ourselves safe from getting hurt, from really putting ourselves out there. It took a bit for both of us to admit to ourselves that we were really, really into each other.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are one of Hollywood most gorgeous couples so it makes sense that their young son, Silas, is absolutely adorable.

The pair, who have been together since January 2007 and married in October 2012, are parents to only Silas, who turned three in June.

The family recently visited the Louvre in Paris and Jessica revealed in an interview that he was just like every other kid there.

You guessed it…bored. 

According to Us Weekly, Jessica spoke about it when she was on Late Night with Seth Meyers, saying that she had taken the toddler there during Justin's world tour. 


If that pic doesn't say ‘City Of Love’ then I'm out…

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"We're at the Louvre, and we're looking through all of the most incredible old painters and the paintings," Jessica said. 

"I'm like 'Look, look! This is important!'"

Silas, however, was less than impressed and as Jessica explained, more interested in his iPad than looking at priceless pieces of art. 

While her son might not be fascinated by art, Jessica mentioned that other parts of their trip to the City of Lights appealed to him. 

"He now knows what the Eiffel Tower is and that's something that he loves. He wouldn't have these experiences if we weren't able to just get out there and go for it."

The cute snap of Jessica and Silas in Paris was captioned, ''if that pic doesn't say ‘City Of Love’ then I'm out…''

The picture got an outpouring of comments from fans gushing about how gorgeous Silas' curls were to how fast the toddler years go by.

One wrote, ''he is adorable. These moments fly by too fast! Love this pic. Beautiful'' while another said, ''this baby’s hair is more glamorous than mine so I’m jealous. I love this sweet pic! Hold on to him tight and cherish these moments.''

We couldn't agree more – what a sweet family!


Pink has been touring the world with her two children, which just shows how much of a true lady boss she is.

However, the singer has had to defend herself when she was papped on a beach, (SIGH).

As if she hadn't enough to contend with between being a mum and a rockstar.


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The star penned the reality of balancing both in the midst of cancelling an Australian concert after being ill and receiving criticism from an unknown publication. 

The shot shows the 38-year-old on a beach with her daughter, Willow and the headline reads: "Pink's Sydney Concert cancelled as she chills in Byron Bay."

In a lengthy response on Instagram, the mum told fans that the picture didn’t show you the difficulty she had “trying to do what was best for my children, while also putting on the best and most physically demanding and beautiful show of my life.”

The picture she said also didn’t depict the fact that she had been “sick twice.” 


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The singer still managed to be a super mum and push through the first time the illness struck despite her demanding schedule.

Pink explained just how hard the second time around had been and how that snapshot couldn’t have ever have shown fans the truth behind the mum’s life: 

”This time, what these parasite paparazzi don’t show you, is two doctor visits in Byron on two consecutive days, antibiotics, steroids, Vick’s, nose spray, throat spray, more steroids, NyQuil, a screaming baby in the middle of the night, every night, while mama gives him warm baths and tells her daughter everything is fine," she wrote.


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Defending herself, she said that she “never taken advantage of anyone” and she mothers “with everything I have whilst handling all the rest.”

To conclude her post, she addressed the cancellation of the show and how her friends came to her rescue entertaining her daughter whilst she was attempting to get better.

"I’m doing the absolute best I can, and you can believe it or not. What they don’t show you in this picture is me drinking water and lying down while my friends try to entertain my seven-year-old,” she said.


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The incredible mum added that she will be going ahead with her show the following day, “whether I’m better or not” and the cancelled show will be rescheduled.

Other stars were quick to comment messages of support for the singer, including fellow parent and performer, Justin Timberlake.


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The 37-year-old shared nothing but praise for Pink in the comment section by saying:

"You won't find a harder working, more authentically talented, and more thankful for her place on that stage and her fans than this woman."

"Now…as a parent on tour as well, and an artist who LOVES their fans just as much and wants to give them an unprecedented experience, and is currently battling an injury, a sinus infection and trying to be the Dad I want to be too?? I say HATS OFF to you my friend."

Justin who shared the stage twice with Pink during her tour finished off by wishing her a speedy recovery.

It's time people cut working mums some slack and not be so quick to jump to conclusions.

Get well soon Pink!


Justin Timberlake has just announced the release of his fifth studio album, Man of the Woods – and as expected, fans can not contain their excitement.

The singer shared the news in a YouTube clip uploaded on Tuesday, revealing that the new record is due to drop on February 2, with a single due to be released this Friday. 

JT explains how the new material is some of the most “personal” he has ever released.

“This album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but more so than any other album I’ve ever written, where I’m from,” he says in the teaser.

The short video show the singer as he walks through forests, wades through water and shares an intimate moment with wife Jessica Alba.

It's thought that the clip's earthy vibe is in keeping with Justin's reinvented style of music, some of which features in the soundtrack to the video.

It's been over four years since JT's last release, and needless to say fans are ready to hear some new material. 


When it came to fashion, the early noughties weren't exactly kind to any of us.

From teaming Ugg boots with ra-ra skirts to smothering ourselves in velour, we're all lucky we made it out alive.

And no one appears to know this more than Justin Timberlake who made the very bold decision to address his most iconic fashion disaster while appearing on an Australian talk show recently.

After being asked what he's learned from his time in the music industry, Justin didn't offer any music-related pearls of wisdom, but instead made reference to perhaps one of the most misguided fashion choices of the 21st century – the double denim.

Referring to the moment he and former girlfriend, Britney Spears, rocked a red carpet in matching ensembles, Justin said: "If you wear denim on denim, it will get documented."

It may have taken more than a decade, but it looks like the man himself is finally able to laugh about it…




There are people who lovebomb their other halves at every available opportunity (Liam Payne, we're looking at you), and then there are other people who use Instagram to rip it out of their significant others.

Step forward, Jessica Biel.

In a move which will surely garner her a whole host of new fans, the actress decided to take the p*ss out of JT and his recent brush with the law.

Having snapped himself voting in the US presidential election, the Cry Me a River singer found himself on the wrong side of the law for violating a new Tennessee law which prohibits voters from using phones for any purpose while voting.

Reminding the public of her husband's misdemeanour, Jessica took a shot of herself rocking an 'I voted' sticker and gave a shout-out to Justin in the process.

"When you're so turnt up about voting that you do a photo shoot with your sticker and think it's cool but then second guess it, but you've already posted, but at least you waited to get home before snapping so you won't almost go to jail, shout out to@justintimberlake."

Jessica's post, which has clocked up more than 77,000 likes, has been inundated with comments from fans who loved her spin on the incident.

"Omg I'm dead! She is too funny," wrote one while another added: "Relationship goals."

Jess 1 : Justin 0



He may be one of music’s most beloved golden boys, but that doesn’t mean Justin Timberlake is totally immune from trouble.

The Cry Me a River singer landed himself in hot water this week when he snapped himself voting in the US presidential election in his home state of Tennessee.

Alongside a picture of himself posing in a polling station, the singer wrote: “I just flew from LA to Memphis to #rockthevote!!! No excuses, my good people! There could be early voting in your town, too.”

After sharing the image on Instagram, the 35-year-old was reported for violating a new Tennessee law which prohibits voters from using phones for any purpose while voting.

Yesterday, the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office released a statement saying it had been “made aware of a possible violation of election law” and that “the matter is under review by the D.A.’s Office”.

But luckily for Justin, the office seems to have since changed its mind as Local Memphis has reported that the D.A. will not be reviewing JT’s case.


NBD… Just hanging with The Notorious at #UFC200

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In a second statement, D.A. Amy Weirich said: “The statement released earlier today by my office regarding Justin Timberlake and an investigation was incorrect and was released without my knowledge.”

“I am out of town at a conference.  No one in our office is currently investigating this matter nor will we be using our limited resources to do so.”


I see you…getting your #TimberlakeAndChill on…. @netflix

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Sounds like Justin won't be spending 30 days in jail after all!

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Celebrities are cool and everything, but celebs that send you pizza are even cooler.

Yep, that's what Justin Timberlake did this week to celebrate the debut of his Netflix special, Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids.

To mark the occasion, JT sent out pizza to his fans who tweeted throwbacks of his #JY2020Tour. Here's some of the best reactions:

Sound, Justin!



From Karl Lagerfeld and members of the public to the National Rifle Association of America, people have been less than sympathetic over Kim Kardashian's terrifying ordeal in Paris earlier this week,

Given the criticism levelled at her from all directions this week, we'd have thought she might have found a reassuring and supportive presence in her fellow celebrities.

But if Justin Timberlake's recent comments are anything to go by, it looks like we were wrong.

While performing in London this week, the What Goes Around Comes Back Around singer threw a little shade in poor ol' Kim's direction before realising how badly it may be taken.

After being asked by an audience member in London's Indigo O2 venue whether they could Snapchat his set, Justin admitted he wasn't down with the kids when it came to that particular app.

"I can't use Snapchat because I'm an adult," he quipped before adding "You know Kim Kardashian gets paid like £10 million to do this? Too soon? I'm sorry."

We wonder if this is Justin's revenge for Kanye revealing that the Mirrors singer had shed tears at least year's VMAs…

Jeez guys…