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There are countless reasons out there for break-ups; infidelity, long distances, baby plans versus no baby plans etc. To each their own.

However, the latest research on break-ups among the age group of 23-year-olds to 30-year-olds has taken us majorly by surprise, but then again we've had a fair few arguments in the car.

According to recent data published by Ford, 20 percent of millennials admit to breaking up with their significant other because they were a backseat driver. 

Many splits are a result of borderline ridiculous reasons, such as strange habits or annoying idiosyncrasies. We've dumped ex's for chewing loudly, for example, and regret nothing. 

Driving with a passenger who holds the seat dramatically whenever you move the car, who gasps at every turn and who disagrees with the route you've chosen to take can be incredibly frustrating.

Do they suck in their breath whenever you press the accelerator? Do they offer incessant criticism? Do they make you feel like an incompetent driver who should have to hand in your licence?

Yep, we know the type. They basically make you want to kick them out of the car while it's still moving.

argue brad pitt GIF

Apparently other people disagree, and even use backseat driving as an excuse to dump their boyfriend or girlfriend.

"While backseat driving can be a very unattractive behaviour, it's most likely that backseat driving was really just an example that in the relationship, this person may be aggressive, obtrusive, disrespectful, or selfish," Jess Carbino, PhD, Bumble's relationship expert sociologist, tells Cosmopolitan.

Does this mean that our passenger behaviour and our driving attitude reflects our personalities? We drive like a demented soccer mum, so this isn't good news for us.

Tone is a major aspect of the bickering and nagging of a backseat driver argument. Try not to throw shade at anyone's driving skills unless your life is actually endangered, or if somebody else's vehicle is about to get damaged. 

Assigning blame is never a good idea in scenarios like this, use neutral comments to keep the situation, and the driver, calm. Whether you have L plates, N plates or no plates at all, we can be sensitive about our driving abilities.

Have a post-car ride deep meaningful conversation so you can break down what went wrong instead of becoming silently sullen and passive-aggressive. We've all been guilty of it since ditching the L plates.

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Make sure to explain that you are frustrated with their comments, or unhelpful directions. Ask for constructive criticism, or help with the route itself. Try not to curse, even though it may be near impossible to resist.

"Don't let what happened in the car influence the opinion or feelings you have for this person outside of the car," says Carbino, from Bumble.

Leave it in the car or it could damage your love permanently. Unless they're the type that keeps chanting, "Are we there yet?" over and over again. Then you should just end things before it's too late.


It can cause terrible rows in relationships.

When it comes to driving, it's said that if you happen to be a woman, you might not be great behind the wheel or not.

And a survey by CarsIreland.ie, almost three-quarters of motorists consider themselves to be a better driver than their partner. 

Do you think your better driver than your bf or gf?

What's funny is, a lot of people believe that they are good drivers, while their other halves seem to think not.

Of the 1,000 surveyed, 62% consider themselves to be ‘confident’ or ‘skilled’ drivers.

However, not everyone was boasting about their driving skills, with 19% calling themselves ‘cautious’, 16%  saying that they were ‘average’ and 2% calling themselves ''aggressive''  on the road. 

They were asked what things annoyed them about other drivers and mobile phone usage topped the list at 27%.

Not indicating and tailgating came in second and third place.

Lane hogging, bad parking, and misuse of roundabouts were other common sources of frustration.



Ireland is set to experience temperatures as low as minus five degrees tonight, as the cold snap continues, bringing severe frost and icy patches with it.

AA Roadwatch has asked drivers to be extremely careful when travelling on the roads this weekend.

They have been advised to allow extra time when travelling.

Barry Aldoworth warned drivers, “Watch in particular for areas of roads where they might be covered by trees, because they will take longer for ice to defrost, meaning that the roads could stay slippier for longer."

He added, “Sunday is traditionally a quieter day on the roads, but if you are one of those making a journey to the family, or if you have been down the country for the weekend and you are coming home, just allow yourself some extra journey time.”

Met Éireann has issued a Status Yellow weather warning nationwide. They shared that Ireland is set to experience very cold temperatures, with the lowest ranging from zero to minus five degrees.

It is set to turn very cold with severe air and ground frost returning. They have also warned the public to be aware of icy patches on damp, untreated surfaces.

Stay safe out there! 



Dee Devlin and Conor McGregor are the ultimate Irish power couple, and the pair are expecting a new addition to the family.

However, Dee's latest Instagram post is causing a lot of controversy online.

The businesswoman shared a photo is of herself and Conor travelling in the car.


A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

Dee captioned the post, 'Keeping the pregnant feet up, and shows Dee with her legs up on the dashboard while Conor is driving.

The reason it has attracted negative attention is because Dee isn't wearing a seatbelt in the shot and it appears that the car is moving. 

'You can see their driving by the bushes in the background​ are blurred … You definitely always need a seatbelt,' said one Instagram user.

'Seriously?! Not so smart when it comes to road safety,' said another.

The couple have not commented on the photo.

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We all remember when the first member of the squad scored themselves some wheels, right?

Cruising around the town just to be seen in a little red Micra was the name of the game, and the designated driver was immediately given hero status.

But then more and more of the gang began taking theory tests, signing up for lessons and passing their tests, and you found yourself waiting at bus stops and cadging lifts where you could.

And now, driving is no longer a novelty among your group, but a necessary skill – one that you have yet to master, and probably never will, at this rate.

Here are just 11 things you'll recognise if you still don't know a clutch from an accelerator.

1. When a driver asks if they're "alright on your side", you panic internally before blurting out random colours.

"There's a red car…no wait, it's maroon, yep there's a maroon car coming…nope, oh God, don't drive just yet."

2. Giving directions to a driver is beyond you because the moment you hit the carriageway you stop caring.

"Oh God, I think you take the next exit after the exit where my dad once gave your man the fingers, but I don't quite know what exit that is."

3. You find it funny that a driver might apologise for their bad driving while you're riding shotgun.

"I'll be honest with you, I wouldn't know if we were driving on the wrong side of the road right now."

4. You've become a pro at excuses as to why you haven't even sat your theory test.

"You just don't need to drive where I'm from… sure it's just an hour's bus journey, thirty minute walk and 45 minute taxi to the city. What would I be doing with a car?"

5. You imagine yourself cutting out in the middle of a busy junction, and you thank baby Jesus you never got behind the wheel of a car.

"Nope, I'm better off where I am… on this soaking wet  bus bench."

6. You've watched friends and family make elaborate turns down alleys you could barely fit on a bicycle, and wonder if you were born without the 'driving' gene.

"Look at the way he throws his arm across the passenger seat headrest, that kind of move is just not in my DNA."

7. You fear that the older you get, the less likely it is you'll ever master it.

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks, ladies. Now, would anyone mind dropping me into town?"

8. You secretly fantasise about searching for your car keys among the debris in your handbag.

"How slick would I look pressing that alarm button?!"

9. You've become a master DJ up in shotgun because you feel you have to give back for all the lifts you've begged for.

"Guys, I've got a three hour playlist set up and ready to roll. I'm also taking requests."

10. You envy your colleagues who can wear whatever they want on the commute to work because they don't have to factor in the outside world.

"Imagine how good I'd look if I didn't have to cover everything with a winter coat and these sensible shoes?"

11. You learned the hard way that lessons with family members are not the way to go.

"Dad made me walk home in the rain because I scared a woman in the Lidl carpark."



TV3's Vincent Browne has been banned from driving for six months.

The political show host received the maximum number of penalty points over the last three years for speeding and using his phone while driving.

He told the Irish Daily Star: “I got penalty points for speeding and for the use of the mobile phone while driving on a number of occasions over three years.

“I believe I thoroughly deserved disqualification from driving for six months."

His ban began one month ago.



The ice bucket challenge, a birthday cake in the office… a selfie with your loved-ones: some Facebook memories are meant to last.

Others, however, have much more sinister consequences.

That’s the powerful message behind the RSA’s latest campaign to get us ALL to put down our phones when we’re driving.

And with 42 percent of people admitting to being on their phones at least some of the time while driving, this is an issue that NEEDS to be addressed.

In a moving post to the Lifetime Of Memories Facebook page, the RSA implores: “Your memories and your life are precious. Don't lose them for a status update, a snapchat, a tweet or a whatsapp.”

An accompanying video shows ‘John’ – a young man who “could well be your friend or sibling or boyfriend or even your son”.

John can be seen carefree, enjoying activities with his friends and work colleagues. Until, that is, he takes a selfie with his girlfriend while driving – the consequences of which are harrowing.

Based on previous studies, the RSA reckons that mobile phone distraction plays a role in up to almost one-third of all road collisions in this country.


That translates into some 1,400 fatalities or injuries – all of which could be avoided if we didn’t let devices distract us while we're behind the wheel.

And we already know that you are four times more likely to be involved in a crash while using a mobile, than a driver who isn’t. So the message is simple – and not one that any of us can afford to forget. 



We all know the David Beckham never shies away from his dad duties, but we're betting he wishes he could have hid away from this one.

The footballer began teaching his son Brooklyn how to driv, and if the Instagram picture is anything to go by, it was a bit of a scary experience.

Taking to Instagram, David shared a picture of him and his son behind the wheel, with his arms around his face to shield his eyes from the sun.


The face of a dad that's almost 41 being driven around by his little boy ( not so little ) @brooklynbeckham

A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

He captioned the picture: "The face of a dad that's almost 41 being driven around by his little boy (not so little)." Aw!

This comes after the news that Brooklyn is back with his former girlfriend, actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

The pair were spotted out together and then Brooklyn took to social media to share a few cute snaps of them in each others arms.

It seems like it's all happening for Brooklyn at the moment.



There's poor driving and poorly sign-posted junctions…. and then there is this. 

An Irish man has captured footage of a notoriously confusing junction located at Rosslare Harbour in County Wexford which regular ferry-goers will no doubt be familiar with.

Michael Fortune captured a video of drivers trying and generally failing to navigate their way into the correct lane at the junction which apparently remains just as poorly sign-posted today as it did in this video filmed in 2007.

"For those who haven't seen it before, [this is] a form of local folklore which I filmed in Rosslare Harbour in Co. Wexford in 2007," reads the video description. 

"The short film captures the entrance to Rosslare port and how cars, vans, bikes etc swerve, dodge and dance at a badly signed junction.

"Apparently this had being going on for years. One man told me, that he'd go down most evenings during the summer, to observe the craic with the cars as they rushed to get onto the ferry.

And paired with the comical soundtrack, this vid is nothing short of farce. 

Watch the bonkers footage below (and keep an eye out for the guy stopping to have a quick wee): 

Rosslare Harbour, Co. WexfordI've been asked by a good few Wexford people to embed this on Facebook. For those who haven't seen it before, its a form of local folklore which I filmed in Rosslare Harbour in Co. Wexford in 2007 . The short film captures the entrance to Rosslare port and how cars, vans, bikes etc swerve, dodge and dance at a badly signed junction.Apparently this had being going on for years. One man told me, that he'd go down most evenings during the summer, to observe the craic with the cars as they rushed to get onto the ferry.Aside from the cars going arseways, the man stopping to have a wee before he hit the queue for the ferry is 100% real. I spent 3 hours recording this and once I stuck Valerio's soundtrack underneath it that evening, I knew it was a winner.The man who brought my attention to this, Mike Kavanagh, passed away last year.

Posted by Michael Fortune on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


We are all guilty to pressing the snooze button one too many times and grabbing something less than nutritious before we dive out the front door. Or there might be days when things just get away from us and we end up working through lunch. 

Skipping sit-down meals in favor of grabbing something to eat while we're on the move is more popular than we would like to admit. But, did you know that it might be what is actually contributing to weight-gain?

According to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, eating on the run could be over-shadowing all of your hard work in the gym or your healthy eating habits.

Researchers at the University of Surrey found that dieters who ate while walking around or moving were more likely to overdo it during that meal.

More so than people who ate during the activities we typically associate with mindless eating, like watching TV. These eaters were apparently more likely to overeat later in the day too.

"Hunger and fullness are far more than just biological processes, and not only relate to the calories consumed, but also to whether a person is aware of what they are eating," explains Jane Ogden, Ph.D., professor of psychology.

"When we eat mindlessly and are distracted from the food we are eating, our body doesn't get to code the food as having been eaten."

So, why does eating on the move have more of an impact than eating while sitting down?

"I think eating on the go may cause more overeating than watching TV not only because it is a powerful form of distraction but it's also a form of exercise," says Ogden. "People may then overcompensate for this exercise and feel that they are legitimately allowed to eat more."

With busy lives and overwhelming schedules, it can be tough to find the time to schedule a sit-down meal. However, Dr. Ogden explains that healthy habits are easier to implement than we think.

"This doesn't need to take much time," says Ogden, who suggests that even a few moments of sitting down can help your brain to recognise your meal as the real deal.

"Stopping what you are doing and practicing the conscious process of thinking 'now I am having something to eat' should be enough." 

Now we are going to go and eat some cake, healthy cake, obviously!



Posing up in matching flat caps and warm geansai, David Beckham and his eldest child, Brooklyn, certainly looked like the perfect father-son duo on a fishing trip yesterday.

The 16-year-old even got lucky: catching a huge John Dory fish off the coast of Dover that even the captain was impressed with.

"Not bad for his first time fishing," his beeming dad wrote on his Instagram account. "A nice John Dory that the captain said its the 2nd biggest one he had seen. Very proud."

That's not all the pair got up to either: the teenage son of Victoria and David also had his first driving lesson. And rather than slumming it in a battered old banger, Brooklyn was treated to a spectacular, vintage ride. 

Indeed, with his flat cap still on, he undoubtedly embodied the roaring 1920s. "First driving lesson," he said on Instagram. "Very Gatsby!"

Mr Beckham recently returned from a trip to Cambodia, where he went to see the work carried out by his UNICEF fund, and evidently is enjoying a bit of down-time with his family on his arrival back in England.

With his wife, he has three other children: Romeo, 12, Cruz, 10, and three-year-old Harper.

Despite spending a considerable amount of time in Los Angeles, Brooklyn's earlier Instagram snaps of their trips betrayed his love of rural living in the country of his parents' birth.

"Loving the country life," he captioned one image of him dressed in a traditional Barbour wax jacket. Another shot showed him out on the sea. "Fishing with my dad," he simply wrote.


Loving the country life

A photo posted by Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) on