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Porn is something that people watch, be it when they're single or in a relationship.

And while many admit to using it to satisfy their urges, how damaging is it to people's sex lives? 

Can you watch it without consequences?

This recent survey spoke to more than 1,200 men and women to analyze how porn plays into their sex lives. 

The findings were…surprising, to say the least. 

It seems that 1-in-4 men would rather be having sex with the people they see in porn, and this is compared to just 7% of women.

Shocking or duh?

As well as that, even when lacking arousal for their partner, 37% of women will only watch porn once-a-week; however, 39% of men that share those feelings watch porn every day. 

Worrying figures show that more than half of women have an easier time achieving orgasm while watching porn than they do while having sex –  what is going on guys?!

The ease of access to porn is a cause for concern.

What about couples watching it together – does it help or hinder their action between the sheets? 

Sixty percent said that they do, but a quarter of men said they'd rather have sex with the individuals in the porn they viewed than their real-life partners.

What's strange about it all is that the more men watched porn, the less likely to be turned on by their partners they were and the more frequently women watched porn, the more likely they were to feel aroused by their partners.

It seems that consuming porn is a slippery slope – maybe more of us should give our partners the time and attention they deserve in the bedroom, and leave watching sex on the screen altogether. 


Well, last nights votes were as expected – Joe and Elma's time in Love Island has come to an end. 

While Anton once again single, Joe's departure leaves Lucie without the guys he's been coupled up with since pretty much day one.

While Joe's behaviour towards her has gotten a huge media backlash and he has been accused of being controlling and possessive, Lucie's reaction when he was booted off showed that she does have feelings for the lad.


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Joe took Lucie to talk before he left the villa and he said that he would wait for her. 

Lucie then said later, ''If it were me going, what would Joe do?''

He would go probably…but should she?

Fans had varied opinions – some think that she should keep her options open while others want her and Joe to be together.

One said, ''Why does nobody do a @ItsRykard on #loveisland anymore?? If you're really into someone you'd go with em #Lucie #Joe.''

I think Lucie should follow her heart – and if that's with Joe, then good for her.

But maybe someone will come in who doesn't mind her being friends with guys?

Just a thought…


By Patricia Lohan

When decorating your bedroom the key is to dedicate this space to sleep and intimacy, reflecting a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. Essentially, the words to associate with the bedroom of your home are: rest, romance and relaxation.

I used Feng Shui to call in my husband into my life. I made space in my wardrobe, I bought spare hangers for him, had an empty bedside table and also a high shelf in my bedroom empty (wanted a tall husband)

Here are my tips to create a bedroom magnetic to love:

Focus on creating a ‘sanctuary’, frame your thinking about your bedroom in terms of relaxation. Does your bedroom represent rest, romance, and relaxation? If it doesn't, it's time to honour the space where you get your rest, where you sleep, where you have intimate relations with your partner.

Powerful positioning

The better rested you are, the stronger you will be and the more able you are to look after your body and support your family. To make sure you get the best rest, let’s look at the way your bed is set up.

To create harmony and call in love in a bedroom – think about pairs and balance on both sides of the bed having a great bed with comfortable mattress, two nightstands with two lamps of equal size. Ensure everything is matched and harmonious. However, on your nightstand, make sure you only place items that are relevant to you and your relationship status right now.

Keep your nightstand of clutter, including most books. Bear in mind that the bedroom is a place of rest, romance, relaxation, so the bedroom is not the place for a whole library of books. Books carry a great deal of energy, information and charge, which affect your sleep if stored in the bedroom. If you have nowhere else to keep your books, put them inside a cupboard or wardrobe, or ensure the books aren’t on display towards you while you’re in bed.

Switching off

Ensure all work-related items, computers, TV, electronics and exercise equipment are in another room. If you can't live without a TV or your partner doesn't want to get rid of the TV from the bedroom, also cover that while you sleep.

Like work, exercise equipment represents a feeling of doing work, so you don’t want to see this as you’re falling asleep either.

Are you in bed with your phone? Get it out of the bedroom buy a traditional alarm clock and honour your relationship.

Calming colour

When creating a sanctuary colour makes a real difference. Best colours for bed linen are creams, browns and earth tones. Combine these tones with colours you love in the décor of your bedroom with a splash of colour that makes you feel happy, keeping the overall ambience calm.

Bear in mind also that pillows, duvets and sheets should feel luxurious.

Powerful artwork

Imagery is so important in the bedroom and crucial for attracting a loving relationship, be mindful of the pairings you introduce to this space. While you are asleep your subconscious mind is taking in all the images that you have in your bedroom. Think about making your bedroom a physical vision board for the relationship of your dreams making sure the pictures you are hanging up reflect what you want to welcome into your life. What do you want to welcome in?

If you are in a relationship, add in a stunning photo of yourself together with your partner. Choose one that sparks joy, such as a memory of an amazing day together, your wedding day or your first date. The image should make you feel incredible, so that each time you see it, you think, "I love that picture of us."

Hang images facing you in bed and not over your head – this can make you feel unsafe and the image can disturb your dreams.

If you are single and want to attract love, add a picture of a couple doing something that you would love to be doing with a partner. The image should spark joy and inspire you.

Keeping your room, clear, clean and organised with a feeling of a sanctuary will bring you so much more sleep and joy in your life and relationships.


Love Island might be only two episodes in but already we're hooked.

We know it's trash tv and that 90% of the contestants are fame-hungry wannabes but it's just SO ADDICTIVE.

So we have the first pairings and then two new lads walked in – Dancing With the Stars' Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury, Tysons younger brother. 

Cue the drama.

The lads had 24 hours to steal a girl from another guy and of course, it was never gonna run smoothly.


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The strongest couple – surfer chick Lucie (whose vocabulary solely consists of ''surfing'' ''bev'' and ''bevy'') and Londoner Joe were the ones we were all hoping would be left alone by the ride that is Tommy.

It kinda gives us flashbacks of the whole Dom/Montana thing from Series 3 when Jess Shears came in and nabbed Dom. 

This time it was Lucie who was cruelly ripped from Joe, who – we can see in tonight's preview, isn't taking it well.

(Lucie, on the other hand, looks fairly chuffed to be on a date with boxer Tommy – shocking, right?)

But – Tommy wanted Lucie the most – and sure who can blame him for picking her when his other option was Amber aka The Rudest Person On The Planet?

The whole point of Love Island is to find your perfect match – so why wouldn't Tommy go for the girl he fancied the most?

We also have to remember that the show needs storylines and drama – Lucie is gorgeous but it's a bit odd that Tommy wants the only girl who is happily coupled up.

In other news, Curtis and ''international'' air hostess Amy bonded over being dorks and it's actually quite cute.

We were delighted when the dancer picked her, also because it means she gets away from Creepy Anton (those eyebrows are ALL we can see).

Roll on tonight's episode where we are assuming we'll see:

-Joe crying

-Yewande getting no air time

-Sherif and Anna being coyly into each other

-Anton flirting with Tommy


It's no secret – the Love Island couples are dropping like flies.

So much so that the only couple still going strong are the 2018 champions, Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham.

There has been three break ups this month – Megan and Wes, Josh and Kaz and Zara and Adam.

So WTF is going on?


A post shared by Caroline (@carolineflack) on

Well, who would know better than Caroline Flack aka host of the ITV show?

On the red carpet at the BRIT awards she told Cosmopolitan UK why she thinks these couples aren't feeling the love anymore.

She said, ''It's break-up season. You have the three month itch, then the seven month itch. There we go!"

So it has nothing to do with Love Island itself and more just a case regular relationship stuff.

She was shocked by one split though, more so then the others. 


A post shared by Caroline (@carolineflack) on

She said, ''I was surprised about Zara and Adam, I'm secretly hoping they're going to get back together.''

Montana Brown, contestant on the 2017 series, also gave her opinion a sto why the couples are calling it a day. 

She said, ''They’re all really young and at the start of their career. It’s really hard to grow with somebody when you’re in the limelight dealing with all this extra attention.''

She continued, ''You develop trust issues as soon as you leave Love Island and get this automatic anxiety, almost, because you’re not used to it. You’re in such a bubble when you’re there, you don’t realise how big the show is then suddenly it’s all photos, you’ve got to be media trained and watch what you say all the time, who you’re with and watch where you’re going.''

Sounds like a nightmare to us – fair play to those that stand the test of time – wonder will Dani and Jack stick it out? 


The Love Island couples are breaking everyone's hearts at the moment with what feels like CONSTANT break-ups, one after another.

A string of break-ups in quick succession from Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson,  Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley , and even winners Jack and Dani had brief split back in December. News has just broken that Zara McDermott and Adam Collard have parted ways.

Zara posted a heartfelt message to her Instagram which expressed how she felt she wasn't enough for her former boyfriend, writing;

"I am heartbroken to announce that Adam and I have parted ways,' she wrote. "I love him very much and will always have a special place in my heart for him & our time spent together. I have tried so hard to be the best person I can possibly be and to make it work."

Instagram / @zara_mcdermott

The couple reportedly decided to break up following Adam's party-boy ways since the show ended.

McDermott finished the emotional statement by saying; "Sometimes in life, you just aren't enough for someone, no matter what you do for them or how much you try to be. For everyone asking if I am okay, I dont know that I am. But I know that soon I will be."

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham are now officially the last pair standing.

Now the viewers are speculating that the ITV reality show implore the couples to sign a 'six-month contact' which prevents them from breaking up until at least six months after the show ends.

It was recently reported that series champs Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham had called time on their relationship in December, but reunited just a few days later. Many people believed back then that it was all a publicity stunt to gain more attention…

It was then alleged a few days ago that the pair had taken a break following Jack's admission that he took a class A drug on nights out with friends, only for them to show PDA after Dani's return from Tanzania. 

Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley split earlier this month, despite Kaz insisting she "still loves" 26-year-old Josh. Suspish.

Megan Barton Hanson split with Wes Nelson following his introduction to Dancing On Ice partner Vanessa Bauer. It was claimed that Hanson was jealous at how much time Wes was spending with his partner, and tensions rose.

The pair released a statement after ending their seven-month relationship, even using the famous phrase 'consciously uncoupling' and announcing that they would co-parent their hamster. (GAS)

However, fans are calling bullsh*t, insisting that the entire thing is a hoax. Especially since Megan showed up to Dancing on Ice that same evening.

 One social media user wrote;

"Does Love Island  have a contract with the couples that they have to stay together for six months after the show ends? They're all breaking up this month…"

Hmmm, we need to get our detective hats on for this one, because something fishy is 100 percent afoot.

Another fan of the show commented that suddenly, their jobs just HAPPEN to get in the way of their romance:

Kaz Crossley spoke about her split on Monday's Capital Breakfast Show, she shut down rumours that her and Josh's romance was fake: "Basically when we met each other on the show everything was so perfect."

She confessed: "I definitely was in love. Definitely. I'm still in love. We still have a lot of love for each other."

Yet the online speculations keeps gaining heat, seeing as boyfriends are being dropped "like flies" according to one Twitter fan:

What do you think of the conspiracy theory?

We have to admit, the whole thing is pretty believable. Yet… the show's runners-up, Laura Anderson and Paul Knops, split up WITHIN the six month limit:

Laura rubbished accusations that her relationship was false, telling people to be "more kind" considering "Love Island relationships are REAL."

Image: Instagram/@lauraanderson1x

The show is essentially an eight-week summer sunshine binge, and we all want to believe that it's all real but let's be honest: it ain't so.

Do we think that the couples are contractually obliged to stay together when the show ends?

We may never know the answer to this INCREDIBLY important question, but we've contact the FBI, MI5 and CIA to get on the case. We need answers, people.

Feature image: standard.co.uk


Ariana Grande was recently papped having some New York fun with ex-beau, Ricky Alvarez.

The pair were spotted out and about in the Big Apple, which sparked the Internet to speculate that they could be more than just friends.  

But are they actually getting back together? Probably not.

The singer has reiterated that she is remaining a single lady in 2019.

Taking to Twitter just two days ago, Ari tweeted: "Spoiler for the rest of this year / probably my life: it’s no one. Please refer back to this tweet for future questions."

Besides, Ariana and Ricky have always had a solid friendship since their break-up in 2016. 

We would be genuinely shookth if they did reignite the flame, as Thank U, Next proved that any love between them is just friendly.

To refresh your memory: "Wrote some songs about Ricky, Now I listen and laugh."

Fans were also quick to defend their friendship as rumours swirled.

One said: "Just because Ariana is hanging out with ricky it doesn’t mean they are gonna get back together.. in the words of miss Grande: 'Believe it or not women can be friends with people with dicks and not hop on them'” – AMEN.

We are hoping that 2019 will be an easier year for Ari, whether she finds love or not.

As for this rumour, we'll be saying Thank U, Next.


They say the world was made for two, and in the case of the glorious fright-fest that is All Hallow's Eve, this is doubly true when it comes to the sacred choosing of the costumes. You just have so much MORE choice with another person added to the equation. And you don't just have to think of a couples' costume as something meant for you and your bae; what about your beloved BFF? The one who always helps you stash the extra vodk… I mean, goodies, as you proudly indulge in a spot of treating and trickery before the main event – the house party (how else are as many peeps as possible going to catch you both at your most fabulous?).

To that end, if you're still stuck for some ideas on what to don in the Halloween couples costume department, we've trawled the Internet for the most eye-catching and hilarious of inspo.

Feel free to recreate these any way you see fit (no judgment. Okay, maybe a little) and don't forget the obligatory dual selfie when the outfits come together on the night.

Happy scrolling!

Soap and Loofah    


Yep, this is real.

Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover 



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Yep, because your plus one might be your furry best friend.

Starbucks coffee conciser and matching latte


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Extra marks for the latte 'foam' here.

The creepy twins from The Shining


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An excellent choice for you and your BFF. 

The lazy gals option


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It's PERFECT tbh.



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This years' most millennial costume.

Peter Rabbit and farmer


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This one disturbs me.

Princess Leia and 'Luke'


A post shared by Merica

Adorable AF. 

Oreo (and its filling)


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Hilariously adorable.

Alternate couple goals attire


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No introductions needed.


After two years of looking at the same face, it's fair to say some elements of the relationship aren't so exciting anymore.

The honeymoon period is firmly over, and he's seen you more often than not, with a top bun and his trackies on. 

However, it seems it's the little things that stand the test of time and go a long way in making our partnerships successful.

Superdrug surveyed 900 Europeans and Americans to find out precisely what small gestures we value the most from our relationships as time moves on. 

In a list of the top ten small things you value most, both men and women rated the most important gesture to be their partner laughing at their jokes. 

They say laughter is good medicine but remember: what's seldom is wonderful – (try chucking along to his fourth bad joke in a row – it's exhausting).

For women, the second spot was taken by when he 'smiles at me often or randomly' – ugh – SWOON.

However, for men 'buys me food I like' nabbed second place – remember ladies and gents, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

The list also included gestures like 'makes me meals', 'buys me gifts' and remembering personal details about their life.

Getting down to the saucy bit, the participates were asked what were the small things that got them in the mood. – Spoiler alert: it's not picking your dirty socks off the floor.

But next time you want to arouse your partner, tell them that they're sexy or attractive, as both men and women rated this as their number one turn on.

In fact, the survey found that over 31 percent of men and 36.7 percent of women remarked that getting a compliment from their partner calling them “sexy” or “attractive” put them on a fast track to sticking on some Barry White.

Second place for women is when her partner 'buys her experiences', whereas men choose completely differently, with 'gives me a towel when I'm fresh out of a shower'…okay then, lads. I guess it's the little things that count.

Now here is when things get VERY interesting.

Those who took part answered questions about the importance of little things by the length of the relationship.

Say goodbye to buying your boyfriend a burrito, micro-attractions in a relationship, such as buying your partner's favourite foods died a death around the five to 10 years mark into the relationship.

However, remembering to buy your significant other a birthday pressie is a way to earn brownie points, long-term.

'Smiling at them often and randomly' was also a very popular gesture as the years went by.

And surprising your partner with gifts after 10 years together is the way to go.

Keeping things spicy in the bedroom can be a challenge as the years turn into decades.

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that your sex life will be non-existent, it just changes with time – like a fine wine.

Offers of slipping into something sexy, walking around in the nip and telling your other half what a sexy beast he is, takes a serious decline after 10 years together.

However, never underestimate simplicity.  

Handing them a towel after a shower, flashing an ole smile at them and giving them a pet name meant more to a loved-up person.

In fact, individuals in the five to the 10-year range found smiling to be the least important on the timeline, but a whopping 22.6 percent of longer-term partners felt receiving a smile randomly or often was a huge factor in arousal. 

The real conclusion of this survey is to invest in good dental hygiene so you can keep smiling away to your partner for many years to come…(joking).

No, but really, small things can go far when it comes to the ones we love.

This survey proves that less is more and it might be the things you do daily, that your partner appreciates the most.


Love is fab – there's all that smooching, sexing, mutual understanding and trust. 

And we're thinking you'd need a lot of the latter to go through with what we're about to discuss today. 

According to a new study from Porch.com on leaving the honeymoon phase of a relationship, there are a few things couples get comfortable doing around each other that we would rather not think about. 

First up – popping one another's pimples. 

According to the study, conducted on over 1,000 people, men are okay with allowing their partner to pop their zits at around 10 months in to a relationship. Excuse us while we vomit. 

Women are quite a bit more reserved where it comes to dermatological digging – women in relationships are only okay with mutual pimple-popping at around one year and eight months in. 

Fan of leaving the bathroom door open when you're in there doing your business? 

Men are okay with their partner witnessing their restroom recreation at around 11 months in, while women are down with it one year and two months in. 

An open door is one thing, but one year one month and one year two months in respectively, people are cool with their partner sitting in the bathroom while they use the toilet. 

Equally, both men and women were happy to fart in front of their partner at nine months in. 





We were sad to hear that this handsome actor is no longer single. But we can still pretend, right?

The actor was seen kissing Katherine Schwarzenegger on a recent date. 

It seems the actor has officially moved on from his ex-wife Anna Faris. Finally!

Chris and Anna were married for eight years before they announced their legal separation in August 2017.

They have a five-year-old son named Jack that “has two parents who love him very much,” said Chris in a Facebook post.

It has been reported by People that Anna has also moved on and has been dating cinematographer Michael Barrett since October of last year. She met Michael on set filming the Overboard remake.

Chris has taken his ex’s lead and started seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s oldest daughter, Katherine.

The two were photographed on a weekend outing with Chris and Anna’s son Jack by TMZ.

Photo Credit: TMZ/Flight Photo Agency

The three of them attended church together and then enjoyed an ice cream cone in the LA sunshine. How adorable!

Chris and Katherine were seen kissing a few times on their date and were also spotted on a picnic together on Father's Day last month.

Unlike the well-known actor, Katherine is an interior designer and lifestyle blogger. A source told People that it was actually Katherine's mother, Maria Shriver, that set up the two lovebirds. 


besties, brunch and my two godsons = my kinda sunday

A post shared by Katherine Schwarzenegger (@katherineschwarzenegger) on

This has been the first woman that we have seen Chris date since his divorce last year, and the two appear to be happy together.

Chris seems comfortable enough to bring his son on dates with Katherine, and it is sweet that the three of them enjoy spending time together.

We are disappointed that the actor is no longer single and ready to mingle, but we are glad that he has found a girl that makes him happy. 

But is it love? Only time will tell.


The internet might be overflowing with websites and apps dedicated to helping you find love online, but it looks like some of the more traditional forms of social media have also found success when it comes to playing match-maker.

Thousands of couples are celebrating online love stories using the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter – and one particular tale of two of cities really pulled on our heart strings.

When Lili met Johnny for the first time on Twitter, she lived in Paris and he lived in Belfast, however the pair formed an immediate bond thanks to their shared love for football and Paris Saint Germain.

When Johnny’s favourite footballer Yohan Cabaye left Newcastle, the club Johnny supports, for PSG he began to search for PSG related accounts tweeting in English to be able to follow his favourite player. Parisian Lili is passionate about PSG and after finding her account the two began chatting.

The focus of their conversations soon moved beyond the realms of football teams and player politics and before long, a little romance had started to blossom.

The couple chatted on Twitter for six months before they finally made arrangements to meet in Paris – an experience which Lili admitted was a bit strange for the first 10 minutes because she didn't know if she should hug or kiss him.

After the awkward first meeting was out of the way, the pair embarked on a two-year long-distance relationship, before Lili finally took the plunge and moved to Belfast in January 2016.

They have no exact plans for the future but do want to start a family. “We’ll just take things as they come but we’re in it for the long haul,” they said.

Now, if that doesn't warm the cockles of your cynical little hearts, we don't know what will.