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Amber Gill has confirmed that Irish rugby player Greg O'Shea dumped her by text, and didn't make an effort in their relationship.

Limerick native Greg claimed that they broke up via phone call on The Late Late Show on Friday night, but 22-year-old Geordie beautician Amber has set the record straight.

The pair won Love Island together only five weeks ago after the Irishman coupled up with her, having only been in the villa for 12 days. They split the prize money between them, but Amber should have stolen it…


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Speaking for the first time since the split on today's Loose Women, Amber revealed she was "really disappointed" by the sudden end to their relationship. 

Explaining what happened, Amber said: "So from my point of view I still wanted to make it work. There was a call a few days prior just chatting, not specifically to do with that.

"I think there was a bit of miscommunication but I think if you don’t want to be with someone, you don’t want to be with someone," the Newcastle native continued,

"Basically all I wanted was a bit of effort from him to come to London or Newcastle to see me. I said I’m going to have to give up if you don’t put the effort in."


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Greg then responded in a way that would make any woman's blood boil; "And he said 'okay bye'. I was expecting it to be a bit different." 

Greg had claimed that he still has feelings for Amber and has not ruled out a reunion in the future, but Amber admitted that she never expected Islanders going in late to have secret motivations. 

"He’s a lovely guy but I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the future really. It’s a bit of an odd situation. 

"The Islanders in from the beginning were naive to people going in later on and what people's perceptions were and what were being said. I didn’t really think of that at the time." 


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As her second time as a Loose Women panelist, Amber spoke very honestly about the split. 

"Obviously I’m really disappointed. I wasn't expecting it at all. I was due to fly to Dublin and spend the weekend with him and go on a TV show together.  

"On that day I had to cancel as it wasn’t working out. I think the careers and the distance was always a factor. I don’t know what changed. I wanted to make it work but it is what it is." 

Our queen isn't letting it get her down, however; "I am disappointed it's over. I’m booked and busy and I'll be fine. Onwards and upwards from here."

Greg appeared on The Late Late Show solo with Maura Higgins after Amber cancelled due to their split. He claimed that they'd tried to make it work but the distance and busy schedules were too much.

"Me and Amber have been chatting the last few days and the whole thing about breaking up over text isn't true.  But we need to be realistic about the situation, and the fact she's in the UK," he added.

"We're both so busy and we need to take these opportunities and protecting our careers.  She has every brand wanting to work with her, and I'm trying to make the team for the Olympics"

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It's safe to say the world of pole dancing has undergone somewhat of a transition over the past few years.

Once associated with seedy dance floors and risqué entertainment, the activity has since gone on to prove itself as a pretty decent workout routine, and has now been declared as a sport in its own right.

The Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) has recognised the physical exertion and skill involved and have given it 'observer status'. 

According to The Daily Mail, the declaration comes 11 years after Katie Coates, president of the international pole sports federation, started a petition to get pole dancing into the Olympics.

Speaking to the paper, Katie said: “In the early 2000s people started doing it as fitness and taking away the sex stigma, so no high heels and making it accessible for average people.”

“Pole dancing is not like everyone thinks it is, you need to actually watch it to understand.”

“I feel like we have achieved the impossible, everyone told us that we would not be able to get pole dancing recognised as a sport,” she added.

Given its new status, the federation for pole dancing can now apply for national sports recognition through the Department for Digital, Culture and Sport as well as British Olympic Committee and UK Sport memberships.

Patrick Baumann, President of GAISF told The Times: “We will do everything within our remit to help them realise their full potential and… one day, maybe become part of the Olympic programme”.


Oh, he can cover 100 meters in 9.81 seconds, but could Usain Bolt solve a Rubiks's Cude in the same amount of time?

Reminding the public that some skills have yet to be included in the Olympic Games, one YouTuber decided to share footage of himself competing against Usain… in two very separate events.

While the Jamaican runner competed for an Olympic gold in the 100-metre, Anthony Brooks crouched in front of his television screen and frantically completed the head-melting puzzle in the same amount of time.

In footage which has been viewed more than 66,000 on YouTube since its upload earlier this week, Anthony, whose mother is the Jamaican national record holder for the Rubik's Cube,  wrote: "Two Jamaicans race against the clock. To the world!"

Since we struggle to run for a bus and once tried to dismantle a Rubik's Cube in fury, we're pretty impressed by everything going on in this video.




There was absolutely no denying the raw emotion evident in Michael Conlan's post fight interview yesterday.

The 24-year-old boxer from Belfast didn't censor himself when giving his assessment of his match with Russian counterpart, Vladimir Nikitin.

With Nikitin crowned the winner despite public opinion to the contrary, the Irish boxer slammed the Amateur International Boxing Association claiming it was wholly corrupt.

"AIBA are cheats. They’re fu*king cheats. Sorry about that, but that’s me. I don’t give a fu*k, I’m cursing on TV," he ranted moments after losing out on his chance at Olympic gold.

"My dream’s been shattered, but you know what? I’ve got a big career ahead of me and these, they’re known for being cheats," he reasoned. 

Michael went on to question the validity of the judging system, insisting: "Amateur boxing stinks from the core right to the top. Russia can’t dope this time so they are obviously paying the judges a lot more."

The boxer, who took home bronze after the London Olympics in 2012, expressed disbelief over the assessment of his performance.

After explaining that he was more than confident following the first round: he added: "I put it on him more and more. I thought I annihilated him in the second-round. The third was closer, but even that I thought I did enough to win."

Clearly emotional, Michael made his feelings for the Olympics clear, saying: "I’ll never box in this competition again. If people watch this Olympic Games and they see some of the decisions…I think boxing is dead."

Eager to highlight the discrepancy between the fight and the result, he said: "The Russian afterwards, he didn’t believe he won. I didn’t believe he won. The referee didn’t believe he won. I couldn’t think his corner believed he won. Then he reacted as if he’d won a gold medal."

Despite public outrage, AIBA has denied Conlan’s accusations and extended their condolences following the judges' decision.

"AIBA is striving for a fair, level playing field. The idea is not to benefit one country towards another. We represent 200 national federations," they said.

"Michael is a current world champion and he came here with high expectations,” said an AIBA spokesman. “His disappointment is massive, we can all understand that. It’s his personal judgement."

As a gesture of goodwill, Boyle Sports have agreed to pay out on bets placed on the fight.

Take a look at Michael's interview in full.




10 years ago, Katie Ledecky was just nine years of age, and as a keen swimmer, was a massive fan of Michael Phelps.

Over the course of the past decade, Katie has carved an incredibly successful career for herself in the world of swimming, and as a six-time Olympic medalist, can now officially count herself among her hero's peers.

And it was this incredible progression which made a photo of a clearly excited Katie meeting Michael back in 2006 all the more poignant in the eyes of the public.

Acknowledging people's interest in the photograph, the US teammates decided to recreate the image…with a twist.

Instead of maintaining the same roles, Michael paid tribute to Katie's progress and incredible achievements since their first meeting, and was photographed asking for her autograph this time around.

Sharing the photo on their Twitter page, USA Swimming wrote: "Vice-Versa: @katieledecky @MichaelPhelps re-create famous photo with opposite roles #riotoday #SwimUnited."

Twitter users were all over the adorable twist on the throwback snap and wasted no time sharing their thoughts on the upload.

"I love this pic! It shows dreams can come true! Michael, you are truly an inspiration! Thank you!" wrote one while another added: "Love this! Thanks for inspiring young swimmers!"

Retweeting the reverse snap on their page, The Today Show wrote: "A lot can change in 10 years! @katieledecky and 'MichaelPhelps in 2006 and today in Rio!"

"What an inspiration! Katie is well on her way to joining Phelps on the Mount Rushmore of swimming. Incredible!" replied a member of the public.

That's a framer.



Oh, this is just brilliant.

The Oylimpics is well under way and while US swimmer Michael Phelps was waiting in the 'ready room' before qualifying in the 200m butterfly semi-final, he clearly wasn't impressed with his opponent's pre-race ritual of bouncing around with boxing-style dance moves.

Michael ended up pulling a face, and well, it has gone viral and everyone is LOVNG it:



Remember the last time a male athlete was described simply as someone's husband in a headline announcing a recent win? Yeah, us neither.

And yet reducing a woman to nothing more than her marital status is an all too frequent occurrence in the media, and it looks like Twitter is officially OVER it.

Slamming the Chicago Tribune for their coverage of Corey Cogdell's bronze in Rio, Twitter users questioned why the athlete's identity was linked only to her husband.

The headline 'Wife of a Bears' lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics' was met with outage from social media users who demanded the newspaper explain their choice of headline.

"Isn't awful that she was born nameless and without an identity of her own," wrote one Twitter user while another highlighted the disparity which exists between reporting on male and female athletes.

Sharing a photo of Michael Phelps, another Twitter user wrote: "Son of middle school principal Debborah Sue wins Olympic gold' before adding the hashtag TweetLikeTheChicagoTribune.

Doing their job for them, another irate member of the public took the opportunity to edit the Tribune's tweet before sharing it with followers, writing: "SHE HAS A NAME. Congrats to amazing markswoman and all-around BAMF, Corey Cogdell"

Wife of Bears' lineman? Seriously?




Discussion focussing on the prevalence of doping at the Olympics has been gaining considerable momentum as Rio de Janeiro hosts the 2016 games, and Irish swimmer, Fiona Doyle, has refused to tiptoe around the subject following a disappointing result in a recent heat.

Despite both the International Olympic Committee and FINA – the world swimming governing body – declaring a ban on all Russian competitors who have either tested positive or been named in last month's investigation into state-sanctioned doping, Fiona lost out to a Russian swimmer who was initially denied admission to the heats.

Yulia Efimova found a loophole in her ban and was permitted entry in a decision which has ignited serious debate this week.

With Yulia having won the heat which saw Fiona ultimately lose out on a place in the semi-finals of the 100m breaststroke, the Limerick-born swimmer vented her frustration.

"Cheaters are cheaters," Fiona insisted. "She has tested positive five times and she’s gotten away with it again. It’s like FINA keep going back on their word, and the IOC keep going back on their word."

Devastated by the turn of events, the 24-year-old Irish athlete highlighted the inconsistencies which exist within the world of sport, saying: "And FINA caved in to Vladimir Putin, and that’s just not fair on the rest of the athletes who are clean."

"Who are you supposed to trust now?" Fiona asked. "They have signs all over the village saying we are a clean sport, and it’s not. And I just don’t think that’s fair."

According to the Irish Times, Fiona is reluctant to suggest her performance was hampered by the Russian's inclusion in the event, but admits that the overturning of the ruling has cast a shadow on her experience.

"There’s just been too much focus on cheaters, and I don’t like adding to that, but at the same time I think it has to be put out there." she said.

"But I don’t want to put my performance down to her," Fiona added. "I wanted to stand up and do it for myself. And that just makes it even more disappointing, to stand up and not show it."

Yulia was subject to a 16-month suspension in 2013 after testing positive for anabolic steroids, and has this year tested positive for banned substance meldonium.


To much delight, McDonald's brought back the all-day breakfast last year, and to celebrate… it's launching a line of workout gear.

I kid you not.

The new Maccy D's tracksuit is plastered with Egg McMuffins, hash browns and hotcakes, and it also threw in a few palm trees for fun.

But don't be too quick to think the fast food chain has lost it's mind.

It actually ties in with the brand's Olympic sponsorship for this year's games and all of the profits will benefit the Ronald McDonald House, which provides housing close to hospitals for families of children undergoing treatment.

According to Ad Week, the trackie is available on eBay with prices starting at $50 (€45).



Well, Serena Williams certainly had a great friday night.

The seven-time Wimbledon champion and four-time Olympic gold medal holder joined in with her own dance routine when she made her way onto the stage for the Rio Olympics opening ceremony and it looked like she was having a ball from start to finish.

Even better, she shared the whole thing on Snapchat:

And that ladies, is how you make an entrance.


In the past, there had been some controversy over whether Holywood-native Rory McIlroy would represent Ireland or Britain at the Olympics later this year.

However, and after announcing to much fanfare that he would compete alongside his fellow boys and girls in green, the 27-year-old has withdrawn from the event entirely. 

Citing health concerns, a statement released by the professional golfer read: “After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to withdraw my name from consideration for this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero.

“After speaking with those closest to me, I’ve come to realise that my health and my family’s health comes before anything else. Even though the risk of infection from the Zika virus is considered low, it is a risk nonetheless and a risk I am unwilling to take."

The statement, as published by irishtimes.com, continued: “I trust the Irish people will understand my decision. The unwavering support I receive every time I compete in a golf tournament at home or abroad means the world to me.

“I will continue to endeavour to make my fans and fans of golf proud with my play on the course and my actions off it.”

Last month, Rory had hinted at his uncertainty of travelling to Brazil, stating: “As it gets closer, I am relishing the thought of going down there and competing for gold.

"But I have been reading a lot of reports about Zika and there have been some articles coming out saying that it might be worse than they are saying. I have to monitor that situation.”

The Olympic Council Of Ireland has now expressed its disappointment at the news.

However, it also reflected: “Rory was set to be one of the big stars of Rio 2016, but now there is an opportunity for another Irish golfer to take up the chance to become an Olympian and participate in golf’s historic return to the Olympic Games after a 112-year absence.”

Rory and a gaggle of mates yesterday travelled by private jet to France to see Northern Ireland take on world champions Germany – a game they sadly lost 0-1.


We're already on the cusp of Rio 2016 – while the 2020 Games have now been awarded to Tokyo.

And this morning, the short-list for the 2024 Olympics was announced, and FOUR out of the five cities are in Europe. 

Close to home Budapest, Hamburg, Paris and Rome all fancy their chances, while Los Angeles takes up the final spot. 

There will now be a period of intense lobbying before the International Olympic Committee makes its decision in 2017.

As the announcement was made earlier today, IOC president Thomas Bach said the five cities were all “outstanding” candidates.

They're not all novices either: LA held the Games in 1932 and 1984, while Paris also has the same experience: it played host in 1900 and 1924.

Rome was the location for the 1960 Olympics, although Budapest and Hamburg have yet to hold the sporting spectacle. 

London spent around €15bn hosting the Olympic Games in 2012 – with security alone costing around €750m.