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There are countless reasons out there for break-ups; infidelity, long distances, baby plans versus no baby plans etc. To each their own.

However, the latest research on break-ups among the age group of 23-year-olds to 30-year-olds has taken us majorly by surprise, but then again we've had a fair few arguments in the car.

According to recent data published by Ford, 20 percent of millennials admit to breaking up with their significant other because they were a backseat driver. 

Many splits are a result of borderline ridiculous reasons, such as strange habits or annoying idiosyncrasies. We've dumped ex's for chewing loudly, for example, and regret nothing. 

Driving with a passenger who holds the seat dramatically whenever you move the car, who gasps at every turn and who disagrees with the route you've chosen to take can be incredibly frustrating.

Do they suck in their breath whenever you press the accelerator? Do they offer incessant criticism? Do they make you feel like an incompetent driver who should have to hand in your licence?

Yep, we know the type. They basically make you want to kick them out of the car while it's still moving.

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Apparently other people disagree, and even use backseat driving as an excuse to dump their boyfriend or girlfriend.

"While backseat driving can be a very unattractive behaviour, it's most likely that backseat driving was really just an example that in the relationship, this person may be aggressive, obtrusive, disrespectful, or selfish," Jess Carbino, PhD, Bumble's relationship expert sociologist, tells Cosmopolitan.

Does this mean that our passenger behaviour and our driving attitude reflects our personalities? We drive like a demented soccer mum, so this isn't good news for us.

Tone is a major aspect of the bickering and nagging of a backseat driver argument. Try not to throw shade at anyone's driving skills unless your life is actually endangered, or if somebody else's vehicle is about to get damaged. 

Assigning blame is never a good idea in scenarios like this, use neutral comments to keep the situation, and the driver, calm. Whether you have L plates, N plates or no plates at all, we can be sensitive about our driving abilities.

Have a post-car ride deep meaningful conversation so you can break down what went wrong instead of becoming silently sullen and passive-aggressive. We've all been guilty of it since ditching the L plates.

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Make sure to explain that you are frustrated with their comments, or unhelpful directions. Ask for constructive criticism, or help with the route itself. Try not to curse, even though it may be near impossible to resist.

"Don't let what happened in the car influence the opinion or feelings you have for this person outside of the car," says Carbino, from Bumble.

Leave it in the car or it could damage your love permanently. Unless they're the type that keeps chanting, "Are we there yet?" over and over again. Then you should just end things before it's too late.



Every day, over one hundred and fifty thousand bicycles share Ireland’s roads with two million cars, buses and trucks. 

And as part of a new series, Now You See Me, RTÉ TV will be looking at the relationship on our roads between bikes and cars, which, at times, can be pretty fraught.

They will ask the question: "If we can see them and they can see us, why are we finding it so hard to share our roads?"

As part of show, producers want to get Irish drivers out of their cars and onto bikes to experience the roads on two wheels. 

They are now on the hunt for “dedicated” drivers willing to swap their cars for a bicycle commuter experiment.

If you are interested in getting out from behind the wheel, getting some exercise and seeing what your commute is like on two wheels, then email your name, age and location in Ireland to info@oddboymedia.ie.

Include a line or two on your daily commute, what type of driver you are and your opinion of sharing the roads with bikes as well. 



It's not looking good for Tyga at the moment.

While we're all still trying to figure out if he and Kylie Jenner are still together, the 27-year-old got in a bit of bother with the police.

The rapper was out in a club in LA last night, and was pulled over while driving his new Mercedes G-Series.


Skrr skrrt

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According to E! News, Tyga ran a stop sign and had no license plate numbers on his new wheels.

He voluntarily got out of his car, and was then handcuffed by police officers.


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When asked by paparazzi why he was being arrested, Tyga said: "Because I have paper plates. I just bought it."

Earlier yesterday, the performer shared pictures of his new car on Instagram.

He was also holding stacks on cash in the pictures…



New legislation may be introduced that will see learner drivers have their cars seized by Gardaí, if they are caught driving unaccompanied.

The Independent is reporting that the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, is considering the change after their was concern over the number of incidents involving learner drivers.

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Road Saftey campaigners, PARC, said that the new law should be a "no brainer."

A spokesperson for the group said: "When a garda stops a learner driver and charges him or her for driving unaccompanied, it makes no sense whatsoever that the garda must then allow that driver to continue their journey driving unaccompanied."

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Minister Ross said in the Dáil: “Currently, gardaí have the power to detain vehicles in a number of circumstances such as where the vehicle is untaxed, uninsured or does not have an NCT,” he said.

“An extension of this power to cover vehicles being driven by unaccompanied learners would require an amendment to Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994. I would like to advise that this is something that I am willing to consider in the context of future road traffic legislation.”




While her love of horses is well documented, it seems Katie Price doesn’t view all animals equally.

The former glamour model faced the wrath of her fans today after she used Instagram to boast about killing a bird while driving.

In a post captioned “Nice!! Just send I must of hit a bird (sic)”, the mother of five showed the dead animal wedged into the front of her car.

Naturally, the 38-year-old’s followers were upset by the image with many questioning her decision to post about the incident.

After a multitude of social media users criticised the “disgusting” shot, the television personality deleted it from her account.


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Katie's Instagram posts are often controversial.  Earlier this year, she was heavily criticised for using the site to promote her young children's careers.

She also used the platform to address rumours surrounding her relationship with Geordie Shore's Scotty T. 



There are few situations as instantly infuriating as discovering a big yellow clamp welded to the wheel of your car.

Clamps leave you stranded, cost a bomb to remove and no one understands that you “genuinely just left the car there for a minute”.

Because of this, it is with great pleasure that we can report there will soon be a cap of €100 on clamp removal fees in Ireland thanks to a new law which is due to be signed in by the Minister for Transport.

According to the Irish Independent, the Vehicle Clamping Act was actually passed 17 months ago, but because a commencement order was not signed at the time, there has been a considerable delay in its introduction.

The decision will now be subject to a Dáil vote. 

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Katie Price has hit back at reports which suggest she cheated on her husband Kieran Hayler with ex-Geordie Shore star Scotty T.

Yesterday, pictures emerged of the mother of five getting out of the reality star’s flash BMW as sources told The Sun that a “dishevelled” Katie had been joined by Scotty in her hotel suite after their spin on Monday night.

A hotel guest claimed they had seen the 38-year-old glamour model rush through the venue’s lobby before jumping into the distinctive car which quickly drove off.

Sources say Katie returned to the same Gateshead based hotel later that night. 

Shortly after her arrival, 28-year-old Scotty was spotted ordering drinks at the hotel bar before taking a lift up to the rooms.

Last night, the Loose Women panellist used Instagram to deny that she is romantically involved with the Celebrity Big Brother winner.

In a video which appears to have been shot in a car, Katie said: “I love my husband so why would people try to start sh*t?  Just because I know male people doesn’t mean to say f*cking anything’s going on so get over it.”


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The TV personality – who recently admitted to physically attacking her former friend for sleeping with her husband – also took to Twitter to share links to The Sun’s story with the comment: “My team made it clear earlier today on a call, anyet they still run a story that implies things that simply aren’t true.  Very disappointing (sic).”

She claims the reason she was with the famed womaniser that night is because he giving was her and a friend a lift to a sunbed parlour.

While he has been active on social media, Scotty has yet to address the claims.

Scotty and Katie image: Xposure



Just days ago, Tyga's red Ferrari was repossessed, and now reports are coming in at his $2.2 million Maybach has been taken away as well.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s 2014 Maybach broke down a couple of months ago and he had to take it to a repair shop to get fixed.


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But, Tyga being Tyga failed to make a few important payments, and a financing company had to get involved.

The website claims that Ty has now forfeited the car to get the financiers off his back.

Will he have anything to drive by the end of the year?!


Despite the glitz and glam with which he surrounds himself, it once again appears that poor old Tyga is a little bit short on cash as his red hot Ferrari has been repossessed.

On Tuesday the rapper and his reality star girlfriend Kylie Jenner took the luxury vehicle for a spin to a Bentley dealership in Calabasas, but while they were inside checking out cars Tyga’s ride disappeared.

According to TMZ, while T and Kylie were browsing the repo man arrived on the scene with a spare key to the Rack City rapper’s car and quickly took off with it down the freeway.



Ferrari summer

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It is believed the 26-year-old star had failed to keep up with his lease payments and by Californian law that means the lender was fully entitled to take back the car at a time of their convenience.

Thankfully the celebrity couple weren’t left completely stranded as one of Tyga’s mates decided to be sound and gave them a lift home.

Earlier this year Us Weekly reported that the father of one had been hit with a $480,000 judgement for not paying his rent, but somehow he still managed to gift his 19-year-old partner a customised Mercedes-Maybach for her birthday less than a month ago.



Thank you baby @kinggoldchains

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Maybe Tyga should try keeping up with his payments instead of the Kardashians.


When Kylie Jenner snaps she generally does one of three things: promotes her highly successful cosmetics line, poses like there’s no tomorrow while mouthing song lyrics or shares pictures of her incredible fleet of cars.

So naturally when her on/off boyfriend Tyga needed to get his BAE a present for her upcoming 19th birthday, her never-ending Snapchat story was an easy source of inspo.

Yesterday Kylie shared a video on social media in which she explores her new Mercedes-Maybach which – according to the TMZ – is estimated to be worth around $220,000.



Thank you baby @kinggoldchains

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In the clips the young reality star can be seen walking casually outside when Tyga surprises her with the customised ride.  As Kylie gasps with excitement, Tyga begins to sing Happy Birthday to the teen.

Kylie can be heard saying “happy early birthday to me” while she circles the luxury vehicle, before telling the 26-year-old rapper that she loves him.

Snaps inside the car reveal that as well as being kitted out with a fridge and fold-out tables, the car’s cream interior also glows pink in the dark.



Last year Tyga gifted Kylie a white Ferrari for her birthday so we’re guessing she already knows what to expect for her 20th.



For most people their first car is something that will get them from A to B, hopefully without too much chugging on the way.

But Brooklyn Beckham is not most people.

According to the Mail Online, the teen model has been spotted driving around London on his own in a brand new Mercedes C-class having just passed his driving test.

The sleek grey car is worth around €44,000 and can go from 0-100km/h in less than 7 seconds – which seems like a lot of power for someone who only began driving in March but, according the Mail, 17-year-old Brooklyn was well able to handle his new ride.

Brooklyn wasn’t long back from LA when he took the car for a spin, having recently flown across the pond to visit his girlfriend Chloe Moretz.


When you're missing bae 🙁

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The  young power couple have become increasingly public with their relationship lately, giving everyone the impression that they’re in it for the long haul.

And we doubt Chloe will be too upset to see that car picking her up from the airport.


An 18th birthday is certainly a milestone event – and it seems that Kylie Jenner is intent on making it a memorable one for her long-standing BFF, Jordyn Woods.

The reality TV star, who only turned 18 herself last month, also went ALL OUT with a pretty spectacular gift: namely a €50,000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

As you do.

Understandably, birthday gal Jordyn was pretty blown-away by her friend's generosity. 

Posting a snap of the black car – which had been adorned with an oversized red ribbon – to Instagram, she gushed: "There's no words to describe how I feel.. I just don't know what I did to deserve this."

She continued: "I can never thank @kyliejenner for motivating me to always do my best and always opening up new opportunities. Do good and good things will happen. Blessed and grateful always.

"Love you and thank you again to everyone who made me feel special on this 18th year. Finally."

Ms Jenner herself also shared a similar photograph, along with the caption: "Happy birthday jordyn. Thank you for being you.

"Most down to earth selfless human being! I hope you enjoy it."

Of course, Kylie herself was given a ridiculously amazing car for her own 18th birthday: her boyfriend Tyga gifted her with a white 482 Italia Ferrari, valued at a cool €300,000.

Not that she was entirely happy: within weeks the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had dropped it into a garage for a major paint-job and new rims

Jordyn is part of the Jenner sisters' trusted inner circle; most recently, she accompanied Kylie on a celebratory beach trip to Mexico.