OMG: So many people would dump their SO if they didn’t like their pet

It's a deal breaker for many of us.

Imagine finding someone who is a ride and god craic and thinks the same about you…and then they meet your gorge dog/cat and don't like them.

What the actual f*ck.

So it comes as no surprise to us that a significant amount of people would kick their bf/gf to the curb if they didn't like their pet.


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According to a survey by Aldi, 2 out of 3 Irish people Irish people would end a relationship if their partner couldn’t accept their dog or cat.

And to that we say – fair.

There were other interesting findings in the survey too.

When it came to which animal was more popular, the figures showed that 72% of people surveyed had a dog, 19% had a cat and 9% had both a dog and a cat.

It also discovered that a whopping 96% of people regard their dog or cat as a member of their fam.

We so get that tbh. 


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Continuing the theme of having a close bond with their pet, a third of people let their dog or cat sleep on the bed each night.

It seems that people really adore their furry friends as 80% of people admitted to greeting their dog or cat first after a along day of school/work before any member of their family, partner or roommate.

So if you're not mad about bae's Labrador hound or Minx kitten, maybe keep your mouth shut because it appear that they'll deffo chose their animal rather than you.