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Stop the world, we're getting off. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have once again proven how iconic and culture-shaping they are by putting a painting of Queen Meghan Markle behind them, and now it's for SALE in poster format.

The Carters won the Best International Group gong at The Brit Awards over the weekend, and paid tribute to the Duchess of Sussex herself in an ode to their incredible APESH**T music video in the Louvre.

Captioning the unreal video, Beyoncé wrote;

"Thank you to the Brits for the award for Best International Group. I won this award back in 2002 with my besties, Kelly and Michelle." Destiny's Child is for life, it's not a phase, mom.


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"How lucky am I to have been in a group with my other best friend, the GOAT Hova. In honour of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy," she concluded.

Well, all other artwork is now irrelevant. The Renaissance is CANCELLED. The Louvre is to be shut down, except for this one painting that precedes all others. Picasso never happened. It's only Meghan Mona Lisa that matters.

Prolific artist Tim O'Brien is the man behind the amazing painting, and has done some amazing works to represent American politics and culture.

O'Brien works as a professor at the Pratt Institute and is one of the world's most famous illustrator, having covering Time magazine over and over again.

Every wall can now be dedicated to the Duchess yourself, because these posters are for sale. If you have $100, that is. If you're a rich b*tch, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing this rare art form.

O'Brien's website has loads of unreal work up for sale as prints, and even has a Beyoncé feature in Elizabethan garb, reminiscent of her Mrs. Carter world tour announcement. It's $85: Worth it.

Feature image: @legacymagazineng/Instagram 



Oh gaaawd…these are the kind of photos that make us want to never drink again.

Ed Sheeran had many things to celebrate last night after walking away with two BRIT Awards, one for Best British Solo Artist and one for Best Album. And it looks like he definitely made the most of his big night, as he was pictured leaving the Warner Music after-party looking… well…  little worse for wear!

Poor Ed had to be held up by his security team and manager who led him to a waiting taxi:

One onlooker said that the singer “was so dazed that he managed to walk head first into a lamp post before finding his footing,” according to MailOnline. Ah, we’ve all been that soldier, to be fair!

The 24-year-old had taken to the mic at the Warner party to entertain guests, including Daisy Lowe, Charli XCX, Rita Ora, Rob Pattinson and FKA Twigs, and Orlando Bloom, and judging by these pictures, the drinks were definitely flowing.

Rather than heading to McDonalds and home to bed (as we would have done), Ed instead went on to The Box nightclub in London where he continued partying until 6am with pal Sam Smith.

We reckon the Thinking Out Loud singer has a VERY sore head this morning… but at least he’s waking up to the news that his two Irish gigs sold out completely within just one hour earlier today! Every cloud, eh…



Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift sat front row together at last night's BRIT Awards, and it was the start of something beautiful.

The two stars were seen looking seriously pally at the Grammy Awards earlier this month, but last night they debuted their BFF bond properly for the first time.

For one, the pair did some serious bumping and grinding together during Kanye West's performance of his new single, All Day:

And to really make Twitter implode, they posed together for some epic photos. Like this one of Taylor, Kim, Kanye and Sam Smith:


Britt Awards!!! @TaylorSwift @samsmithworld

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And THIS ONE, of Taylor, Kim and Karlie Kloss:


K's and Tay

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That's our new friendship goal, right there.

So could this friendship be set to last? Well, given that Taylor seems to have forgiven Kanye for interrupting her on stage back in 2009 and the pair are now set to record some music together, we reckon she and Kim will have many more opportunities to hang out.

We are in FULL support of this new friendship, bizarre as it may be! All hail K-Tay!



Poor Madonna was left seriously morto last night after she tumbled to the ground during a performance of her new song Living for Love at the BRIT Awards.

If you haven't already seen it… enjoy:

Although it originally looked as if the poor singer had fallen foul of a wind machine that blew her down a flight of stairs to the ground, the singer has said it was actually a wardrobe malfunction that was to blame, as one of her dancers tried to pull off her cape which was simply tied too tight.

Many in the audience initially thought the fall was part of Madge's dance routine, as she collapsed on the ground during the line, "I let down my guard, I fell into your arms" and was back on her feet to sing "now that it's over, I'm going to carry on". Trust Madonna to make a VERY undignified fall look like it was planned!

The 56-year-old took to her Instagram page shortly after the performance to reassure fans that she was doing fine and that her too-tight cape had been the problem. 

"Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight!" she wrote alongside a designer's sketch of her costume. "But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine!" 

Within minutes of the fall, Twitter was awash with some brilliant responses that definitely had us giggling:

We hope poor Madge has some Arnica on hand for her bruises this morning!