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We’ve selected the best Christmas gifts for the man in your life to ensure he has a permanent smile this Christmas and there isn't a single pair of socks in sight!

​​​​​Clarins Men Hydration Gift Set

Each year Clarins has a super Christmas range and this year is no exception. The Clarins Men gift this year is their Clarins Men toilet bag packed with products. And it’s at a great price too. This year it includes NEW Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm 50ml, Clarins Men Active Face Wash 125ml, Clarins Men Shampoo & Shower (30ml trial) and a Clarins Men Shave Ease Oil (3ml sample).


Clarins Men Hydration Gift Set RRP €64

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

Payot Charcoal Exfoliating Gel

This black facial cleansing gel containing plant-based charcoal and volcanic micro-particles gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin daily, releasing its impurities and dead cells. Its sebum-regulating action mattifies the skin throughout the day and the active charcoal unclogs the pores, preventing the appearance of imperfections. Men’s skin is left fresh and purified; it is soft with a refined texture, and its original radiance is restored.

Its intense black gel texture transforms into a generous white foam on contact with water. It is easy to rinse and leaves the skin fresh and soft. 

Payot Charcoal Exfoliating Gel 150ml RRP €19.95

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

The Glenmorangie Pioneering Collection Gift Pack

For the man in your life who savours the taste of the Scottish Highlands, The Glenmorangie Pioneering Collection is just perfect.  The gift pack contains three 350ml bottles – Glenmorangie Original, Lasanta and Quinta Ruban. Follow in the footsteps of their Whisky Creation Team, as they select the very best casks from around the world to bring you a range of taste experiences.

The Glenmorangie Pioneering Collection Gift Pack RRP €92.00

Available nationwide through select general off licence retailers

Yon-Ka Paris For Men Gift Set

The Yon-Ka for Men gift set contains two of their best products this year. 

Paris Nutri-Moist Crème 40ml – this cream protects the skin from environmental stress and restores all of its energy. A true multi-vitamin antioxidant cocktail for soft, supple and rehydrated skin, especially during the cold weather! This crème has a quickly absorbed texture with a pick me up effect, which is perfect for men on the go in the morning.

Yon-Ka Paris Barber Shave 100ml – this shaving skincare is ultra-effective on tough stubble, while remaining gentle on the most sensitive skin. A true soothing remedy that reduces irritation and small cuts caused by shaving, for absolute comfort. This product contains the purifying effect of essential oils, that further clears the skin after cleansing, before shaving.

The gift set comes in a stylish grey wash bag and includes a Leonards Shaving Brush.

Yon-Ka Paris For Men Gift Set RRP €84.00

Available in pharmacies nationwide

​​​​​Nuxe Men's Hydra Box Set

This gift set contains the essential trio for men who like to feel great.  It includes Nuxe Men Moisturising Multi-Purpose Gel 50ml, Nuxe Men Multi-Use Shower Gel 100ml and Nuxe Men Deodorant 50ml.

Nuxe Men's Hydra Box Set RRP €25.00

Available in pharmacies nationwide

Kennedy & Co by Darren Kennedy

Give the gift of hydrated, revitalised, supple soft skin to the man in your life with the choice of 3 deluxe gift sets from Kennedy & Co by Darren Kennedy. Most men don’t realise that their skin is in fact oilier, thicker and more frequently damaged by shaving, so a skincare routine is paramount, especially after the Christmas period.

There are three sets to choose from:

Gift Set 1: Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20, Purifying Peat Face Scrub, Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Gift Set 2: Matte Hair Clay, Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20, Purifying Peat Face Scrub

Gift Set 3: Matte Hair Clay, Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel, Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20

Kennedy & Co Deluxe Gift Sets RRP €25

Available to purchase in selected Dunnes Stores and pharmacies nationwide or online at www.kennedycogrooming.com

Phyto NOVATHRIX – for those with thinning hair or hair loss

Hair loss. It’s not life threatening but it is life altering. In almost every society in the world, hair is associated with beauty, youth and good health. The loss/thinning of hair can have a devastating impact on both men (and woman).   Phyto, the internationally renowned, natural haircare brand created by Patrick Ales introduces Phyto NOVATHRIX. With 50 years of expertise in the hair industry, this plant based, botanical hair care brand launches the expert anti-hair loss range in Boots nationwide. 

Phyto Novathrix Fortifying Energizing Shampoo 200ml – RRP €18

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

 Phyto Novathrix Global Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 12 vials – RRP €100

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

 PAYOT Homme Homme Soin Réveil Energising Care Gel

Hydrating and energising, PAYOT HOMME Soin Réveil (Energising Care Gel) immediately awakens your complexion with a delightfully fresh feeling and impressive anti-tiredness action that combats signs of skin fatigue. Having this in your skincare routine will make a significant difference in the colder, hard winter months.

This is designed specifically for the needs of men’s skin. Enriched with energy-boosting caffeine and cocoa, this skin boosting gel uses iron (present in hematite extract) for its stimulating, fortifying and oxygenating benefits, while zinc (present in smithsonite extract) encourages cell renewal and has a firming effect on the skin. 

PAYOT Homme Homme Soin Réveil Energising Care Gel 50ml RRP €36

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

​​​​​​Delarom Homme Eau Sport 50ml

Delarom Homme Eau Sport is for the modern man on the move and quite frankly, it smells gorgeous. The top note is vibrant and sparkling citrus: lemon, small satinwood grains, ginger, jungle essence, mandarine. The middle note, sensual and radiant, marine scent: iris, geranium, aquatic concord. And the bottom note is woody, vetiver: vetiver, muscs, cedar, orcanox. They say: “Homme Eau sport, authentical source of energy is the ultimate weapon of the modern and hedonist man, symbol of boldness and energy” – we say buy it!

 Delarom Homme Eau Sport 50ml RRP €44

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

Hennessy X.O  Gift Box

For some, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a warming glass of Hennessy. The emblematic icon of the House, Hennessy X.O remains unchanged since its creation in 1870. A blend of 100 eaux-de-vie, its deep amber colour is a sign of its intensity. At once rich and robust in character, it constantly reveals layers of flavours with distinctive persistence on the palate.

The Hennessy X.O Gift Box RRP €170

Available in O’Brien’s nationwide

Aqua Di Parma Essential Shaving Kit

The essential shaving kit is a travel-friendly ritual for the perfect shave. The iconic yellow Acqua di Parma branded pouch contains the shaving cream and aftershave emulsion in 40ml travel size along with the iconic colonia in the 20ml size. 

Aqua Di Parma Essential Shaving Kit RRP €65

Available at Brown Thomas

Novexpert Booster with Vitamin C

This high-performance booster serum delivers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory Vitamin C to the skin, fighting sun damage, increasing luminosity and stimulates natural collagen for a visibly firmer, more radiant and more youthful appearance. This serum is great for anyone who are outdoors or into sports and as they use the very best and it has the highest concentration of stabilised vitamin C in the world, you can rest assured, you are buying the best.

Novexpert Booster with Vitamin C RRP €56

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

 Maglite Solitaire LED Flashlight

If it’s a little gift you are after, then this keychain-size flashlight is just for you. The Maglite Solitaire LED Flashlight works in a really simple way – just twist the head to turn on, turn off and focus spot to flood. But thanks to a new, state-of-the-art LED light engine, you get something you just wouldn't expect to see coming out of a flashlight so small: A blast of power that can light up an object at the far end of the car park. 

Maglite Solitaire LED Flashlight – £17.76

Available on amazon now

Safety Razor Natural Wood

The set includes a traditional razor, vegan friendly soap and five spare blades. The quality of this razor speaks for itself –there is no need to apply pressure, just hold the handle in your fingertips, and let the weight of the razor head glide over the skin, giving the closest shave and the smoothest skin. 

The soap contains orange and lavender essential oils give this shaving soap a bold character. Clay extracts help to create a silky-smooth shave, and soothing aloe vera clams the skin and it’s vegan too. Also included in the Naked Shave Kit are five superior platinum double edge blades.

Safety Razor Natural Wood – Naked Necessities €30

Available in The Conscious Christmas Store on 13 Fade St, Dublin 2 or online from TheKind.co

RSBarcelona Gold Football Table

And if money is no object, then the must have toy for 2019 is the RSBarcelona Gold Football Table. A snip at just €5,690.

RSBarcelona Gold Football table RRP €5,690

Available in The Marvel Room at Brown Thomas


There is only one month to go until Christmas Day and we have barely made a dint in our shopping list.

But fear not, because we have scoured the Internet for the most perfect presents that will certainly woo your nearest and dearest.

One person at the very top of our list is our best friend. They’re the one who shows up at your house with wine after you’ve had a tough day. The one who always supports ordering more than one dessert. The one who will sing along to cheesy pop music with you.

They deserve something special this Christmas so have a look at these 15 gifts and see what suits them best.

There’s something for every budget here so happy shopping!

1. Instax Mini Link (€120)

This is the perfect gadget for your bestie. They can create mini prints of all your greatest memories and have a physical copy of them forever. We capture so many special moments but they always end up stuck on our phone so this device is a god-send. You can print images directly from your smartphone with the Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer.

2. Brown Fluffy Sloth Slanket (€18.74)

The snuggliest gift ever. This slanket is ideal for the friend who loves to snooze and nap. It is as soft as can be and will make the perfect outfit for your December sleepovers. 

3. Lindt Selection Box (€15)

Chocolate is the dream gift, especially when it is Lindt chocolate. This selection box is full of lucious chocolate delights that are going to make Christmas movie nights even better.

Available in supermarkets

4. Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette (€53.92)

This gorgeous palette is the ultimate gift for the best friend who adores makeup. The Too Faced palette features 18 warm shades. The best thing about this brand is how pigmented the shadows are. They even smell like ​​​fresh baked gingerbread.

5. Personalised Friendship Print (€10.73)

Personalised gifts are always extra special. This beautiful print is bound to make your best friend's Christmas magical. Supporting small businesses on Etsy is our top priority this Christmas.

6. Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton (€12)

This was one of our favourite books of the year. Everything I Know About Love is a memoir about love, sex, friendship, work and everything in between. Dolly Alderton's heartwarming book is bound to teach you some valuable life lessons and remind you of just how special friendship is.

7. The Little Mermaid Water Bottle (€32)

Good for the planet and absolutely adorable. This is the perfect gift for your Disney-lovin' friend. And it's eco-friendly.

8. Bloom & Wild Subscription (Prices Vary)

Is there anything nicer than having fresh flowers in your home? Studies have even found that having fresh flowers in your home is good for your health so why not treat your bestie to a Bloom & Wild subscription?

9. Tickets to The Stella (Prices Vary)

Sometimes the best gifts are ones you can share. Why not bring your best friend to see one of your favourite old movies or even a new release like Last Christmas at the beautiful Stella Cinema?

10. No7 The Beauty Wardrobe Gift Set (€30)

This fabulous gift set contains everything you need to create the best version of yourself, including the No7 The Full 360 Mascara and No7 Shimmer Palette Rose.

11. Pick and Mix Sweets Selection Gift Box (€9.60)

Got a friend with a sweet tooth? This gift is ideal for them. It'll remind them of the days when you used to get pick and mix before the cinema.

12. Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Bird Trinket Dish (€8)

This dainty little dish is the sweetest gift for the friend who has dozens of jewels. We adore this quirky trinklet dish by Carolyn Donnelly! This dish is the perfect way to store and display earrings and trinkets.

13. Yankee Candle Scented Candle Gift Set (€10.50)

Let Yankee Candle help show someone how much they mean to you by giving them the gift of fragrance which is perfect for any occasion. 

14. Two Peas in a Pod Bracelet (€32.21)

If you and your best friend are as close as two peas in a pod then this is the gift for you!

15. Woodland Teapot (€10.55)

An adorable teapot perfect for all of your warm brews. Can you cope with the cute little fox on the lid?





Are you a wine lover, or do you know someone who is?

If your answer was yes, then we may just have the perfect gift idea…

Image result for wine condoms

The wine condom has been invented, and it is the weirdest thing we have ever seen… yet we sort of want one?


The new quirky invention is packaged just like real condoms, and you just roll them onto the top of a bottle, allowing you to store away or transport it.

Practical and funny.. what's not to love?

Image result for wine condoms

This whimsical gift idea is available to buy online, and costs just €15.


OK, so Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and most of you are probably wondering what to get the man in your life.

Look no further, lovelies, because broquets are the answer to all your problems.

"Flowers are lame, say it with beef" is the slogan supporting the company that creates pretty flower arrangements… out of beef.

 That's right, ladies; you can buy glorious flower bouquets, made entirely from dried beef jerky!

For the cool price of €32, you can hook your man up with the meatiest flower display you could imagine.


Love peppered #jerky, but cleaning up from making a #Broquet can be annoying. #worthit #Broquet #SayItWithBeef #beefjerky

A photo posted by Say It With Beef (@isaiditwithbeef) on

Yes, it's totally bizarre, but we kind of love it!

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