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Before Beyoncé began slaying it on the stage, there was the iconic voice and moves of Aretha Franklin.

The whole world has been holding their breath since the legendary singer fell “gravely ill.”

The 76-year-old was recently put in hospice care at her home, surrounded by family and loved ones.

Beyoncé, as one of the singer’s biggest fans, has been especially affected by the news.

While on tour with her husband Jay-Z, they performed in the Queen of Soul’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Surrounded by so much love for the iconic singer, Beyoncé had to take a moment to recognise the tragic situation.

She dedicated her performance on Monday to Aretha Franklin, and the crowd responded with a roar of applause in tribute.

“We love you,” the young artist spoke for Aretha fans everywhere.

Beyoncé also thanked the soulful singer for her “beautiful music”, reported Detroit Free Press.

There were over 40,000 people present at the concert in Ford Field, and they all cheered along as DJ Khaled played “Respect” at the beginning of the performance.

The Press also pointed out that Ford Field is just down the street from Aretha Franklin Way, which was dedicated to the legendary singer just last summer.

The heartwarming tribute acted as a “passing of the torch” from one generation of singers to the next.

However, no one will ever compare to the “Natural Woman” that has carved the way for African-American, female singers everywhere.

Other celebrities continue to pour out their love and prayers for the ailing artist.

Mariah Carey recently tweeted: “Praying for the Queen of Soul” with a classic photo of the singer.

Missy Elliot also urged fans: “We MUST CELEBRATE the Living Legends while they are here to see it.”

We continue to wait for news of Aretha’s condition, but we are happy that she has her family beside her and overwhelming support from her fans during this difficult time.




It has been a year since Beyoncé  last showed us photos of her adorable twins, Rumi and Sir.

And she has recently revealed more rare photos of her children on her website. They are just too adorable! 

Photo Credit: beyonce.com

The family has been living it up while vacationing around Europe, sailing and spending some quality time together in between the singer’s world tour gigs.

In the picture, the pop star is holding both twins on her lap, rocking a retro, chic hippie look.

Her daughter Rumi is giggling and smiling while her son Rumi seems to be in a more serious mindset with his gaze fixed on the floor.

The family is shown in a few other pictures posted on the site, and they seem to be having some much-needed family fun time.

Photo Credit: beyonce.com

Another image shows Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z, holding Rumi’s hand and enjoying the gorgeous view of the ocean coast before them.

The parents were careful not to leave out their oldest daughter, Blue Ivy.

She is pictured sitting next to her mother in matching, pink dresses with radiant smiles.

Photo Credit: beyonce.com

The pair look strikingly similar in the photo! Maybe there will be a Blue Fierce? 

Blue Ivy was also seen in a black and white bathing suit in the pool with a pair of sunglasses and a tropical juice. #winningatlife

We have no doubt she is every bit as fabulous and legendary as her mother.

Photo Credit: beyonce.com

Beyoncé  and Jay-Z have always been sparse with social media posts of their children; no doubt in a loving attempt to protect them from public scrutiny.

We were thrilled to see her little ones are happy and healthy and spending some time with their fabulous mama.

The singing duo is continuing the rest of the world tour in the U.S. and Beyoncé's last performance will be October 4th in Seattle, Washington.



Is baba number four on the way for Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

The rumour mill is currently in overdrive after Beyoncé was spotted rubbing her stomach on stage during her and Jay's On The Run II tour.

The singer was seen touching her belly and smiling during her performance of 03 Bonnie and Clyde, and while it might not seem much – this was almost the same way she announced she was expecting Blue Ivy.

During the 2011 VMAs, the mum-of-three unbuttoned her jacket, rubbed her stomach and simply smiled. Short and sweet but, wow, it got the world on hyper drive. And now it looks like she may have done it again.

The clip was posted to Instagram by a fan, and now everyone is talking about it! 

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are already parents to Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter, and have always talked about adding more to their brood.

In fact, Jay told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in July 2013 that "[they would like] a little basketball team".

Guess we'll just have to wait and see! 


There's not much that Queen Bey can't pull off.

This can be seen with her recent Instagram pics which showed her enjoying an impromptu photoshoot session on her private jet. 

And how fab does she look? 


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

The singer first posted a video collage, featuring several pictures of herself rocking a Zimmerman pink paisley ensemble.

Known for her killer fashion choices, she paired her ruffled paisley shirt and matching high-waisted shorts with a boxy white handbag and clear heels. 

Her hair up was swept up in an epic blonde top knot and the look was finished off with pink sunglasses, hoop earrings and a statement red lip. 


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Bey decided to ditch the caption and simply let her images speak for themselves – which they did.

Her 115 million followers showed their support with comments such as, ''SLAY PRETTY IN PINK'' and ''You are PERFECT in every way. No matter what you do, what you wear, what you sing'' while others simply opted for love hearts or fire emojis. 


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However, even Beyonce suffers mishaps, which was seen recently on stage during her On The Run II Tour in Warsaw, Poland.

She lost her balance during a cover of Ed Sheeran's Perfect, as the "flying stage" she was standing on suddenly stopped. 

Thankfully she wasn't injured and was helped down a ladder by crew members.

And if anyone can make climbing down a ladder in high-heeled PVC boots look stylish, it is the Queen of Pop. 


The power couple of the century is back on tour.

To kick off the special occasion, fans in Cardiff were spoilt with family footage of Beyoncé and Jay-Z renewing their vows.

The envy is real, as those who attended the On The Run II tour on Wednesday saw the couple surrounded by their three children, on the big day.

Adorably, Blue Ivy and Rumi appeared to be the bridesmaids, with Sir Carter owning the role of page boy for their famous parents. 

Haute couture designer, Galia Lahav, confirmed in a press release, that the singer was draped in one of her dresses for the event.

The flawless piece is called the 'Thelma' gown, from the Victorian Affinity collection. 

The Lahav gown is inspired by Queen Victoria's wedding attire from 1840.

True to its time, the dress includes features such as billowing sleeves, sheer panels and heavily-embellished train and corset. 

The music producer and singer originally wed in a ceremony ten years ago.

The superstar debuted a gown her own mother, Tina Lawson had made.

However, Beyoncé openly said she regretted the decision.

In light of the (slightly awkward) situation, Tina told Today:

"She was so sweet to let me do that. She came back later one day and she said, 'You know, when my daughter gets married, I'm going to let her pick out her own dress.' Maybe she wasn't so excited about it at the time, but she's a sweetheart. "

The vow renewals gave the queen of pop another chance to walk down the aisle, but this time in a dress of her choice.

As always, Beyonce looked like she slayed in the gown.



Stop everything! 

Queen Bey has been know to pull off some pretty fierce stunts in her time. From surprise album drops to larger than life pregnancy announcements, the women just loves to keep us guessing. 

Don't get us wrong, we love the suspense, we really do, and honestly we're just devastated that we weren't there to witness her latest stunt in person. 


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Last night, Beyoncé took to the stage at Coachella festival to preform in front of thousands of screaming fans. 

However, she wasn't alone. 

During her set, Beyoncé welcomed Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to the stage, where the trio preformed a number of Destiny's Child hits such as Lose My Breath, Say My Name, and Solider.


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

While on stage, the ladies didn't refer to themselves as Destiny's Child, so we;re guessing a reunion album may not be on the cards at this moment in time – but hey, we;ll take what we can get! 

Needless to say, the crowd, and fans at home, went absolutely crazy for the trio – and who could blame them? 



So, unless you're just back from a tech-free yoga retreat, or somehow slept through the last 48 hours, you'll know there's one questions that's diving the internet – who bit Beyoncé? 

Yesterday we reported that in an interview with GQ, Tiffany Haddish revealed that she has witnessed an unnamed actress bite the Lemonade singer on the face at a Jay-Z after party in Los Angeles last December. 

As expected, the rumour mill has been in overdrive ever since, and the bookies have even started to take bets on the scandal. 

Lena Dunham is the current favourite, FYI. 

It's basically this generation's version of 'Who shot JR?', but now, thanks to the power of social media, we can all share our crazy theories, and perhaps even get to the bottom of this once and for all. 

Here's some of our favourites: 

1. C'mon Chrissy, just spill! 

2. Stranger things have happened… 

3. Highly unlikely tbh. 

4. Becky with the good teeth. 

5. Can you imagine? 

6. Solid guess. 

7. Please let this happen! 

8. Don't even go there. 


OK, Beyoncé fans, prepare to feel your blood boil, because an unnamed women reportedly bit Queen Bey on the face at a Los Angeles party last December.

Now, why anyone would want to do such a thing is absolutely beyond us, but the attack was witnessed by actress Tiffany Haddish who told GQ she saw the whole thing go down.

As the story goes, an unnamed actress, who had allegedly taken drugs at a Jay-Z after party, showed signs of erratic behaviour – most notable when she, y'know, bit a woman on the face.

Haddish went on to explain how Beyoncé (quite rightly) grabbed Jay-Z and stormed to the other side of the room.

“Beyoncé's at the bar, so I said to Beyoncé, ‘Did she really bite you?’ She was like, ‘Yeah.’”

Apparently the actress didn't even feel bad about the attack, and actually continued to have run-ins with other guests throughout the night.

Fed up with her antics, Tiffany told Beyoncé, "I’m going to beat somebody ass at your party. I just want to let you know that."

But of course, with Beyoncé being the pure beacon of light that she is, encouraged Tiffany to let it go and to just "have fun" instead.

"Beyonce's at the bar, so I said to Beyonce, 'Did she really bite you?' She was like, 'Yeah.' I was like, 'She gonna get her ass beat tonight.' She was like, 'Tiffany, no. Don’t do that. That bitch is on drugs. She not even drunk. The bitch is on drugs. She not like that all the time. Just chill.'"

But that's not all.

The reining Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, reckon shes knows who this unnamed actress – because, well, is there anything that women doesn't know?

And while we may never discover the identify of the mystery Bey-biting, the singer's grace and refusal to fight back has just made us love her more.



Okay, real talk!

Earlier this week, one of the music industry's most influential couples, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, announced a global stadium tour.

The super duo are due to perform at 36 venues across the US and Europe, including stops in Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester and London.

And while we are beyond excited that super star couple are heading back on the road, there's just one thing we can't wrap our heads around – where's the Dublin date?

With that, we're calling on the Beyhive of Ireland to come together and convince the Carters to grace us with their presence this summer!

Make your voice heard by signing the petition below, (or by clicking here) and if we achieve our goal, we'll reach out to Jay and Bey! 


OK, ladies now let's get in formation! 

There's a Beyoncé brunch coming to Dublin next month, and we are BEYOND excited. 

In celebration of Internation Women's Weekend, Fearless Moves and GirlCrew have themed up to honour Queen Bey herself with an unreal fitness event on Saturday, March 10 at 10am in the Bernard Shaw.

Born from the idea that getting fit should be fun and social and not pure torture (hear, hear), Fearless Moves is a fitness event series featuring a deadly music theme, a banging DL, a whopper instructor and most importantly, delicious post-workout food. 

So, what can you expect? 

The workout will be a HIIT class with Jenni TRX hosting, along with Sarah Byrne (of Mother fame) on the decks playing the banging Beyoncé versus diva remix. 

The training session will be followed by a healthy brunch served from Café Marvel in the Bernard Shaw – which, let's be real, is the real reason we'll be going. 

The event is open to all fitness level, meaning you don't need to be a total gym bunny to join in with the tunes and chats. 


We couldn’t choose one way to celebrate GirlCrew’s birthday this year so we teamed up with @fearless.moves to celebrate it ALL THE WAYS! Hiit fitness class to Beyoncé tunes followed by brunch! Link to book tickets on the GirlCrew app or search it on eventbrite if you’re not a member. (PS. Why are you not a member? Awks.) See you there amazing women of Dublin. Bring the sweat  #GirlCrew #GirlCrewApp #FearlessMoves #fitfamireland #irishfitfam #dublinfitfam #dublinfitness #dublinevents #dublincity #dublinireland #dubliners #dubliner #irishgirls #dublin #dublinlife #dublintown #dublinlife #dublindaily #dublinfood #dublin #internationalwomensday #womensday2018 #celebratewomen #girlsrock #strongwomenrock #beyoncefans #beyonceknowles #irelanddaily #dublin #irishbloggers

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Along with International Women's Day, the event celebrates GirlCrew's fourth birthday. 

GirlCrew is an app for women to meet up locally and share advice, tips and information with each other online. Members have organised everything from axe-throwing and protest marches to brunch, hikes, nights out, gigs and festivals. 

The online community has almost 150,000 members in 40 cities worldwide. 

For more information about the event, follow Fearless Moves and GirlCrew on Instagram @fearless.moves or @girlcrewhq.

Tickets are on sale now through EventBrite.


This is NOT a drill people! 

So as we know, Queen Bey's Lemonade was a massive success (Amen!)

As a result of the album's popularity, a university in America announced it will offer an entire class on the subject.

The University of Texas at San Antonio will offer it's students a class entitled "Black Women, Beyoncé, and Popular Culture."

Emmm… sign us up immediately?

Students of this class will study "the singer's ode to 'black womanhood' and how it relates to 'theoretical, historical, and literary frameworks of black feminism.'" 

The course will focus mainly on Lemonade, and will "follow the album's progression all the way from Formation to All Night." 

The lecturer is Kinitra D. Brooks, who is a scholar of race, gender, and horror.

This is AMAZING.