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With the SHEmazing Awards on the horizon, we've been trawling Instagram in search of our favourite Irish nail artists, and during our search, we unearthed some of the craziest nail art trends from the past few months.

From fur nails to wire nails, these trends are best left to the professionals. 

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If you have a particular place you LOVE to get those digits done, now is the time to nominate your nail technicians for our Nail Salon of the Year Award. 

Whether they’re performing a simple file and polish or providing a full-set of extensions, a good nail salon deserves some recognition. 

Until then, have a little look at these mental nail trends: 

5. Fur nails


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4. High heel nails

3. Holographic nails


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2. Metal nails


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1. Wire nails

 Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


Nail trends get weirder and weirder with every passing week, and this latest one is no exception. 

Snow globe nails have become an Instagram sensation, and yes, they are as weird as they sound. 

Imagine teeny tiny snow globes… attached to your nails… FOR REAL, THOUGH! 

PopSugar said the "effect is created when a dome is crafted out of gel polish. This is then glued to the surface of a nail and filled with glitter and water (or mineral oil)".

I am not exactly convinced by this trend tbh, as I can't see how they would be practical. 


 #waterglobenails #snowglobenails #waterglobe #snowglobe

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I'll stick to my normal acrylic nails, thanks… but I will COVER them in glitter (because I can). 

What do you think, ladies? 



From unicorn makeup brushes to unicorn beanie hats, the mythical equine characters are certainly having a moment.

Our most recent obsession? Unicorn nail art.

The magical trend is taking over Instagram, with the site boasting almost 15,000 tagged snaps of pink, sparkly fabled fingertips.

The look involves creating a feature nail with a raised spiral design, just like a unicorn horn, before layering on the glitter and pastels.


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These nails are the perfect remedy to winter's dark and subdued nail shades.

The results include an amazing set of envy-evoking nails and an influx of Instagram likes – what's not to love?

We're dying to try the trend. 


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Have you seen the latest beauty trend to hit social media yet?

It’s kind of hard to miss to be honest. Bubble nails have been popping up all over Instagram in the last week in all of their curvaceous wonder.


A photo posted by Ella Manninen (@elboou) on

Also known as ‘hump nails’, this nail art uses a round of acrylic at the centre of the nail shaped into a bubble like dome.

While it seems to only be picking up traction in the last week or so, Nails Magazine has said that this trend is one that has been doing the rounds since 2009.

In the magazine a nail technician from the U.S Hoa Bui, describes in more details how the technique is achieved.

"Bubble nails require building and sculpting of the acrylic until you get the look your client wants to achieve. You have to know exactly where the hump is supposed to be, then slowly build the nails.”

According to Hoa Bui the curve “has to be perfect”. While there’s no doubt that #curvesonfleek are obviously a big winner this year.

However, despite it being quite a precise technique, twitter users are not so convinced of its glory:

Can we take a moment to consider the practical side of things?

How does one text, for example? How do take your rings off? Can you unbutton your jeans? 

We have a lot of questions about this.



With so many nails polishes to choose from it can be pretty difficult to pick just one!

Thankfully, help is at hand – we have listed the hottest polishes to go for this summer and we’ve even pulled the best colours to get you started.


No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour Paradise Love

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Pots Cool Jade

Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnish Green Miracle

Bright colour

Barry M Neon Nail Paint Fuchsia

Rimmel I Love Finish Cranberry Zest

Seventeen Coral Pop


Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel Pale Cashmere

Bourjois Paris So Laque Nude Violet

L’oreal Color Riche Nails Baby Doll


Rimmel London Metal Rush Nail Polish Royal Blue

Seventeen Holo Nail Silver

Seventeen Magnetized Nail Polish Teal

You can thank us later…