Listen, not to sound like TOTAL girls, but we really, really do love the colour pink (can you blame us?)

Anyway, pink can actually be a hard colour to pull off, especially in a subtle and understated way. 

If you're looking for a way to incorporate a splash of pink into your look, without looking like Barbie – why not try a manicure?

Yep, we reckon pink nails are the perfect way to get a hint of rose into your life, and we've rounded up some amazing inspiration. 

Show these babies at your next manicure appointment, and watch as you make all the boys, and men, wink (see what we did there?)

1. Try some funky foils


Pink Foil 

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2. Add some fab flamingos.

3. Let them SPARKLE.


Efter opfyldning #barbienegle #barbie #pink #pinknails #gelnails #gelenegle #cosmeticbykatrin

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4. Keep it simple! 

5. Rose quartz alert.


Rose Quartz (2nd attempt)  #rosequartz #rosequartznails

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6.  What about some groovy holographic nails?



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7. Feeling exotic? 


Just did these #cute #leopard #pinkleopardnails

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8. Cute chrome! 


She came back and got full chrome! had to have it lol #chromenails #pinkchromenails #coffinnails

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