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Everyone likes to update their wardrobes with a shiny new garment every now and again – so why wouldn't we do the same for our beloved doggos? 

Sure, we reckon our pooches are pretty adorable just the way they are, but what pet wouldn't want to add a little magic to their evening walks? 

Enter Beauty and The Beast– themed harnesses. 

That's right. You dogs will soon be the envy of pugs and poodles everywhere when they're seen prancing along the street dress as one of Disney's greatest couples. 

Designed to look like the outfits worn by Belle and the Beast, these sparkly creations will have you four-legged friends looking like royalty in no time. 

As well as being super stylish, they also serve a practical purpose, featuring functional tummy straps and a D-ring for their lead to be clipped on. 

The underside is lined with luxurious soft fleece fabric to ensure you pooch is comfortable at all times. 

All harness are handmade, and come in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, as well as custom sizes.

They are available to from Poochusir on Etsy, and cost £20.00. 


It would seem as though every week we are faced with a new (and amazing) product offering from the wonderful world of Penneys.

We are in their debt for all the Disney greatness they've been providing recently – and it has not stopped. 

*Drum roll please*

We can happily confirm that Penneys are now selling fully functional Mrs Potts teapots, and we couldn't be happier.

The porcelain teapot, which costs €10, is part of their new Beauty And The Beast homeware collection, and is expected to be in high demand (we all remember Chip mug gate, right?)

Facebook user, Miss Ellamay, discovered the beautiful teapot in Swords yesterday, so we know it is officially on the SHELVES.

Go, go, GO.

Tea not really your thing? Don;t worry, just mix your Gin and Tonic in the pot, and pout to your heart's content. 

Oh, and if you get your hands on one – send us a picture, and let us know where you got it!

Please and thank you. 



It's FINALLY Friday, and we could not be happier about it to be honest!

You know what makes today even better? The fact that we just discovered an AMAZING new Disney collaboration (our hearts can hardly take it!)

Our latest discovery comes in the form of a Beauty and the Beast makeup collection, and we have Los Angeles based company Lorac to thank. 

"Waltz into a magical journey of wonder and romance with the new LORAC Los Angeles limited-edition Disney Beauty and the Beast collection," says the website, and we are so ready!

The collection consists of a stunning eyeshadow palette, which contains 16 gorgeous shades that are perfect for any occasion. 

There is also a lipgloss set, lipstick set and a delightful cheek palette, that has four lovely blushes that will have you glowing like Belle. 

And our favourite part? The gorgeous bloody packaging! Donning red roses, and what looks like gold embellishment, this collection really is something special. 

Sad story – the site doesn't deliver to this side of the pond, HOWEVER, the goodies are actually available on Amazon, so fear not. 


Shimmering, stunning cheek shades in our #BeautyAndTheBEast Cheek Palette. Which is your go-to color?@crystalsmakeup

A post shared by LORAC Los Angeles (@loraccosmetics) on

The cheek palette sells for $28 (£21.68), and the eyeshadow palette goes for  $48 (£37.17) – honestly, not a bad deal, in our humble opinion.

The divine lipstick and lipgloss sets sell for $36 (£27.87) and $34 (£26.33), respectively. 

We are buying EVERYTHING in this collection.


Penneys have been killing the Disney game lately and we honestly couldn't be happier about it.

Whether it's a cosy new pair of PJs or a travel mug to sip our morning coffee from, there's very few (if any) pieces of Disney merchandise we'd turn our noses up at.

Having said that, there is one particular item we've been dying to get out hands on, and fingers crossed we'll finally nab one this time.

That's right. The Chip Cup is coming back to Penneys and it's brought some other Beauty and the Beast friends along with it.

Take a look at the adorable new collection:

Chip Mug – €5.00, Mrs Potts Money Bank  – €8.00 

Chip PJ top – €7.00, Chip PJ bottoms – €10.00

Chip Cushion – €6.00

Throw – €8.00, Duvet set – €20.00, Cogsworth Clock – €8.00

Mug Set – €5.00

Be Out Guest Slippers – €6.00

Rose Bell Jar – €10.00

All stock is due to hit stores late June/ early July, expect the Cogsworth Clock which will be available this September.

See you in the queue!  


Clearly Ireland has a lot of Disney Fans, as Beauty and the Beast set an Irish box office record over the weekend, grossing €2,200,000. 

This mega-sum makes the film the most high earning three-day opening weekend in Irish box office history, despite us all being busy with Paddy's Day. 

"Beauty And The Beast enchanted Irish audiences with the biggest opening weekend in history," reads a tweet on the Disney Ireland Twitter page.

"This tale as old as time will continue to ring on in hearts after the last petal falls."

The film is a live-action adaptation of the animated classic, starring Harry Potter heroine Emma Watson as Belle, and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

The film also stars Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, and Kevin Kline as Maurice alongside Belle and the Beast.

As well as a whole host of amazing actors, singers John Legend and Ariana Grande are on board to contribute their voices to the flick's classic song Be Our Guest. 

With this much talent in one flick, no wonder it's smashing the box office. 



Doug the pug is one of the most famous little pets on the web (seriously, this dog has more Insta followers than most celebs).

The pug is famous for his adorable parody videos, and his latest Disney inspired clip is going viral.

With over 11,000,000 views, Doug has created his own version of Beauty and the Beast, called Beauty and the Pug

In a tail as old as time, the pug plays Bella as well as Emma Watson could, donning a gorgeous yellow ball gown and reenacting the love story.

Doug doubled up on his roles, proving his acting credentials by playing the role of both Belle and the beast in the hilariously cute clip. 


A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

“With the release of the live-action movie it was the perfect time to do one, and the location we got to film at made it even more magical!" Doug's owner Leslie Mosier told Us Weekly.

"Doug's favorite outfit from the shoot was Belle — his tail was wagging so hard!" 

The cuteness is just too much. 



Penneys have sent Beauty and the Beast fans into a frenzy after the announcement of their latest product. 

The new live-action remake of the fim, starring Emma Watson as Belle, hits Irish cinemas on March 17 , and latest bit of merch is absolutely magical. 


A post shared by Primark (@primark) on

Irish girls went mad for the Chip purse Penneys launched last week, but now you can get your hands on the real deal.

The bargain fashion giant has announced the release of a Chip mug, which looks exactly like the adorable character from the Disney cartoon. 

The cup comes complete with a little indent to pay homage to his famous chip, and we're slightly obsessed. 

Penneys, €6.00

The teacups will go on sale next week, and are going for the bargain price of €6.00.

Penneys recently took to Twitter to share a snap of the mug, captioning it: "We know right?! Cutest. Teacup. Ever."

We couldn't agree more. 



We're loving all of the Beauty and the Beast merch that's being released in the lead up to the release of the new live action flick.

From beauty serums to Juicy Couture collabs, we could be decked out in Disney in two seconds flat.

The latest addition to the Beauty and the Beast bonanza are these divine nail wraps that we're more than a little bit obsessed with. 

Pic: Jamberry

The wraps take their inspiration from the original film, depicting the Disney cartoons china pattern and rose theme.

The wraps are by a company called Jamberry, and our favourite set has to be the white manicure which pays homage to one of the cartoons cutest characters, Chip. 

The stained glass theme of the Disney movie also features, on a set of wraps complete with a classic Beauty and the Beast rose motif. 

Pic: Jamberry

Another set of wraps in the collection showcases the heroine Belle, depicting the classic scene in which she wonders how she can get out of her small-minded little town. 

We cant wait to get our hands on these wraps in time for the movies release on March 17, to create a manicure that's definitely Disney princess worthy. 



We're super excited for the release of the new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, hitting cinemas next week.

The movie has spawned a number of interesting products, from beauty serums to flavoured teas, and now one coveted noughties fashion brand is getting inspired by the Disney flick. 

Juicy Couture is clearly as excited as us about the upcoming film, as the veteran velour vendors have teamed up with the fairytale creators at Disney to produce a dreamy tracksuit collection inspired by Belle. 


A post shared by Juicy Couture (@juicycouture) on

Ideal for an off-duty Disney princess, the tracksuit tops take some not-so-subtle inspiration from the classic cartoon.

The designers came up with a gorgeous stained glass window design for the navy jacket, which is emblazoned with 5300 Swarovski crystals. 

The jacket might be cute, but it comes with a regal price tag, coming in at €839.26. 

Stained Glass Rose Robertson Jacket, €839.26, Beauty From Within Robertson Jacket, €719.02

The limited edition collection also includes a yellow velour hoodie, which we could totally see Belle throwing over her ball gown if she nipped outside for some air at the ball. 

The uber-fancy trackies are a bit out of our price range, but a girl can dare to dream, right?

After all, that's what fairytales are for. 



A cinema has cancelled screenings of Disney's Beauty and the Beast because it includes a gay character. 

The drive-in theatre has rejected the film, citing it's staunch Christian beliefs for the decision. 

The Henagar Drive-In Theatre in Alabama said that it will only show films that are family oriented, so that viewers will not have to bear witness to things such as homosexuality and foul language. 

 "When companies continually force their views on us we need to take a stand" read a statement on the theatre's Facebook page, which has since been deleted. 

"If we cannot take our 11 year old granddaughter and 8 year old grandson to see a movie we have no business watching it."

“If I can't sit through a movie with God or Jesus sitting by me then we have no business showing it."

“I know there will be some that do not agree with this decision. That's fine. 

“We are first and foremost Christians. We will not compromise on what the Bible teaches.”

The statement came after the film's director Bill Condon made a revelation about the sexuality of the character LeFou, played by Josh Gad. 

"LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston," Condon told Attitude.

"He's confused about what he wants. It's somebody who's just realising that he has these feelings."

Twitter is pretty outraged by the decision, calling it out as homophobic. 

"What year is it in Alabama?" said one. 

"Shame on you Henagar Drive-In Theatre," said another. 




Emma Watson is obviously a kind an gentle soul, and between her humanitarian work and her sweet demeanour, she really is a precious human being.

Emma showed how sweet she can really be in a recent interview with a Spanish broadcaster.

Emma, recreating her first ever scene in Harry Potter, interrupted the interview to tell the journalist that she had pen on her face.  


A post shared by Emma Watson News (@emmacwatsons) on

Not only did Emma inform the now blushing broadcaster about her face-to-ink ratio, but then proceeded to get up and wipe the shmutz off the girl's face herself, before calling her makeup artist in to fix the damage. 

The journalist was understandably embarrassed, but Emma attempted to put her mind at ease about the whole thing. 

"I'm so sorry! I just, I know what it's like to have something on your face," apologised the Beauty and the Beast star, who was there to chat to the journalist with co-star Dan Stevens about the upcoming flick. 

Image result for hermione dirt nose


Dan attempted to break the ice, by dubbing the event "the day Emma Watson did my makeup." 

Honestly, we'd take a pen to the chin if it meant Emma would give our contour the once over. 


So, we are definitely excited for the upcoming live-action edition of Beauty and the Beast, which hit cinemas on March 17.

While we love a good helping of cinema popcorn, there is nothing better than sipping on a hot cup of tea while settling into a great film.

Drinking tea is a national pastime, and now there is a special Beauty and the Beast brew that is giving us all the Disney feels. 

Pic: Twinings

Tea company Twinings is collaborating with the Disney flick to create the perfect hot beverage.

We're especially obsessed with the Camomile, Honey and Vanilla Herbal Tea that features Belle in her dazzling yellow ball gown.

Mrs. Potts and Chip would be proud!

"Twinings is delighted to offer this special edition design that celebrates Disney’s Beauty and the Beast cinematic event," reads the Twinings site.

 "So, be our guest and enjoy these four great-tasting herbal blends to suit your every mood."

While we would love to be their guest and sip on a Belle-inspired brew, the site currently doesn't ship outside the US, so if you are a major Beauty and the Beast fan, you may have to get a Stateside pal of yours to post it over to you. 

Hopefully some will appear on eBay soon.